Thursday, March 29, 2012

oh baby:: 21 weeks!

Oh, little boy, how we love you. 

We're thrilled to finally be able to envision our boy and the fun adventures we'll have with him! We're working on deciding on a name, but goodness, it's a lot tougher than I thought it would be to name a human. We decided on a first name last night and I almost cried when we looked at each other and said "yep, that's it." Waiting on the perfect middle name before we share. Soon. 

I've entered the wonderful world of heartburn and reflux. I don't think I ever had heartburn in my life before last week and now I feel yucky after almost every meal. I've been trying to prevent it by avoiding trigger foods like pizza, tomato sauces, chocolate, spicy foods.... but guys, those are all my favorite foods. Sad. Chocolate milk has been my savior (I don't think we've ever gone through a gallon so fast!) as well as Tums and sleeping with two pillows, but this is definitely a no-fun part of pregnancy. 

Speaking of fun. Chris asked me the other day if I was having fun being pregnant. And you know what?

 I totally am. 

I love it. I love seeing my growing belly. I love exploring this new identity of being a pregnant woman, of being a future mom. I love planning for our little guy and oh man, feeling his kicks I can tell that it's something I'm going to miss come August, but I'm hoping that I get to do this gig a few times over again. ;)

It does have its difficult moments though. Like last night after attempting to take some bump pictures, I sobbed on Chris' shoulder. As much as I love seeing this growing belly and knowing our son is being formed in there, it's still difficult to let go of my "old body". It doesn't help that most of my clothes are starting to become really uncomfortable, don't fit like I want them to and it's a frustrating process to find an outfit each day. At least I know now that the outfit I wore for the pictures last night is not flattering and won't be worn again!

(hence, my departure from the normal bump update pics today as I experimented with my new tripod and shot some new ones!)

Ok, so I have two requests:: 

First, please send me links to your favorite inspiring baby/mama blogs. I'm especially loving the blog Band of Brothers  this week!

Also, what are your favorite handmade shops that sell adorable things for little boys? Check out some of my newest favorites in Monday's post! 



Tuesday, March 27, 2012

boy oh boy!

I have to admit that when we found out we were having a boy, I mourned the fact that I wouldn't get to dress my baby in sweet flower headbands and pink ruffle-butts.

 I really love a good ruffle-butt.

Never fear. All I needed was some good internet therapy. I've been doing lots of browsing online for our sweet boy and have discovered some adorable little boy finds and new handmade shops to love.

from left to right, clockwise::

baby boy newborn hat from puntebella on etsy:: Even though we'll be living in warm climates for the first year of baby boy's life, I'm pretty sure I'll find an excuse to dress him in a sweet hat like this.

surfer onesie:: This onesie from Old Navy reminds me of the one I made for Chris to tell him I was pregnant. Only now, we know there's a little dude in there!

handmade plush fox from sleepyking on etsy:: I can just picture this plush little guy hanging out in the nursery. He would add the perfect touch of whimsy.

tiny toms:: I see lots of "needless" purchases in my future-- these yellow corduroy TOMS are so adorable and totally splurge-worthy.

springtime showers bib from little pigeon crafts on etsy:: The colors in this bib are perfect and so happy! 

DIY onesie:: I have zero sewing skills, so I may need one of you to make me this DIY onesie from Omi Creates blog. I'm a wee bit obsessed with stripes for little boys and I am digging the classic shape of this onesie!

I've added a bunch of these items and much more to my Amazon Baby Registry (which is totally awesome because you can add any item from any website!). I like that I can register for the "needs" like a carseat, stroller, diaper cream, as well as the "wants" like prints for the nursery and adorable onesies.

I've also been planning and scheming up our little guy's nursery. It's a bit difficult to truly plan it, since we don't know what kind of living situation we'll be in when we move to Florida, but I will definitely share my inspiration and plans for it soon!


