Tuesday, April 17, 2012

aloha style:: me + mimi {kelly moore bag review}

 tank:: {forever 21}
belt:: {target}
skirt:: {old navy}
sandals:: {payless}
bag:: {kelly moore, mimi style}
nail polish:: {essie, turquoise and caicos}

I told you I'd share more about my Kelly Moore Mimi bag. You might remember that I had the Posey bag in gray (I reviewed it here). Recently I ran into some issues with it (the magnets in the lining had come unglued) and requested either a repair or exchange. After I was offered an exchange, I asked if it was possible to pay the difference and get a different bag. And they agreed! So, I chose the Mimi in gray.

I love this bag for lots of reasons. It looks classic and it's so versatile. It's huge and fits so much gear! There's plenty of room for my camera, an extra lens, plus all my stuff. It even zips up with my Nalgene water bottle in it, which I carry everywhere. I'm excited to use it as a diaper bag and I know it will work perfectly. It (like all Kelly Moore bags) comes with customizable velcro dividers to organize the bag however I want. I even made a pocket for my cell phone by attaching one of the dividers to the inside wall of the bag. The faux leather is a really beautiful quality and even on my Posey bag, which I had for about 6 months, it showed no wear.

The pockets are super convenient. I use the two front zipper pockets for Tums (always with me these days!), gum, and lipstick. There's a back envelope pocket that fits an iPad (I use it for my notebook and Bible for church) and a large zippered pocket which I use for pens and other odds and ends.

I'd say the only downside is that it's a pretty heavy bag, even when I have very little in it. It comes with a messenger bag strap, which I will definitely use when I have it filled. You can find out more about the bag and see Kelly demonstrating it via video here. 

In other news:: I am getting sad thinking about having just a few more weeks of outfit pictures here in Hawaii. Chris and I were talking about discovering new places to take pictures in Florida. I have a guess that it won't be as easy as walking across the street to the water though!

Don't you love the colors in this outfit? Makes me feel giddily alive when I wear such vibrant colors and breezy skirts. Are you loving the warmer weather these days??

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  1. I swear, you are THE prettiest pregnant lady (and I mean that in the best possible way). Pregnancy looks so good on you! Ps thinking happy thoughts for you guys and your upcoming move! <33

  2. Very cool bag, I like. Although after the purse that I have right now I need to downgrade bags... I hate heavy bags, too hard to shop with!

  3. I was thinking it would make a great diaper bag before I read that! That's what I use my jo tote for. My camera, diapers, baby clothes, wipes, wallet, and cell phone. Fits so nice! And you look so cute!

  4. Love the bag and the review. I have one of her larger camera bags and I really want something a bit smaller to tote around. Good to know it's heavy, thats something I wish I had known before buying the one I have! Also...you look AMAZING!!!!! Go and have lots of Hawaiian adventures in your last few weeks and soon your going to have so many more (yes, even in FL)! Love ya sweets!

  5. You have such gorgeous, colorful clothing! I'm always amazed by how my bloggy friends influence me... When thrifting, I found this gorg orange sleeveless shirt, with delicate cutouts along the top and thought "this reminds me of something Lindsay would wear!" So I snapped that baby up! :D

    I'm sorry, I know moving can be hard. Big hug!!! I know you'll love Florida, though! My dad moved there, er, last year? and he's so in love with the state. He's in a rather remote area, with lots of water and fishing by his house, trees, space for his pups to run, etc!

    Have a lovely day, miss!!!

  6. You're such an adorable pregnant lady!! xo

  7. LOVE the colors! You make one stunning preggie woman and make me miss mine all the more!!! Absolutely beautiful!

    Looking forward to following your adventures!

    Kristine from TheFoleyFam - Unedited

  8. You are such a stylish mama! Love your colors:)

  9. I have the Mimi in black! Such a great bag :) Love your outfit!


  10. you look beautiful in this outfit!


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