Tuesday, July 31, 2012

prettifying the guest room.

As  Si's arrival approaches (soon, right?? Hopefully!), I've been a bit of a mad woman about getting our house in order. First, because I know that we won't have the time or desire to do house projects once our baby boy is here. And also, we're expecting lots of friends and family coming to meet Silas and stay with us.

One of my big priorities was getting the guest room/studio squared away. It had become a bit of a storage unit for everything we didn't have room for, but we've slowly been purging and organizing. We bought a futon (long enough for my tall father-in-law to sleep on!), hung my studio shelves above my sawhorse table, and arranged the room in the comfiest arrangement possible. 

And then I set to work prettifying it. :) 

I bought this dresser on Craigslist in Hawaii and have always had dreams of painting it, but no time for it, yet. So, in the meantime, the round wooden knobs got a little makeover. I painted them in alternating floral and chevron patterns with my acrylic paints. They all got a coat of clear gloss enamel spray to protect the designs. I love how they brighten up the dark wood dresser. 

I also added some scrapbook paper to the bottom of this little tray. It used to have some country-esque design, but I painted it white. I thought it needed some color and the scrapbook paper did just the trick! 

The mirror, a $5 clearance steal from Target, also got a coat of "Cozumel" blue paint (from Behr). I don't even remember what color it originally was, but I must have painted it a dark shade of brown before the blue brightened it up! 

Have you done any fun projects around the house lately? 


Monday, July 30, 2012


Right at the beginning of scenic highway 30-A, there's a tiny beach town called Rosemary. Chris and I discovered it a few weeks ago and it's quickly become our favorite mini-getaway spot. Even though it was established in 1995, it feels like an old European town-- each building with unique character, cute shops and yummy restaurants with outdoor seating. 

We stole away on Saturday evening for what may be our last nice date before baby. We walked the tiny passageways in the gorgeous neighborhoods, popped into the bookstore and sat on the patio of Edward's- our new favorite restaurant there. 

Soon I get to walk those same streets with my sweet baby wrapped snugly against my chest and the love of my life at my side. Life is about to change for us, but I'm so thankful for this time we get together as just the two of us before it does. 


Friday, July 27, 2012

it's the little things:: speckled eggs and teeny diapers

Good morning, sweet friends and happy Friday! It's 5:36am and I can't sleep anymore after Chris left for the day, so I thought I'd reflect on my week and work on my Little Things post! 

Thanks for your patience these weeks as things are a bit crazy. Last week I was just exhausted and feeling yucky, so that explains the absence of the linkup. And who knows what will happen these next few Fridays-- maybe I'll be in labor next week! (Here's hoping!) I hope you'll continue to post about your little blessings of the week and share your posts, even if I'm not able to post the linkup! 

So here are my little things for the week:: 

Chris and I have started to buy the 'farm fresh' brown eggs from the store instead of the plain white ones. The speckled ones make me smile. 

We've been enjoying thunderstorms almost every afternoon lately. After three years of barely any storms in Hawaii, it's such a treat to hear that thunder roll and listen to the rain pour outside. 

I treated myself to a pedi + Starbucks on Wednesday. Even though they kept me waiting for almost an hour (!!), it was so nice to get a fresh coat of color and soak my feet while enjoying my iced caramel macchiatto. I had to go with a bold turquoise on my toes for my boy. :) 

Teeny-tiny diapers just awaiting Silas' arrival. 

We bought a new vacuum! This thing is kind of a beast, but boy was it satisfying to suck up all that dust when I vacuumed the house yesterday! 

It took me about 2.3 seconds from opening my mail to getting this gorgeous headband on my head yesterday. It makes me feel so pretty and I think I might need to buy another one in different colors. My girl, Moriah, is so talented! (Buy your own headband here-- you won't regret it!) 

Alright peoples. Link up your Little Things below! 

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4.  Please make sure your post is relevant to this party and is actually a "little things" post (ie. no giveaways, random posts from last month, etc.). 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

oh baby:: 38 weeks!


With less than two weeks until my due date, we're about as ready as we're gonna be for this kiddo. 

I scrubbed the house (including window sills!) the other day. 

The nursery is complete and I love it! (juicy details to come-- can't wait to share them!)

My hospital bag is packed. 

We took a tour of the hospital last weekend and it feels really comfortable. 

I have a stash of postpartum essentials in our bathroom cabinet. 

The carseat and pack 'n' play are on standby. 

The guest room is livable (not perfect, but it'll work for guests!)