Monday, March 26, 2012

aloha style:: glad you could be with us today, mr. fedora.

button down:: {forever 21}
dress:: {charlotte russe}
wedges:: {payless}
fedora:: {old navy}
nail polish:: {play date from essie}

A few months ago, Chris and I were driving in the Jeep after a day at the beach. As we cruised down the highway, my hat suddenly blew off my head! Chris pulled over right away and we played some real-life "Frogger" as we dodged traffic and rescued my fedora from the ditch on the other side of the street. It got run over once and smooshed a bit with tire marks, but otherwise was a-okay. This is a completely pointless story, just to say that I'm glad Chris realized the importance of the hat rescue, and I'm glad my fedora could be with us today.

Also, apparently I'm on a purple kick this weekend. Love my new polish color from Essie. And dresses are quickly becoming my best friends. They're so comfy as this belly is outgrowing literally every pair of shorts I own and pants too. Come summertime, you'll find me in the muu-muu aisle.



Friday, March 23, 2012

it's the little things:: orange petals and birthday goodness

I could write a novel about all the wonderful little things that happened this week. It was that good. Do you ever have weeks where you almost burst into tears because you realize all the goodness God has surrounded you with?? That was this week for me. 

Every day this week, these ranunculus have been making me grin from ear to ear. Ranunculus are my very favorite flower and I literally squeaked when I spotted them at Foodland last weekend. 

I love how the bright orange petals go with the teal glass of this vase I thrifted recently. 

(PS. These colors might be making an appearance in a certain little boy's nursery!)

I had a pretty awesome birthday on Monday. It was the first birthday I've ever spent with Chris and we definitely made up for lost time. The past 5 years, we've either been abroad (me in Mexico, him in the Dominican Republic), in school or Chris has been deployed, so spending this birthday together after finding out we're having a little boy was seriously perfect. 

I've been wanting a wafflemaker for forever. Chris surprised me with breakfast in be and when I saw that waffle on the plate I said "Chris, that's a waffle!! A WAFFLE!!"

 I was a bit excited.

I also got to spend the day with my sweet friend Krynn-- we got crepes for lunch and shopped for our babies while slurping chocolate ice cream. 

For dinner, Chris and I packed a picnic and went to our favorite lagoon spot to chow down on artisan bread, brie, olives, coppa and sparkling lemonade. I literally has tears in my eyes as Chris and I sat on that red blanket together. Blessed beyond measure. 

See how my birthday revolved around food?? 


What were the little things that made your week??

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

studio to home:: Laura's gallery & Erin's triptych

Whew! I haven't posted one of these babies in awhile! I love the "Studio to Home" series because it always makes me smile to see photos of my artwork in people's homes. I love to see how they decide to display it and to see their vision for their space fulfilled. So, here are two photos from some recent awesome customers. 

Laura of Paper Taxi purchased the 8" round "I Picked You Some Wildflowers" canvas from my shop and I can't help but smile when I look at the little gallery she created. It's so cheerful and colorful! Check out Laura's blog post for more details and sources for the other artwork! 

I also recently painted a custom Ripple triptych for Erin of Zen and Living Simply. She loved the color scheme of my Rhubarb Ripple (available in the shop!) but wanted something quite a bit bigger for above her queen bed. I painted three 16x16 canvases for her and think they look fabulous in her bedroom. Isn't that purple bedding adorable, too??

Got some Hello Hue artwork you want to show off? Send me your very best photos and I might include them in my next Studio to Home post! 

And now for a little announcement. 

In preparation for our move and the babe joining us this summer, I'll be closing shop in the next few weeks.

 I know. 

I'm totally sad about it too, but I hope that it will be a good time to take a break and rejuvenate. I am really hoping to open back up in the early fall-- but since I have no idea what our new living situation will be like or what having a new baby will be like-- I'm leaving that one open ended for now. 

So, right now, everything in the shop is ready-to-ship. What you see is what's available and once it's gone, it's gone. I'm not sure which designs will be reappearing when the shop reopens, so if you really LOVE something-- snag it now! 

I'm also not taking any more custom orders before we leave. I appreciate each of your inquiries about custom orders but can't fit in anything else right now. 

Thank you so much for your loyalty and support of my shop! I really hope that you'll be around in the fall when I open back up. Hoping I don't hear crickets when that happens! 


