Tuesday, December 18, 2012

aloha style:: polka dot go-to

top:: {Target}
pants:: {Forever21}
boots:: {Rack Room}
bag:: {Kelly Moore Mimi }

Few things are making me happier these days than this outfit. First, because that means it is chilly enough to wear boots, which never happens in Hawaii. Also, I actually found boots that I love after two years of searching, with the perfect boots in my mind the whole time. Green jeans add another dimension of color that blue jeans just can't do. (You know I can't just wear one color at a time.) And because of the fit and well, the polka dots, that blouse has quickly become the favorite item in my closet. Oh, and my Mimi bag is perfect as a diaper bag that feels just a little bit sassy. 

Especially when you're working on accepting your body the way it is (as us postpartum moms are doing!), it's so important to have a go-to outfit (or two!). Something that you can throw on in a moment's notice and feel great. Something that can be worn to the grocery store, out to dinner, or to church. It extinguishes that nasty feeling you get, standing at your closet with a pile of outcast clothes on the floor and a husband waiting to walk out the door. I know I'm not the only who's been there! 

So, what components make up your go-to outfit? 


  1. i love chambray with a sweater over it and colored jeans and flats!! you are looking soo good mama! :)

  2. arww. you look soo good!
    sadly at me polka dots looks like, i don't know, shit...

  3. i know that feeling all too well, mama. even after 18 months of not being preggo anymore. i keep telling myself i should just get preggo again so i can flaunt my belly instead of having to hide it. i miss feeling good about my body. dang, we mamas sacrifice a lot for our cute kids, don't we? ;)

  4. So cute. I also know that feeling, and am now struggling with a pregnant-for-the-third-time body, after getting into the best shape i've been in for a while this summer. It's hard to start gaining weight again after being so fit! I'm trying to stay motivated to keep working out while pregnant, and then to use my success from this summer to motivate me to lose the baby weight quickly after number 3 arrives next summer!

  5. Those boots and that bag and the polka dots and the pants... it's all awesome. Plus I am LOVING your hair lady!

  6. I'm so afraid I'll never fit into any of my old clothes again. gah!! It freaks me out so much how my body has changed with being pregnant. for realzies...is there hope?

  7. I love this outfit so much! You are beautiful. I think, almost four years after having my last, I'm finally at a place where I really love my body, with all it's post baby changes.

  8. Love this outfit, saw it on Instagram and wanted to go get the shirt immediately!

  9. You've got a beautiful blog. I adore yout boots and jeans. I lvoe you rwhole blog. I am a new follower! Happy Holidays!




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