I made curried chicken cider soup last night and put lots in the freezer for an easy meal later on. Also planning on making a batch of my spaghetti sauce later today to pop in the freezer. 

My mom's favorite coffee and sweetener has been bought and is waiting in the pantry for her arrival.

That's all physical stuff, but we're also pretty ready to meet this little man. We can't wait to see who he looks like and put a face to this precious soul we've loved for so long. 

 Can I confess something? I feel like I'm already missing being pregnant. I'm exhausted, uncomfortable and even in pain with this kid riding so low. But I have loved being pregnant and I know I'm going to be sad to not have Si so close to me anymore. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around being a mama, and I know it's going to far exceed any expectations I have. 

I'm looking forward to this weekend with Chris. Every weekend we have together, I feel like we have to savor every moment, lest it be our last just as 'us'. We're going to watch the Olympics opening ceremonies with friends on Friday night and plan on a few fun outings through the weekend. Just wish I could wear an invisibility shield on our outings so I stop getting the "You must be having twins!" comments. 


La Sardina Lomography Winner!

Eek, sorry guys! I forgot to choose a winner for the Lomography giveaway yesterday! So, without further ado, the winner is...

Congrats Brooke

Check your email!

A huge thank you to all who entered the giveaway! (Make sure to check out Lomography today-- they're having a huge attic sale!) 

 And a big mahalo to Lomography for their generosity. 

(I'll be back later with a 38 week bump update-- stay tuned!) 



Tuesday, July 24, 2012

our eclectic gallery wall.

When I started putting together the gallery wall in our front entry, I had planned on spray painting all the black frames white. But after having the mishmash of frames on the wall for the past two weeks, the eclectic look has grown on me. And if I'm being honest with myself, I'm not going to get around to spray painting those babies. Standing out in the heat to paint frames is pretty low on my priority list at this point.

You saw a sneak peek of our gallery wall in my 37 week bump post, but I want to share with you the different pieces of art that are on the wall and what they mean to us. Because that's always my favorite part of seeing people's gallery walls. :)

Some of the pieces are super sentimental to us-- things collected from our travels, special moments captured. And other things are just pretty to look at, like fabric scraps and colorful paper.

I planned out the gallery wall by tracing each frame and art piece onto packing paper, then I used washi tape to tape the templates in the configuration that I wanted. I didn't really plan out it out super carefully-- just kept in mind what was in each frame and threw them together. You can find many templates for gallery wall configuration on the web, but I didn't follow any of those rules. Just did what felt right.

Then I slowly started adding in my frames and other doodads. 

... and eventually ended up with this final result! 


photo booth strips from a friend's wedding

Language of Love print from SugarFresh-- a gift from Chris on Valentine's Day while he was deployed

a sketch I did in college of the two of us

a painting from Japan that we bought when I visited Chris on his first deployment


2 Corinthians 12:9 print from Naptime Diaries

kraft "w" from PaperSource that I painted and covered in scrapbook paper

a few of the pieces of paper from the "100 things I love about you" jar I made for Chris 100 days away from our wedding.

a photo of my grandparents when they were newlyweds. Such a precious photo to me, especially after my Pappap died in March '11. 


lattice watercolor I did a few years ago

homecoming photos from Chris' first deployment

film photos from my La Sardina camera


wall vase from Old New Again (with fresh cut flowers) 

a photo of my bloggy besties from Creative Estates

a photo of our wedding party

ceramic cross from when I lived in Mexico

Heather Brown print (my very favorite Hawaii artist)

So, there it is. I love how they all sort of "go" together without being matchy at all. Do you err on the matchy-matchy side, or are you an eclectic fan, like me?


Monday, July 23, 2012


Saturday morning was spent in the sunshine, eating watermelon and Dunkin Donuts. We rented a pontoon boat with some friends and headed over to a nearby island to relax the morning away. While us girls floated in the water and chatted, the boys played their boy games and snorkeled. It was pretty much perfect and I'm hoping we can sneak back again before Si comes. 


Thursday, July 19, 2012

oh baby:: 37 weeks!

37 weeks and I... 

... "can't" do the dishes anymore because my belly won't let me reach the faucet. 

... still battle that heartburn. Thankful for strong prescriptions that keep it at bay for the most part.

... pee about 30 times a day. 

... am quite tired of this baby punching me 'down there'. I think The Bump accurately dubbed it "lightening crotch"

... need to hang just a few more things in the nursery before it's all ready! 