Monday, March 19, 2012

our very own gender reveal party!

 I love any excuse for a party. And finding out whether Chris and I will be welcoming a boy or girl into the world in August seemed like a pretty darn good reason for a party. So, we joined many parents over the world as we started planning our gender reveal party for this weekend!

We had our anatomy ultrasound on Friday, and asked the tech to secretly find out the sex of the baby and seal it in an envelope for later. Then, we dropped it off at my girl friend's house and she baked a cake for our party!

Here are some of my favorite photos from our super fun day on Saturday!

I made a banner out of washi tape and bamboo skewers for the cake, a banner for the table out of doilies and washi tape and added some color to the table with ranunculus and snapdragons (my very favorite flowers) and striped straws. The table was covered in a white tablecloth with a burlap runner with scattered doilies.

Our guests drank either blue raspberry lemonade or cranberry/gingerale punch based out of mason jars. I made homemade pita chips and creamy avocado dip and served hummus with feta. YUM. We also munched on fruit kabobs, pizza rolls and Chris made some awesome burgers for dinner later.

When all our friends arrived, it was finally time to cut the cake! I stuck by my guess of blue and Chris  was just happy with a healthy baby. We sliced into the cake and...

(holy cow, I have a lot of open mouth pictures in this post. I guess that's my go-to face when I'm excited. Ha!)

We also set up a "photo booth" with brightly colored streamers, a tripod and my DSLR on a timer. I actually bought a remote for it, but apparently my camera (Canon Rebel t3) doesn't work with a wireless remote. Bummer.

It worked out just fine though and we had fun goofing around with the "boy props" (handmade mustaches on sticks, pirate hat, fedora, funky sunglasses) and "girl props" (handmade bows on sticks, a bright pink boa and princess tiaras).

Four of the seven girls in our mini-church are pregnant, so we got a shot with the bellies. 

... and then the other girls jumped in with their "bellies" to join the fun. ;) 

It was such a fun day celebrating with our closest friends on the island. We wish our families could have been there to find out and celebrate with us, but our Hawaii ohana is so precious to us and made the day so special. 

We're so excited to meet our baby boy in August! A long list of names is being mulled over and we'll be sure to share his name when we decide! 


Sunday, March 18, 2012

happy birthday to this mama!

My birthday is tomorrow and I'm pretty sure finding out we're having 
a sweet  baby boy is just about the best gift I could ever ask for! 


Saturday, March 17, 2012

it's the little things:: sweet babe

 Happy Saturday, friends! Sorry I'm getting the link-up posted so late. Between yesterday's ultrasound appointment and getting ready for our gender reveal party today, I've been a busy bee. I've got one little thing for you today.

We got to spend an hour looking at our sweet little babe yesterday during the anatomy ultrasound. He/She even gave us a big yawn! (see the bottom picture!) Today feels like Christmas as we finally get to discover who's squirming around in there! :) I'll be sure to share the big news later this weekend and of course lots of photos of our party next week! 

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

oh baby:: 19 weeks!

scarf:: {forever21}
belt:: {target}
dress:: {target}
sandals:: {target}

Best thing about this week:: the days full of feeling this dancing baby in my womb. 

Worst thing about this week:: finding out the date we have to leave our island home. We're glad to finally get some definite direction for our move to Florida but the tears start up when I think about leaving our ohana before this baby comes. Oh how we are going to miss those aunties and uncles. It's been such a blessing to watch our friend's little ones grow from tiny baby bumps to walking, talking, hilarious toddlers. We are sad that our baby won't get to know these friends like we've known them but we know he/she is still so very loved by them. 

Words cannot describe how excited we are for our "gender reveal" party on Saturday! We can't wait to put an identity and name to this babe. We have the anatomy ultrasound on Friday and our dear friend Krynn will be the first to know who's in my belly when we hand her the secret envelope. She'll be baking a cake for us to cut into and we're just so stoked to see if it will be pink or blue! (My official guess is blue, only because literally all of my friends here are expecting girls and I feel that odds are this one's gotta break the streak!) Just a few more days! 

