Thursday, December 27, 2012

christmas morning.

We spent Christmas morning at my parent's house this year. We ate cinnamon rolls and opened presents in the same room I've celebrated almost every Christmas since I was born. The tree was in the same corner it always is, and the nine stockings were hung up in their usual places on the mantel above the crackling fire. It was a smaller gathering than usual, since four of my six siblings spent the morning with their own families. This was our first Christmas in Maryland since we got married and that alone made it pretty special. (I missed our tradition of surfing on Christmas Day for about 2 seconds, until the cozy socks went on and the fire was lit!) 

There was something pretty magical about seeing Si take in all the hubbub of the morning of his first Christmas. Even though I know he'll be getting into everything next year, I can't wait until we can talk about Jesus' birth, the pretty lights and watch him rip open all the packaging. 

I hope you had your own magical Christmas morning! I am loving seeing all the cozy photos floating around the blogs and on Instagram this week. Enjoy time with your families this week! 


  1. your christmas morning looks cozy and delightful! i love being home with all of the family! i know a day will soon come when things change, but it was so nice to have it stay the same for one more year. merry merry and happy new year!

  2. So cute! I love his pjs! And those cinnamon rolls look delicious!!

  3. Looks perfect!!!

  4. I love Si's pajamas - too cute! (and the cinnamon rolls look amazing!)

  5. Merry Christmas Lindsay and family! Si's little pj reindeer butt is too cute! :)

  6. i love the pic of Si looking at the cute. and love that you were able to spend Christmas at home. and please tell me how you take such great pictures?! i am still learning about my DSLR i got like 18 months ago!

  7. Hello, I have only recently started following your blog through a friends recommendation. I love the picture of your little one looking at the Christmas tree. It's nice to see that my son wasn't the only one to have a little bald patch at the back of his head!!

  8. Love the pics and Si's adorable pjs.


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