... am dying in anticipation of Si's arrival. 

... don't get what's so difficult about the name Silas. People give us funny looks whenever we share his name. (We've had several people think we're saying Silence. Yeah, that's a great name for a baby...)

... haven't felt a single contraction, real or false, that I know of. 

... had ice cream for breakfast, because why the heck not? 

... also have enjoyed a few glasses of wine this week, for the same reason. 

I think that as the big day approaches, I'm more anxious about the recovery/post-partum stage than the birth itself. I'm actually really looking forward to experiencing birth, in whatever manner it happens. But the horror stories I've heard about recovery freak me out. I wonder if I'll be myself. I wonder if I can manage it with Chris' crazy work schedule. I wonder how breast-feeding will work out. I'm so thankful that my mama will be able to spend some time here with us right after Si's birth. As a mama to seven (perfect ;) kids, she will be a life-saver, I know it. 

Several times this week, Chris and I have just sat watching my belly move and shaking our heads in disbelief that this Silas we've grown to love will be in our arms soon. It makes me giddy to see how excited Chris is and I am 100% convinced he's going to be a natural dad. We're soaking up our time together with little dates and quiet moments. I don't really think anything can prepare us for how different things will be on "the flip side", but after 3 beautiful years as just the two of us in marriage, we're so ready to become three. 


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

La Sardina camera giveaway from Lomography!

One of the things I love about film photography is the factor of the unknown. I love the throwback to the days before instant gratification and the sacredness that each photo has when you only get one shot. Of course, sometimes that can lead to disappointment when things don't turn out as expected. But I think that's the beauty of film photography and I for one am up for the challenge. 

Are you up for the challenge? I shared my review of the La Sardina camera from Lomography earlier today. Make sure to click over to see my colorful photos and read my experience and then pop back here to enter to win a La Sardina! 

The La Sardina camera is an analogue film camera from Lomography. It features a 22mm wide angle lens (really fun to shoot with!), 2 focus settings and a detachable flash too! It uses 35mm film which is easy to find in any convenience store! The Orinoco Ochre model comes in a super funky orange reptile-inspired case. You can see more details about the camera here. 

First of all, if you are a photography lover, you may want to sign up for a Lomography account. You can upload and share your photos, earn points towards shop credit and receive the latest promotions and news. AND HelloHue  readers will receive $10 online store credit when you register with this link! 

Ready to enter already??

To enter, leave a comment below and tell me what you love about photography. Do you like the challenge of finding a new perspective? Does it make you giddy to stop and capture a moment in time? Tell me about it! 

Additional, optional entries:: 

Sign up for the Lomography Newsletter! Leave a separate comment here telling me you did so. 

'Like' Lomography on Facebook. Leave a separate comment here telling me you did so. 

And that's that! Giveaway ends next Tuesday, July 24th and the winner will be announced on Wednesday, the 25th. 


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Why my La Sardina camera reminds me of my little brother.

When Lomography offered to send me one of their awesome La Sardina cameras to review, I was stoked. I love my Diana F+ camera and was excited to try out another film camera. Between the instant satisfaction of digital SLRs and smartphone photography, it always feels so "right" to go back to shooting with film. 

The La Sardina camera is a plastic analogue camera with sweet features like a 22mm wide angle, 2 focus settings and a detachable flash. The designs are all gorgeous, with snazzy vintage and nautical inspirations. 

I gotta be honest though, this camera is like a little brother to me. As in, slightly frustrating but I can't help but love it. 

(And now I'm missing my little bro. Call me, AJ, okay?)

Here's why-- my first roll of film (which I started in Hawaii and finished in Annapolis) came out blank. I can't say I didn't cry a little. Actually, I cried a lot, mostly because I really wanted those images from our last days in Hawaii. I figured out my mistake (I wasn't clicking the lens into place properly) and was eager to get shooting with my second roll. I went to get it developed on Monday and only a few of the photos came out. 

The rest-- blank. I'm a bit frustrated that I have no idea what I'm doing wrong with the camera, but I am determined to get it right the third time around. 

BUT, here's the thing. The photos that did develop are gorgeous. I love the wide-angle perspective, the saturated color makes me smile and the character of the film is endearing. Here are the images that turned out for me. 

Aren't they cool? I'm especially in love with the one of Chris and me and the photo of the bright green beach umbrella. These photos make me eager to figure out the La Sardina and continue toting it along with me, despite my initial frustrations. So, this camera definitely isn't as user-friendly as I'd like it to be, but its captures are phenomenal (in my opinion). 

