Thursday, October 4, 2012

my favorite baby products

It's been 8 weeks since this little stud joined our family and in that time, we've discovered just a few of our essentials for taking care of Silas. Obviously, our favorites will change as he does, but I wanted to share some great products we've been loving. Lots of the products we love, we use because of recommendations from friends, so now I'm passing my recommendations on to you!

1. Baby Trend EZ Bouncer 

Silas loooves his bouncer. We own the Baby Trend EZ bouncer. While I think the colors/patterns are pretty ugly, I love the magical effect it has on Silas. We take it with us to the beach and when we sit outside. It's lightweight enough to move easily with the baby in hand and takes up very little space. And we can bounce it HARD, which is usually how we get him to sleep when he's really fussy. This kid likes to move. 

2. Peepee Teepees

(Can't believe I just wrote the word "peepee" on my blog.)

I'm convinced that these clever inventions are essential for mamas of boys. They have saved us from more than a few incidents while changing Silas' dipe. We have a good collection from my baby shower in Hawaii. My friend, Katie, made them out of natural-colored flannel and then we all decorated them with fabric marker. There are some pretty hilarious ones!

I don't own the ones in the photo above, but I think they are pretty cute and I like the tag on the top for depositing in the laundry(you can find them here in the shop Honey Bees + Sweet Peas). If you're in the market for some, you can find a ton on Etsy, or I bet they are very simple to make.

3. LeachCo Safer Bather Infant Bath Pad

My sister-in-love recommended this to us when we started our baby registry and I'm so glad she did! We lay Silas on it in the bathtub, but it can also easily be used on the counter or in the sink for newborns. I love how comfy he is at bath time and how the water-soaked pad keeps him warm. It hangs easily in the shower to drain and dry.

We also use it when he is fussy and just lay him on it without getting wet. The sound of the running bath water calms him down so well. 

4. Stitched Simplicity burp cloths + blanket + bibs

Erika sent me a package stuffed with goodies from her adorable shop, Stitched Simplicity. The blanket she made has a happy chevron fabric on one side and a soft blue minky fabric on the other (you may have seen it in my Instagrams!). We use this blanket all the time for Si's playtime on the floor. It's the perfect size and weight. Definitely a favorite.

The burp cloths are a great size too, perfect for throwing over my shoulder or laying under Silas' head. I love the bright colors so we can spot them across the room to grab in a hurry. I think I would prefer a more absorbent cloth rather than chenille, but it still does a great job of catching Si's spit-up.

I'd definitely recommend Erika's shop, Stitched Simplicity. Her choice of fabrics is glorious and her products are impeccably made.

5. Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller

Our friends in Hawaii recommended the City Mini stroller when we first got pregnant. We "test drove" their stroller and fell in love with it. I can fold it up with one hand (while holding the baby in the other!) and it's lightweight but sturdy. It takes curves and turns really easily and rides smooth. I love the weather cover because it comes down really low and has tons of windows to peek in on Si. I think this is probably my favorite of our baby purchases and it gets a 100% recommendation from us!

And we really love our Luckycann Aster bag in Teal!

When I posted that I was planning on buying the Luckycann Aster bag for a diaper bag, a bunch of you mamas and mama-to-bes wanted to know how it worked for me. I gotta tell ya, this bag is awesome. It's lightweight, beautifully crafted and has tons of pockets for organization. 

I chose the Aster because it seemed like it would be the right size for everything I wanted to carry. I was originally going to go with the Bailey, but I was afraid it would be too small. I'm glad I made that decision, because that definitely would have been the case. In the Aster, I have my nursing cover, 1-3 burp cloths, diapers, wipes, a change of clothes for Si, a changing pad, Aiden + Anais blanket, my wallet, phone, DSLR and water bottle. Even with all of that, it's not excessively heavy, I still have plenty of room and with the shoulder and messenger straps, it's easy to carry.

If you are looking for an incredibly affordable, well made bag that doesn't scream "baby!", I definitely recommend considering the Luckycann Aster bag. Plus, supporting handmade businesses always gets a thumbs up from me. 

So, those are just a few of the products we love around here these days. Which baby products do you love? 


  1. I need to remember that bathtub pad for next time around. We had a huge baby bath that my huge babies quickly grew out of, and I never liked it from the start. We eventually would lay a towel down in the tub for them to lay on, but this pad looks way more comfortable! Also, you're so lucky Silas likes his stroller. My kids hated them as infants. HATED.

  2. My friend is trying to sell me on the mini. I love it, but just not sure about spending that much right now. We are taking hers for a spin at the state fair and seeing how we like it!

  3. Well, I certainly don't need anything on this list for me, but it might come in handy if any of my friends start having kids...

    I have to say, though, that I love your diper bag! It really doesn't look like one at all! I checked out the site. Do you have an opnion on if the baily/a smaller one would work well as a camera bag? I've wanted a cute camera bag for awhile now (that looks like a purse) but don't want to spend $150+ on them, no matter how pretty they are!

  4. I have a Fisher Price Bouncer and my baby loves it! She is only 3 months but she does babble at the little toys-cutest thing ever!

    Such a great list :)

  5. Super cute bag!! I'm back in a regular purse now that the baby is older, it's kinda nice.

  6. Great post! I need to start thinking about this more seriously now that I have one baby who is 18 months and another baby--now a boy!--due in January. I have so many products I love (including our Baby Jogger stroller, but we went with the City Select and are so glad because it can be made into a double!) but need some peepee teepees this time around...

  7. I just bought this bag in Red. I cannot wait for it to arrive!

  8. Me too! I also got the diape bag in red! Thanks Lindsay for the recommendation. I gave the seller your blog and said you recommended the bag in your post! I'm expecting in the next few weeks and we are so grateful for your recommendations!

  9. Peepee teepees make me laugh - I have never heard anyone say they actually used them! I'm having a boy next month, maybe I need to sew some :) Stephanie

  10. You make such a cute momma! :)

  11. i registered for the luckycann bailey bag in grey. i am hoping it isnt too small. its so close the shape purse i already carry and i know it will be a good fit for husband to carry around as well. i cant wait to get it :)

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