Wednesday, June 27, 2012

wanna hang out next month?

I've quit doing sponsor announcements the past 6 months or so because, well, it's not very interesting content, honestly. But, I thought I'd take a second to let my fellow shop owners and bloggers know that I'm taking sponsors for the month of July. I really love introducing creative people and their products to my beautiful and sweet readers and hope that I'll get to do that some more next month. We just got internet in our apartment today (wahoooo!), so I can do a better job keeping up with sponsors, emails and blogging than this last month of snagging internet from Starbucks, Chickfila and the like (not that I had any problem spending time there and indulging in a frappucino or sweet tea! ;) 

If you have  a handmade shop or blog that you think would be a great fit with Hello Hue, check out my sponsor stats page and shoot me an email this week! Ads go up July 1st! 


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