Friday, April 20, 2012

bits and pieces.

this week was filled with::

lots of strawberries-- on waffles, on granola/yogurt, in drinks and all by themselves
homemade whipped cream
evening walks and Chris picking me the prettiest plumeria bloom 
cranberry gingerale "mocktails"
colorful belly and Silas kicks
beach day
North Shore drives
packaging time in the studio
painting time in the studio
new nail polishes bought with a gift card (from our wedding three years ago!) 
getting ready to pack out, finding old letters I wrote Chris from Spain
driving together
pretty palettes

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I'm really excited about this weekend. We're doing some beach camping tomorrow night with friends and then on Sunday, my girl friends are throwing me my first baby shower! Looking forward to soaking up some sunshine, soaking in Hawaii and celebrating Silas with sweet friends. 

With only a few weekends left on the island, every second counts. 


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  1. Yes, love strawberry season! Have fun at your baby shower!!

  2. I love your layout for your photos! I am assuming you use photoshop? Where did you get the template? Thank you!

    1. I actually have no idea how to use photoshop! :) I wish I did though! This was made in picnik-- but they're closed now. Hoping that PicMonkey will come out with collages soon!

  3. This is really lovely, Lindsay!
    I enjoyed looking at the pictures. =)
    And, the rug in your studio is so gorgeous!

  4. I'm really going to miss your Hawaii pics. but I'm sure you will find some great stuff in Florida to take pics of cause i live here and its gorgeous!

  5. Oh your blog is so inspiring. I love your Instagram pics and I like that you capture all these little moment. Have fun at your baby shower.

  6. i totally need Instagram so i can be one of the cool kids! your cell phone captures are great!


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