Tuesday, November 20, 2012

my five tips for postpartum style

cowl:: H+M
peacoat:: Forever21
diver helmet necklace:: UE Jewelry
top:: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
jeans:: Forever21
flats:: RocketDog

I'm finally back, guys. Ready to jump back in to style posts after a 3 month break. Not really an intentional break, but I'm just starting to get comfortable in my after-baby body. I'm slowly figuring out how to dress and still feel like 'me' and not just a frumpy mom. Silas is totally worth the changes in my bod, but becoming a mom doesn't mean having to lose my style too. 

Today I want to share a few tips that have helped me to feel stylish while still getting used to this new body and role as a nursing mama. 

{Accentuate your best parts} Highlight the body parts that make you feel good. About 10 days after Silas arrived, my legs and feet finally rid themselves of their marshmallow status. I just about wanted to sing the Hallelujah Chorus. Skinny jeans help accentuate the part of my body I feel best about. 

{Check your baggy} I think it's tempting to wear really baggy clothes to hide the flabby tummy and other new after-baby developments. But too baggy can just look sloppy. A flowy and loose shirt like the one I'm wearing above hides the flub, but doesn't sacrifice style. 

{Don't be afraid of the Spanx} I love my Spanx. They help define the waist that still hasn't fully returned and give me confidence in the form-fitting clothes I tend to stray from lately. I don't find anything wrong with smoothing out the bumps with Spanx, as long as you let it all hang out at home. ;)

{Happy it up}  Ultimately, it's about feeling great in the clothes you are wearing, even if your body isn't where you want it to be. For me, that means adding bright colors and sweet details in my outfits. Turquoise is one of my go-to happy colors and the bow on the back of my shirt has been making me smile all week. On days I feel frumpy, a bright color, fun pattern or favorite piece of jewelry does the trick to make me feel great. 

{If all else fails, grab some lipstick}  My favorite shade these days is Clinique's Chubby Stick in Chunky Cherry. Lipstick can save pretty much any outfit. 

Got any go-to tips for feeling fabulous in your clothes after baby?


  1. I cannot for the life of me find a pair of spanx that don't make me feel 20 lbs heavier than I already am. It's like stuffing a 60 lbs turkey in a zip lock bag meant for a sandwich...seriously.

    1. Ha! Oh man, your description makes me laugh, but that's sad. I'd say avoid the spanx then! I don't think any woman NEEDS them, but for me, I feel better wearing them with some outfits.

    2. I want to find a pair that makes me feel more comfy in certain clothes. As of today dresses are still a no go, but maybe would be okay if I'd find a pair of sexy spanx. Oxymoron :)

  2. You really do look wonderful! I've got a bun in the oven that's got 10 weeks to go tomorrow and will be needing all the post-partum style advice I can get. :-)


  3. you look great! i still have belly chub and LOVE spanx!!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  4. yaaaay! i've missed your style posts!!! you look great - and those tips are good for any of us all the time. :)

  5. turquoise is one of my favourite colors too! I don't wear it much though...weird... but that top is so much fun! you look lovely and happy
    great tips, thanks for sharing!

  6. <3 So glad the styles posts are back. You look great, and thanks for sharing your tips.

  7. Thanks for the tips! I naively thought I would be back to my post baby body by 8 weeks. Doing my best to not compare myself to others or get hung up with the number on the scale.
    You look fantastic!

  8. Well I think you look amazing. Can I steal this entire outfit?

  9. I think you need to be open to the idea of getting new pieces or going up a size. Even after I got down to my pre-pregnancy weight my body was a different shape than it used to be, my hips and bust stayed larger. So instead of crying that I wouldn't be able to wear my jeans again, I bumped up a size and showed off my curves!

  10. I love those pants. I'm afraid I can't pull off skinny jeans because I'm short... but I'm dying to try and find some that look good on me!

  11. My PP style tip- hair and nails...keep 'em clean, keep em' pretty! You may not have control over your new waistline or shape, or what effluvia decides to cover you that day, but I always try to keep my hair nice and my nice painted.
    It's the little things ;)

  12. You look so good, my dear! So glad you are starting to feel back to yourself! I have to say I loved my maxi dresses/skirts pre and post baby because they also are flowy without being too frumpy and they are so easy to wear!

  13. Cute! I am going to pin this because I will need this someday ;) Also, how do you like the Mimi bag? I really want one and but I just wanted to make sure it had enough room for all my camera accessories plus some.


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