Friday, June 29, 2012

it's the little things:: lost socks and fizzy root beer

Happy Friday!! Ya ready for a hot, holiday weekend? I am (okay, I could do without the hot thing, especially with this heater in my belly, but I'll take what I can get!)

This week actually was a pretty darn good one. It went by pretty fast and I spent time with friends and Chris even got to come home for lunch breaks a few times. That's a pretty big deal when he's working until 8:30  each night. 

So here are my little things for the week:: 

A perfect cantalope. Or as we call it sometimes (well, mainly I do...) a 'lope. Perfectly sweet, firm and juicy. Yum. 

Visiting Hobby Lobby for the first time ever! They don't exist in Maryland or Hawaii, so I got to check it out for the first time this week. LOVE it. 

My shelf belly. So convenient. I'm gonna miss that thing. (But I think the trade-off is pretty good.)

Time in the Word. Do you ever notice how much better your days are when you start them off focusing on Jesus?

Tiny socks. And losing one to the dryer on the first load ever. No worries, it's been rescued. 

Fridays!! Seriously, Fridays are so much sweeter when we barely get to see each other all week. That's looking on the bright side for ya. 

Coffee dates with new friends and free wifi at Starbucks. There's something so peaceful about browsing the web with a caramal machiatto in hand. 

A sweet indulgence. I love IBC rootbeer. 

A $4 tank. My wardrobe is getting stretched literally and figuratively lately, so it's nice to spend just a few bucks for a new top! 

Okay, so what about you, friend? What little things made you smile this week? How was your day blessed by something seemingly simple? 

And did you download the free Little Things printable?? Check it out here.  I made it just for you! :) 

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  1. So cute! Something I learned early on was to put all the teeny tiny socks in a lingerie bag when washing them- no more missing socks! :)

    1. haha, yes-- I had about twenty people suggest that trick when I posted that photo on Instagram! I snagged one of Chris' laundry bags for the next time. ;)

  2. I love hobby lobby!!! too bad they dont have one here in virginia beach

  3. i had so much to be thankful for this week! it was my birthday this week and felt showered with love...God is so, so good!

    you look cuter and cuter every day....pregnancy definitely suits you!

  4. I love Hobby Lobby! I think that if I could only visit one store ever for the rest of my life it would be Hobby Lobby. Any excuse I can find to go I do. Also, they have a 40% off coupon for any regular priced item that you can pull up on your phone!

  5. Love Hobby Lobby, so glad you got to experience the fun!

  6. cute pics! yai for the rescued sock and the 4dlls top! :)

  7. I've never been to Hobby Lobby; the closest one to us is Orlando {2 hours away}, but I've always wanted to go! Hubby's oldest brother & his family live in Orlando, so maybe next time we visit I'll have to convince Hubs to detour to Hobby Lobby. ;)

    I love root beer! I saw a root beer float popsicle recipe this week that I will definitely be making soon.

    Happy Friday, Lindsay!

  8. Your belly button showing through in your tank top made me smile!! So so excited for you.

  9. aw, this is a fab list, friend! i wish i was among those coffee dates - that needs to happen whenever you make that drive up the east coast. miss you so much!

  10. Quick correction - we DO have Hobby Lobby in Maryland! There's one in Columbia and one down in Laurel. The one in Columbia is FANTASTIC! I got just about everything for my sister's baby shower there. So yeah, just in case anyone from Maryland is reading! :)

  11. I love Hobby Lobby!!! When I first moved to Florida and I went in there, it made everything right in the world!! Well....not quite but almost:) And yay for new friends! Its hard being in a new place with no girlfriends, and why is it so hard to make them now that were old?

  12. Hobby Lobby is AWESOME isn't it?! We don't have it in SC but we did in Georgia and they are awesome. Totally miss em.

  13. i love all of those sweet little socks!!!

  14. You have the cutest pregnant belly! And those socks are killing me!

  15. Just to let you know there is a Fabulous Hobby Lobby in Maryland - it's in Laurel right off of 295/198 maybe 10 minutes from Ft. Meade. They put it there about 3 or so years ago & I love it! So next time you're in Maryland you can always check that place out!


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