Monday, April 9, 2012

monday random.

I promise not to get all instagram-y on you now that I have the app on my phone. But I might just share some recent photos with you every now and then-- especially when I have nothing particularly interesting to blog about. 

Like today. ;)

Here are a few random tidbits for you. 

>> I slept 12 hours last night. I never do that. I guess baby needed the rest or something. Don't tell Chris. He'll want to go to bed at 5:30 tonight so he gets his own 12 hours. 

>> My back is finally starting to feel better. Thanks for all the recommendations on my last bump post to see a chiropractor -- I may still end up going to one if any issues pop back up. 

>> I learned how to make an Italian soda yesterday. My sweet friend, Kimiko brought them to our Easter beach brunch and I think I may have found a new obsession. 

>> Chris broke his favorite board while surfing on Saturday. So sad and such weird timing. We're leaving soon, so we won't need it for much longer, but it probably won't be fixed in time to take advantage of the waves like he was hoping. 

>> In three weeks, I have to pack 6 weeks worth of clothing and essentials for our move. Not sure how I'm going to accomplish that. 

>> The sky has been quite overcast and rainy at times this weekend. I love the sunshine, but I really love a rainy day. I can't wait for the thunderstorms in Florida!

Oh, and two blog/shop announcements::

>> I announced on Twitter and Facebook, but thought I'd let you know that I'm going to take a break from the Little Things linkup for a while. I love hosting it and reading your posts, but just need a break from the routine while we prepare for our move. Thanks for linking up with me each week!

>> Also, the shop is closing down! Everything must go before our move, so please take 25% off your order with the code ALOHA25 at checkout! 

Ok, now I'm off to vacuum the house. Fascinating, I know. 

(Coming up this week-- a {what I've learned} photography edition, some nursery inspiration, a bump update and outfit post...)



  1. I love your Instagram shots, they are so pretty and colorful! I too adore rainy days. ♥ I'm so sorry Chris' board broke. :( And that is super weird timing.

    Also, I really wanna try an Italian soda now...

  2. Are you really sure you're ready for Florida Thunderstorms? Sometimes they are pretty wicked and be prepared that every time there is a Thunderstorm...even if it's mild..they always have tornado watches and warnings like crazy and if you aren't used to it you'd think the world was ending...LOL. The weather people like to exaggerate in Florida!

    1. Yes, call me crazy, but I love big storms! I miss the stormy weather we'd get in MD-- there's never anything remotely exciting in the weather here. ;)

    2. LOL @ the weather people exaggerating in Florida. Every hurricane is going to be "the big one" ... Are you moving to FL? I missed that post, i think. I can't remember the last time we had a real thunderstorm, Florida has been so disappointing lately. We are way under the normal level of rain right now, so sad.

  3. you're so cute with your instagram photos :)

  4. i love your instagram photos. keep 'em coming! ;)

  5. I'm loving your instagrams! I don't have a fancy camera, so I don't mind mostly using instagram shots...they truly capture my days!

    The Sunshine State can definitely have some crazy storms, so it's a good thing you like them. ;)

  6. Oh yum, aren't Italian sodas good? I used to work at a coffee shop inside a bookstore (aka my version of heaven) and I loved making Italian and French sodas. So yummy!

  7. Instagram is so much fun so I appreciate your images :)
    I might have missed this in one of your previous posts, but where in Florida are you moving to?
    Hope you had a great Easter!

  8. disappointed about IT'S THE LITTLE THINGS taking a break.


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