Wednesday, March 21, 2012

studio to home:: Laura's gallery & Erin's triptych

Whew! I haven't posted one of these babies in awhile! I love the "Studio to Home" series because it always makes me smile to see photos of my artwork in people's homes. I love to see how they decide to display it and to see their vision for their space fulfilled. So, here are two photos from some recent awesome customers. 

Laura of Paper Taxi purchased the 8" round "I Picked You Some Wildflowers" canvas from my shop and I can't help but smile when I look at the little gallery she created. It's so cheerful and colorful! Check out Laura's blog post for more details and sources for the other artwork! 

I also recently painted a custom Ripple triptych for Erin of Zen and Living Simply. She loved the color scheme of my Rhubarb Ripple (available in the shop!) but wanted something quite a bit bigger for above her queen bed. I painted three 16x16 canvases for her and think they look fabulous in her bedroom. Isn't that purple bedding adorable, too??

Got some Hello Hue artwork you want to show off? Send me your very best photos and I might include them in my next Studio to Home post! 

And now for a little announcement. 

In preparation for our move and the babe joining us this summer, I'll be closing shop in the next few weeks.

 I know. 

I'm totally sad about it too, but I hope that it will be a good time to take a break and rejuvenate. I am really hoping to open back up in the early fall-- but since I have no idea what our new living situation will be like or what having a new baby will be like-- I'm leaving that one open ended for now. 

So, right now, everything in the shop is ready-to-ship. What you see is what's available and once it's gone, it's gone. I'm not sure which designs will be reappearing when the shop reopens, so if you really LOVE something-- snag it now! 

I'm also not taking any more custom orders before we leave. I appreciate each of your inquiries about custom orders but can't fit in anything else right now. 

Thank you so much for your loyalty and support of my shop! I really hope that you'll be around in the fall when I open back up. Hoping I don't hear crickets when that happens! 



  1. love their pics...I so wish that I had the ability to buy the bottled up one...however with our move coming up. I don't have the funds right now. :( Hopefully when you open back up I'll be able to do something. Praying for you as you guys prepare and move and have a baby.

  2. i love seeing your work in their little homes...everyone loves your work! :)

  3. Those turned out just beautiful!

  4. I am so sad that you're closing shop but I hope eventually you'll open it back up again. Your work is so joyful and I'm pretty proud to own one of your pieces. HOWEVER, I absolutely understand why you're closing and of course totally support your decision!

  5. So gorgeous! I think I might have to get something to go on my own wall... Actually, I think I need a house first - because my room is too small to house any more beautiful-ness! :)

  6. Oh, I love that gorgeous triptych! The colors are just luscious. :)

  7. While I'm thrilled for you and totally understand your reasons for doing it... I'm going to miss your shop! We finally got some spare money in and the paintings I want are sold :( Oh well! If it is meant to be later in the fall it will happen then :)

    I'm thrilled for you and your little family! I hope the next weeks, the move {I've lived through 4 Navy moves! 2 While pregnant!}, and the weeks of pregnancy to come are wonderful and blessed and happen smoothly and easily, especially the move!!!

    Congrats on your baby boy!!!!

  8. I'm bummed that you're shutting it down for a little while, but I get it. Can't wait until you're back. In the meantime I've ordered another painting. This one will be our third, so I guess I should send you a pic when I get it hung.

    Have a great weekend!


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