Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Why my La Sardina camera reminds me of my little brother.

When Lomography offered to send me one of their awesome La Sardina cameras to review, I was stoked. I love my Diana F+ camera and was excited to try out another film camera. Between the instant satisfaction of digital SLRs and smartphone photography, it always feels so "right" to go back to shooting with film. 

The La Sardina camera is a plastic analogue camera with sweet features like a 22mm wide angle, 2 focus settings and a detachable flash. The designs are all gorgeous, with snazzy vintage and nautical inspirations. 

I gotta be honest though, this camera is like a little brother to me. As in, slightly frustrating but I can't help but love it. 

(And now I'm missing my little bro. Call me, AJ, okay?)

Here's why-- my first roll of film (which I started in Hawaii and finished in Annapolis) came out blank. I can't say I didn't cry a little. Actually, I cried a lot, mostly because I really wanted those images from our last days in Hawaii. I figured out my mistake (I wasn't clicking the lens into place properly) and was eager to get shooting with my second roll. I went to get it developed on Monday and only a few of the photos came out. 

The rest-- blank. I'm a bit frustrated that I have no idea what I'm doing wrong with the camera, but I am determined to get it right the third time around. 

BUT, here's the thing. The photos that did develop are gorgeous. I love the wide-angle perspective, the saturated color makes me smile and the character of the film is endearing. Here are the images that turned out for me. 

Aren't they cool? I'm especially in love with the one of Chris and me and the photo of the bright green beach umbrella. These photos make me eager to figure out the La Sardina and continue toting it along with me, despite my initial frustrations. So, this camera definitely isn't as user-friendly as I'd like it to be, but its captures are phenomenal (in my opinion). 

Plus, it's bright orange, which is pretty awesome, ya know?

Oh, also, it takes regular 'ol 35mm film, which is easy-peasy to pick up in Walgreens or CVS-- no need to special order the film. 

So, my question for you, my readers, is-- are you up for the challenge? Lomography is graciously offering a La Sardina for one Hello Hue reader and I am willing to bet that you guys are bigger smarty-pants than I am and will make this camera do marvelous things. 

Come back later today (Wednesday!) for your chance to win a La Sardina camera for yourself! 

Oh, and the Kiki La' Rue giveaway winner is Vicki from It's Sooo Fluffy! :) (hehe, your blog name makes me smile.) Shoot me an email Vicki and we'll get you shopping at Kiki La' Rue!



  1. i love your pics - so i would totally be up for playing with this bad boy! p.s. miss you!

  2. Yes yes yes!! meeee!! I'd love to try this guy out!! I love playing with my holga, but the 120mm can be tough to find.

  3. So good! Def. going to give lomo a try again. And btw, your belly is amazing looking! That picture made me think of my own future pregnancie. Oh my! The human body, an amazing thing.

  4. look how cute you are!!

    this sounds like a fun giveaway!

  5. Oh yess!!! Your favorite are MY favorites too. That adorable belly is too much. Love it. And yep, that umbrella/sky picture is mesmerizing!

  6. EEEEP! I NEVER win things :) you're my favorite person today!

  7. oh my gosh, you're sooo cute in your bathing suit!!! all belly, you! :)

    ps. i get the craziest looks when i tell people i'm naming our girl Felix (per your blog post above this one) so i get it :) but silas-- si for short-- adorable!

  8. You look fabulous! All baby! Enjoy this special time :)

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  11. hi :)
    first of all, your blog is great!
    But I was wondering if you did find the reason why some photos still do not appear on the film. I'd also like to subscribe but I can't find where :D
    I've had the sardina for almost a year now, but I still didn't find the reason why just a few photos come out every time.

    so if you could help me I'll appreciate it, thank you :)


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