Plus, it's bright orange, which is pretty awesome, ya know?

Oh, also, it takes regular 'ol 35mm film, which is easy-peasy to pick up in Walgreens or CVS-- no need to special order the film. 

So, my question for you, my readers, is-- are you up for the challenge? Lomography is graciously offering a La Sardina for one Hello Hue reader and I am willing to bet that you guys are bigger smarty-pants than I am and will make this camera do marvelous things. 

Come back later today (Wednesday!) for your chance to win a La Sardina camera for yourself! 

Oh, and the Kiki La' Rue giveaway winner is Vicki from It's Sooo Fluffy! :) (hehe, your blog name makes me smile.) Shoot me an email Vicki and we'll get you shopping at Kiki La' Rue!


Monday, July 16, 2012

what i've learned:: rocking the bump

Over the past 8.5 months, I've really had a lot of fun with the challenge of styling my Silas bump. But I'm not gonna lie, it can be so frustrating and even tears-inducing to stand in front of the closet and feel like nothing fits your growing body anymore. There were several times I broke down in tears as I got used to my changing body and the way clothes fit me. I have slowly but surely discovered my style as a pregnant woman (which is really not at all different from my non-pregnant style!) and what things did and did not work. 

Before Silas arrives, I wanted to share what I've learned about maternity style. These are some things that worked for me and I hope they help you in rocking your bump! 

-Purchase a Bella Band (or a Be Band, or other knockoff). I personally like the Target brand- Be Band- the best and it's a bit cheaper than the Bella Band. This will help those jeans and shorts continue to fit when you can no longer zip or button them. I used mine up until about 32 weeks, when it became too much to squeeze into pre-pregnancy/non-stretchy bottoms. 

Bra extenders. These things were life-savers for me. Pregnancy does crazy things to your body and some days I could literally feel my ribs expanding to make room for baby. If you're not quite ready to purchase new bras (ie. the cups still fit, but the bra is tight), you can buy some bra extenders for about $8 at places like Target and Walmart. No more back-ache, hallelujah!

Work with what you've got. Especially in the first trimester, and even second trimester, there's no need to go out and purchase armfuls of maternity wear. At 37 weeks, I'm just getting to the point of consistently wearing the few maternity pieces I bought (I literally have one pair of maternity shorts and three shirts), but I'm still working with about 98% non-maternity clothing. Most of these pieces can be used post-partum and I'm looking forward to re-styling them for my non-pregnant bod!

Some ideas for using what you already have::

Maxi dresses that become too tight (or just don't fit right) can potentially become maxi skirts worn under the belly using these tricks. 

Short dresses you wear in the beginning can be worn as tops later--with shorts, leggings, skinny jeans.

Tanks and tops that are a bit too short can be worn under skirts that come up over the belly. 

I'm constantly flipping through my closet thinking "How else can I wear that besides the obvious?" If you do this, I promise you'll find some great "new" outfits. 

- Accessorize and Experiment. As with any outfit--pregnant or not-- a little accessorizing can go a long way in making you feel not so frumpy. A statement necklace, fedora, floral headband or punchy sandals give personality to your look. And don't be afraid to try new fads or trends. I think pregnancy is a great time to go out on a limb with style. People already think you're an adorable pregnant woman-- you might as well rock those colored skinnies or try out a happy color combo you'd never wear otherwise.

- Wear what makes you feel good. Don't try to squeeze into clothes that no longer fit. When I did this- not only was I uncomfortable, but I felt awful about my growing body. Make sure you are wearing clothes that don't pinch or suffocate you. What works in the beginning may not work as you grow, but be flexible.

For example-- I loved wearing belts to accentuate that belly during the first trimester and into the second. But the third trimester-- no way. The belt got lost between my boobs and belly and was too uncomfortable. Most of my belts have been relocated to a dusty shelf for now.

A few trends I noticed in my own maternity wear::

I often cardigans (short ones worked best!) and vests to frame and highlight my baby belly.

I developed an obsession for stripes on a baby bump and love how they accentuate that ever-growing curve.

As my belly got bigger, I became more and more fond of small prints. Florals, herringbone, and yes, stripes! I found that large prints made me feel huge and overwhelmed me, but small prints added the punch I wanted.

And when all else failed, I went to Pinterest and searched some variation of "maternity style" to gather inspiration. So many beautiful and stylish mamas out there!

So, friends, what worked for you in your own maternity style? Let's keep the tips flowing in the comments below!