Saturday, February 4, 2012

out with the old...

When I began blogging in March 2009, the name "From the Aisle to Aloha" seemed pretty appropriate as Chris and I were literally going from walking down the wedding aisle together into a new life in the land of aloha. The name came to me easily and it stuck. It's become a huge part of who I am. It's become not only my blog and shop name, but represents a journey over the past few years as we've gone from being newlyweds to sharing so many adventures, struggles, and lots of aloha in these islands. 

When we moved to Hawaii, we knew it would be a temporary thing. It always is with the military. The thought has always been in the back of my head that I would probably want to change my biz name when it came time to leave Oahu. I knew I'd want something that could stick with me through move after move and the many adventures to come. But I told myself that I would only do that if I came up with another name that fit me perfectly and made me smile just thinking about. 

I've found that new name. {more on that in a minute!}

I find it strange that a business name and identity could mean so much to me. But "Aisle to Aloha" has, and does and it's honestly very bitter-sweet to let it go. I'm excited for the changes ahead (ah! So many changes!) but change always has to come with some sort of goodbye. 

I guess I'm feeling pretty sappy about leaving this name behind. It's been with me through two deployments, a feature on Young House Love, a feature on the front page of AOL, many DIY projects (and several fails!), a blogging conference, a baby announcement and more. 

I plan on having even more fun with the new blog/shop name and I hope that you will stick around with me for those adventures! 

Curious about the new name and branding?! 

I'll be switching my shop, twitter and blog over between now and Monday (so please bear with me as I fumble through these changes!) but for now, you can check out my brand new biz name and branding on my new Facebook page!  Make sure you 'like' this new page, as the old Aisle to Aloha Studio will be phasing out and disappearing soon. Come over, and say 'hello!' 



  1. I love your new business name! It made me smile because it's just too quirky and great!

    Congratulations and good luck!!


    1. OH, thank you Amy! Honestly, it's a bit nervewracking putting a new name and branding out there and it makes me SO happy that everyone seems to like it!

      PS. I like the word quirky... such a good adjective. ;)

  2. I'll follow your blog and shop wherever you go and whatever name you choose! Glad you found something that fits and makes you happy. I look forward to seeing the new blog design and all of the new adventures with the new brand. Good luck!!

  3. I LOVE the new name!!! It's so appropriate and so you! I'm very excited to continue to see everything you come up with and write about!

  4. When I changed my blog name (along with its FB page and Twitter account) it was really hard for me because like you my blog and everything with it represented a huge part of who I was.

    But I think changing as things in your life change is good. And as you already know, I love the changes you're making and totally support you!

  5. Just checked out your FB page and I love the new name!!!

  6. Congrats on the big change! I can't wait to see how Hello Hue turns out!

  7. I love your new blog and biz name so much! It is honestly the perfect new name. Can't wait for the launch of your new website tomorrow, I'm way too excited to see what the new design looks like. :-)

    Woah, a feature on the front page of AOL? That is so neat! Care to explain? :-)



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