Thursday, September 27, 2012

this week.

Daddy and Silas time. 

My new Chubby Stick lip balm by Clinique came in the mail. I think I need a few more colors.

Fresh flowers from a husband who does a really awesome job of loving me. 

This boy. Oh, this boy. 


The past few weeks, this parenting thing has gotten easier, bit by bit. Not that it's "easy" now by any stretch of the imagination, but at least it's been a good while since I've cried out of exhaustion. Silas is getting to be a ton of fun to be around. His smile and stares are pretty enthralling and watching his personality emerge is more fun than I even imagined. Hearing his Daddy's voice is sure to elicit a smile and he's still a big fan of the bouncer. 

With the days getting (a bit) cooler, Chris' schedule getting easier and a trip home for Thanksgiving around the corner, things are pretty sweet around here. If only I could find time to pick up my paintbrush, I think life would be close to perfect, but I know that time will come eventually. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

let's talk about my addiction.

Yeah, so I'm just a little bit addicted to Instagram. Especially these days, when I feel a bit cooped up in the house (not that we can't go out, but it's just a lot harder), it makes me feel just a bit more connected with my world. While Chris keeps up religiously with the news, I naturally tend to be more relational and love keeping up with my peeps on IG.

One thing I've been thinking about recently is the struggle between taking beautiful shots and keeping it real. I think it's easy to ooh, ahh, and compare my life to the perfectly arranged photos I see on Instagram, but then I have to remind myself that I scoot that clutter out of the frame, so others must do it as well-- right?! Is it deceptive to act like I don't have a giant pile of mail cluttering my counter, or does everyone know that? Cuz my life isn't perfect and my house isn't pristine, and I know yours isn't either. What are your thoughts? Is it okay to just take pretty pictures or do you prefer to follow IGers who keep it real with the clutter and struggles of the week? 

That collage above is pretty much how my weeks look these days. 

The occasional outing with Silas + lots of chilling together + figuring out how to calm our occasionally fussy baby + trying on pre-pregnancy clothes and being delighted that some of them actually fit! + iced coffee to save the day + starting to get back into reading the Word daily 

Two more things:: 

I've been itching to get some of my photos printed. I know about Stickygram and hope to get some magnets ordered in the next week or so. What about printed photos? I've heard of PostalPix, but I believe that only works for iPhone users. How do you print your IG photos?

Also, I've been eyeing this macro/wide angle phone lens from PhotoJojo. I think it'd be fun to experiment with my phone photography with it. Anyone have it and can give me a review? Think it's worth it? Chris thinks it's completely silly, but I'm tempted to buy that sucker. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

pizza night.

Chris and I love cooking together. It's one of our favorite ways to spend time together and we usually try a new recipe at least once a week. Since Si arrived, it's harder to get in the kitchen together, especially because dinner time tends to be his fussiest time of the day. I'm so thankful my husband loves to cook because we'd be eating a lot of takeout without him! 

But Saturday night, I tucked that baby into my Moby wrap and Chris and I set to work creating some homemade pizza. Our technique has improved over the past year, once we discovered the genius use of parchment paper. But this dough recipe has been our long favorite. Do you have a favorite pizza dough recipe? 

My guys, hot crispy pizza, a cold Coke and movies. Pretty much a perfect Saturday night, I'd say. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

my hospital bag essentials for labor and delivery

About two weeks before I went into labor, I started researching, Googling and Pinterest-ing what other women generally pack for their labor and delivery hospital stay. I found a lot of ridiculous suggestions and some very helpful ones too. I even asked you guys in this post for your input and got some really great ideas. 

I took all that info and came up with what I thought would be most helpful for me to pack. Today I thought I'd share what I packed as well as what we used and we didn't use. 

The bag::

 I used my luckycann bag which is also our new diaper bag. It worked perfectly as a hospital bag-- so many pockets and space. I'll do a more thorough review on this in a later post, but I would definitely say you don't need to go out and buy a special bag for the hospital stay. Any duffel or overnight bag will do-- especially since it will probably be hanging out on the hospital floor at some point. 


 I bought a comfy new robe at Target and I used it in the very beginning, when we walked around in the hallways for a bit to try to get things going. I wore it after delivery, in our postpartum room as well. I packed some comfy tanks, sleeper nursing bras and stretchy black gaucho pants. The gaucho pants are super old (from my college days!), so I wasn't worried if blood happened to get on them after delivery. I stayed in the hospital gown from the time I was admitted until the morning after I delivered Silas. 

I also packed some big granny panties, which I didn't really use because the mesh undies from the hospital were way more comfy on my C-section incision. (I didn't pack pads either, but ended up asking my mom to bring over the ones I'd bought for home. I wasn't a fan of the hospital pads!) Socks and slippers got thrown in the bag too. I didn't use the socks, but the slippers worked great post-partum for walking around on the nasty hospital floors. 


