Thursday, August 2, 2012

oh baby:: 39 weeks!

Well, I don't have much new to share over here. We're kind of just playing the waiting game now! According to my docs, I'll be 40 weeks tomorrow. I've got two weeks to get this little boy out before they want to induce me. While our "birth plan" is super flexible (ie. have the baby...),  I would really rather not be induced, so I'm praying that my body kicks into gear soon and starts working towards getting Silas in my arms. Either way, we get to meet Si in two weeks-- how crazy is that?!

I'm doing my best to keep the anxiety at bay. Not so much that I'm nervous, but it's tough having no idea how all this will go down. It's a big lesson in trusting in God's timing as well as His perfect plan for me, Chris and Si. I find it interesting that that lesson has come full circle-- from waiting on His timing for us to get pregnant and now, we are waiting to meet our son soon. God is good and I have no doubts of that.

At the moment, Si has the hiccups (while cute, also kind of drives me crazy!) and my belly is ridiculously itchy (I'm thinking PUPPS... We'll see what my midwife says later today). I'm actually sleeping pretty well this week, which I'm thankful for and trying my best to keep my feet up because otherwise they turn into giant Shrek feet.

Maybe next Thursday, instead of a bump update, I'll introduce you to my son. Wouldn't that be nice?



  1. eeeeeee!!! i remember back then.. i tried everything possible to get him out!! but he was stubborn and i had to get induced haha!! i hope that si comes on his own VERY soon!!!!!!!

  2. Hooray! I am sure he'll come soon. I had my son at 39 weeks and 2 days. He'll be here any day now!

  3. you look beautiful!!! love this skirt.

  4. You are so radiant! C'mon Si, we can't wait to see your beautiful face :)

  5. I hope these last days go smoothly for and you can get rest for the big day! My daughter would get the hiccups all the time during the last couple weeks of my pregnancy. It was cute at first but it got annoying after awhile. :)

    The waiting game is tough but so worth it! My little one came exactly a week after her due date and the birth was great. She came out happy and healthy! I pray everything goes well for you and your sweet little guy.


  6. aw you still look adorable and ALL belly too!! i had kaylee at 38 weeks, hope you see your son soon!

  7. I remember those last weeks. It seems like it takes forever and then suddenly, the baby is here! And it's non-stop after that. I had my baby in December and it feels like just yesterday. Now she's practically crawling?

  8. So incredibly beautiful. I love your weekly photos more than any other ones I have seen around. Almost here!!!

  9. Looking good, Mama! I am 38 weeks as of a few days ago, the countdown is on! Maybe we will have our babies on the same day! (My dr won't let me go past my due date of 8.14, so i will have mine in the next 2 weeks also! So excited for you!

  10. i'd love to be introduced to your little man.
    can't wait to see him!

  11. You look absolutely precious!!!!!
    Where is your whole outfit from? Too cute!!!
    Hang in there.. you'll be holding him in no time at all! Such a sweet time:)

  12. I sincerely hope next Thursday we'll be meeting Si!

  13. I had PUPPS with my first son the last two weeks and it was SO miserable. I took oatmeal baths morning and night which made it a bit better. You are so gorgeous and I LOVE that dress! eeeekkk not too much longer until you get to meet your little guy!

  14. Yay! I'd love that for next week! I'll be praying for you Lindsay :) For a smooth delivery and happy, healthy mamma, bubba boy - and daddy!

  15. Lindsay, it's been such an incredible journey for you and Chris to get here and I'm so happy that you'll both be able to have that little guy in your arms in two weeks (or less)! It has been a joy to follow along on this new chapter and to watch you blossom into a Mama right before our eyes...not just physically, but in your words and your actions, as well.

    So excited for you guys!

  16. You are SO close! Eeeep, that's so exciting! Yes, the trusting and waiting is the hardest part at this point. And the aching hips. It will be worth it!

  17. I'm more than a little sad that your weekly bump updates are quickly coming to an end. But as hard as it is to believe that anything could be cuter, I know Si will be :)

  18. It's a big lesson in trusting in God's timing as well as His perfect plan - This is such a recurring theme in my life. And reading your words brought tears to my eyes.

    "God is good and I have no doubts of that." Amen.

    So happy for you guys and I know you will enjoy every second before Si gets here and no doubt when he IS here!! Many blessings!!

  19. You have the cutest baby bump I've ever seen!
    Wishing you all the best :)

  20. I got PUPPP in week 39 also. It was sooo itchy I couldn't sleep without putting anti-itch cream on. And then when I woke up to pee, I had to reapply just to get some sleep. I got some prescribed lotion at my 40 week appointment, but didn't use much of it before I went into labor at 40+2! Getting the epidural during my labor was heavenly because the monitors on my belly did not help the itch! It went away almost immediately after the birth!

  21. You look AMAZING! Soooo excited for you!

  22. The bun is almost done! Hang in there! I remember at that stage being so uncomfortable wondering how in the world will my body ever feel the same as before? But it does lol! You get mostly back to normal. Can't wait to meet your new babe.

  23. Oh man, your adorable! I can't imagine what it's like waiting like that!! In that mind set, physical condition, and it's an emotional time anyways! Whenever I'm feeling impatient about waiting on something I remind myself of Christ being the "Author and perfecter of my faith" [Hebrews 12:2] God is definitely in charge of our story and I'm sure he's perfecting your faith right now. Sending love and prayers your way!

  24. Praying your little man arrives soon! I'm right behind you - 40 weeks on Friday :)

  25. that would be wonderful :o) Can't wait!

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