Monday, February 27, 2012

shop my closet blog sale!

One of my favorite things about growing up with my little sister down the hall from me was swapping clothes out of each other's closets! Today I'm excited to offer you a chance to raid my closet! I've got lots of fun and colorful tops, skirts, dresses and accessories ranging from $3 to $16. I've created a separate blog page just for the sale, so make sure you click over to check out the goodies and find out how this blog sale works! 

Click here to shop my closet! 



  1. if i bought some of your clothes would i look as cute as you do in them? ;)

  2. I would of loved that coral dress!..You looked great in it...

  3. Ok so I know this is a shop update but I just had to introduce myself! When I announced my pregnancy on my blog a fellow reader linked me to yours and recommended I get in touch with you since our pregnancies are close together (I'm 17 weeks along as of yesterday!) And so I finally got around to it and came to your blog just now, looked around and read your about me and we have quite a few things in common that I just had to say hello :) I'm also a military wife (AF) and have been married for almost three years as well, and my due date is August 5th with our very first little one. I also post my outfits, too. So cool! I am definitely following and looking forward to your future posts because I love your blog so much already!


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