 I packed toiletries as if I would be staying overnight a night or two. This worked out well because I did end up being in the hospital for 3 nights. My contacts stayed in throughout labor and I didn't have a problem with them drying out (or at least, I didn't notice!) I changed into my glasses once we got to the post-partum room. One thing I'm glad I did was pack some special yummy-smelling shampoo as treat for after labor. The first shower I took wasn't really great since I was in so much pain and totally out of it, but the second shower-- that was lovely. The lanolin I packed didn't get used until I was home for a few days. 

For the baby:: 

Silas stayed in the wrap-style hospital tees the whole time, which I had planned on. We brought a going home outfit for him (and an extra 0-3month onesie just in case since we knew he'd be big!) He wore the hat that we brought from home the whole time we were there. It was also good to have our own baby blanket for a little personal touch in our photos. Some people said that their nurses looked down on them for not bringing baby things from home, but we didn't have any sort of experience like that. We didn't pack a single diaper or wipe and didn't need to either. 


I brought snacks, thinking Chris might need some sustenance during labor and I'd want some treats afterwards. We didn't eat any of them during labor, but snacked on the Raisinets during post-partum recovery. The Clif bars ended up being great when I needed something in my stomach in the middle of the night to take my pain medications. We didn't even open the Lifesaver mints. Thankfully our hospital food was delicious, so we didn't starve. ;)

Electronics (not pictured)::

We brought the laptop, our phones and my DSLR camera also, as well as the chargers for all of those. We used the laptop post-partum for blogging and Facebook updating and obviously my DSLR was used throughout for photos. I brought my 50mm lens as well as my 18-55mm. Since I wasn't sure how big the rooms would be, I didn't know if the fixed zoom of the 50mm would work. Thankfully, the 18-55mm was perfect in the tiny operating room for taking photos during my C-section. 

I think that's about it. I actually really loved our hospital stay and am so glad that I didn't overpack and felt just the right amount of prepared. Hope this is helpful if you're preparing for your own labor and delivery! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

oh baby:: one month

Ok, I may have gone a little overboard with the photos today. But I honestly just couldn't choose a few.  Plus, I want to remember every expression he's making at this one month mark. I learned my lesson early on about capturing his little milestones and details. His newborn cry was the sweetest thing I've ever heard. When he'd get worked up, he'd making this adorable "uh-huh, uh-huh" sound and it would instantly make me laugh. I still wish I had recorded it because I didn't realize how quickly his cry would change. 

Anyway, my baby turned one month yesterday. I can't believe it's been a month since I became a mama. In some ways, I feel like it came so naturally. He fits into our life so seamlessly. In other ways, I'm still reeling from all the changes and adjustments. We're finally getting into a rhythm around the house. Being a mom is hard and exhausting and stressful and beautiful. 

Silas is changing and learning so much. 

He's starting to smile in response to our baby talking. He's cooing more too. 

He's so much more alert and awake during the day and we can tell that he's starting to notice the world around him more. He stares at the light coming in the window and is captivated by the toy hanging from his bouncy seat. 

He takes a bottle like a champ (hallelujah!) which allows me to get out of the house on my own a bit. 

He has a love/ hate relationship with a pacifier and only takes it every now and then. 

He's nursing great too and is getting so big. Can't wait to see his one month stats at his appointment tomorrow.

He pretty much rocks. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

pier walking.

A few nights a week, we throw the babe in the car and walk the pier at the state park near us. It's the perfect no pressure way for me to get out of the house with Si without worrying if he'll start fussing any minute. Bearded fisherman, old wrinkly couples and pelicans are there too and we are usually treated to a gorgeous sunset. Last night was an especially gorgeous night, as the weather seems to be taking a turn towards cooler temperatures and the colors of the sunset were breathtaking. We watched dolphins swim by and stingrays chilling under the pier. Good bye to the weekend and hello to a shiny new week with my boys. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

don't worry...

... we're still alive over here.

Motherhood is more stressful and tiring, and at the same time, brings me more joy than I even imagined.  All I can think about lately is my baby, when my next nap time is, and what's for dinner. I wish I had more of a desire to blog, but it's been kind of nice to take it easy for a bit. I'm hoping that soon my creative side will re-emerge- it seems to have gone into hiding for now.

Silas is growing fast! Almost too fast, me thinks. He's smiling a ton and starting to coo a bit. We love watching him learn new things about his world every day. I still can't believe I grew this tiny person inside my body.

I'm slowly adjusting to this new life and body. Honestly, I really miss my baby belly. I've never felt as beautiful as when I was pregnant and it's a bit of a shock to go from that to a jello-belly that still makes me appear 4 months pregnant. Getting dressed in the morning is a bit depressing, despite knowing without a doubt that this kiddo is totally worth it. I was thinking perhaps I'd do some postpartum style posts, but seriously, I'm just clueless in that area lately.

So, that's what's going on over here. Lots of sleepless nights, one adorable child, and tons of adjustments for all of us. Instagram is where I'm hanging out most days, so follow me over there if you need some cute baby fixes.

Now let's see if I can sneak some lunch in while Si snoozes...