Friday, November 2, 2012

it's the little things!

hey y'all! The Little Things linkup is back! I'm excited to start up these posts again and focus with you on the small blessings in my week. If you haven't linked up with me yet, don't be afraid to join in! Just post about the small ways your week was made better and link up with me each Friday! 

(Just a reminder to please keep your linked posts on the topic of "the little things"!) 

I only have Instagram pictures for you this week-- it's been a busy one. But I hope to pick up my DSLR more next week to record my little things.

Sushi night! We taught Chris' parents and Naval Academy roommate how to make sushi last night. We've been making our own sushi for a few months now and gosh, it's good. Especially that homemade spicy mayo. I got lots of requests for a recipe/tutorial on the blog, so keep an eye out for that soon. 

Dates with my love. Chris' parents are in town, so we got two date nights this week. What a blessing. Alone time with him is precious these days and we savored every minute. 

Happy colored canvases. I got some time in the studio this week and started working on my inventory for the shop-reopening! Tiny, bright-colored canvases have been fun for me to see on my studio desk after a long time of no painting. 

Me time. I got to visit my hair salon and get my hair cut last night. I had a few minutes afterwards to stroll through Target and that alone time was pretty rejuvenating for this mama. 

Silas' grandma.  I love seeing Chris' mom loving on Si. And it makes me so excited to introduce him to his aunts, uncles and cousins in Maryland when we visit in a few weeks. I love seeing our loved ones with our sweet boy. 

So, what little things have been blessing you this week? Or what big things are making you smile and feel thankful?

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  1. YAY!!!!! Thank you so much for bringing this back!!!

  2. Yay! Little Things is back. I love this link-up!

  3. I love your date night outfit, super cute!

  4. Linking up for the first time :) Thanks for the inspiration this morning.

  5. YAY I am so glad that little things is back! I love going to get my hair done too just to have some me time.

  6. Thanks so much for hosting this again Lindsay! Definitely my favorite Linky party:)

  7. Your little family is so precious!

  8. aw, looks like a good week! love seeing the magnets that are about to hit your shop - and a sushi date is good any day of the week! you look great, girl!

  9. Your hair looks fantastic! Yay for the little things!

  10. Your outfit is super cute! I absolutely love your hair, always... and your shop will hopefully be up soon- I cant wait to get one of your pieces in my place :) I have been wanting to and haven't been able to yet. I'm keeping my eyes open for it to open again! enjoy all those little things- I think this is SUCH a great link up. have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Looks like a fun week! I am just praying I can get out to get my hair done soon, too. My son is 2 months old and I still haven't been able to fit in a salon visit :( Hope you have a good time when you're here in Maryland - it's getting colder every day... ~ Andi

  12. I was having issues with my computer on Friday. :( Here is my link-up several days late:

    Woo hoo for date nights Lindsay!! Grandparent/family visits are awesome. I can't wait to see what you paint on those adorable mini-canvases.

  13. yay for date nights! I'm in need of a sushi date night myself :)


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