Starting to feel uncomfortable as the belly grows and my body stretches. I kind of feel pretty huge already, but I know this is only the beginning! 


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

a weekend in san diego.

Our San Diego trip was jam packed with visiting friends, eating all the food we can't get on Oahu and enjoying some chilly weather. I got to visit with a friend from college, Emily, and Hannah met me for breakfast at Panera. It was so good to hug her and finally get to chat face to face. Chris and I went shooting in the desert (Chris got a kick out of his pregnant wife shooting an assault rifle!) and we discovered that I'm actually a pretty good shot! ;) My paper plate target is residing on our fridge now... 

It was so good to get away from island life for a little bit and enjoy the mainland. Definitely made us realize how much Oahu is home for us these days and it's going to be tough to leave it. But I think the promise of Chickfila is enough to soften the blow... 



Monday, March 12, 2012

it's been a year...

Missing my Pappap today. It's been a year since he went to heaven, but his absence is still fresh here. A big homemade Italian meal is in the works for tonight to celebrate him and we're rejoicing in heaven's gain. 

"But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, who, by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body."

Philippians 3:20-21


Friday, March 9, 2012

it's the little things:: he loves me so

Lately, I've been sick, I've been pregnant (duh) and maybe just a little bit needy. I've been kind of amazed and not the least bit surprised at how well Chris has loved me and taken care of me over the past few weeks. My heart spills over with joy when I think of all the little ways he loves me so well.

... he makes sure there are a few breakfast glasses on the lower shelf because this shortie can't climb up on the cabinet to snag them anymore. 

... he brings me water in the morning before I even get up since he knows my throat has been hurting lately. 

... as my body is changing and I feel a bit hesitant about it at times, he assures me that I'm beautiful and always will be. 

... when I get a massive candy craving, he makes a date out of running to the mini mart for gummy colas and twix. 

... he assures me that everything will work out with where we'll be in the next few months and continually tells me things about Florida that I'll love. 

... when he makes a smoothie for himself in the morning, he saves some of it for me in the fridge so I can get some yummy nutrients first thing. 

... he spends time in the Word each day and meets with a mentor every week. I'm thankful that he spends the time and effort to grow in God and become a better husband, father, and man. 

... he acts ridiculously goofy, especially when I've had an especially hard day, just to cheer me up. And when that doesn't work, he just sits with me.

We don't always get along perfectly and we have our fair share of arguments but it's pretty amazing to see how God has put us together and how we've grown together over the past six years.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

oh baby:: 18 weeks!

headband:: {jcrew}
tee:: {gap}
vest:: {simply audrey}
trouser jeans:: {american eagle}
wedges:: {payless}

This has been a really exciting week. Last week I started to feel more movement in my belly and what I assumed were baby kicks. They got a lot stronger and on our flight from Honolulu to San Diego last Thursday, Chris got to feel our baby kick for the first time! He/she has been doing all sorts of acrobatics in there and I am so completely delighted every time I feel those flutters and taps letting me know the babe is squirming around.

I've been feeling great pregnancy-wise, but oh-so-awful with this cold that just won't go away. I think and hope that it's on the way out. I'm ready to feel 100% again! 

The belly is starting to become obvious, even to strangers. I had so many people inquire about my pregnancy over the weekend-- from the guy at the rental car place, the flight attendant on our flight home and other passengers too. Over and over again, I get the urge to mess with them a bit when they ask "How far along are you?!" I hesitate every time because I just want to give them a blank stare and say, "What do you mean??" Ha.

Oh man, the crazy pregnancy dreams. I normally have pretty out-there dreams, but these are just plain ridiculous. The one that had tears of laughter running down my face as I was trying to explain it to Chris one morning had to do with me becoming engaged to a rotisserie chicken, and then having to call off the wedding because I remembered I was in love with Chris. Best part? The chicken had planned the reception and he was the main course. So weird.

9 more days until our gender reveal party and finding out who is in there! We are so excited to get to know our sweet one just a little bit more.