Friday, February 24, 2012

it's the little things:: rainbows & thin mints

I always feel so guilty when my Little Things posts consist of phone pics. But whatever-- it's been a crazy week. I haven't had time to make a much needed commissary run, let alone read through your sweet posts from last week! Sorry friends!

I hope you continue to be blessed by this series, as I do. Thinking of the small ways I've been blessed during the week makes me realize just how blessed in a BIG way that I am. 

On to my little things for the week... 

I will never ever tire of the countless rainbows we see every week on this island. This one was a particularly gorgeous one on our way up to the North Shore on Monday. I was able to catch it in its entirety as we were driving past the open fields. Rarely do I catch rainbows without any buildings or power lines in the way. I'm going to miss our Hawaii rainbows. 

I got to do some shopping yesterday for this growing body of mine. I found some really fun pieces. I can't wait to mix and match them for some sweet outfit posts in the next few weeks. I'm excited to be excited about my clothes again, instead of frustrated that nothing fits right. 

**In related news, I'm cleaning out my closet and hosting my first 'shop my closet' blog sale next week. 
Be there or be square.**

New shoes! Nothing makes me smile this week quite like this happy pair of flats. 

I got to meet up with my sweet friend Karen this week. (more on that later!) She brought me this adorable collection of tapes from Korea and totally made my week! 

Another friend blessed me this week in the form of chocolate! My former neighbor and friend, Chrissy, sent me a box filled with boxes of Thin Mints! Those babies went in the freezer right away and I'm proud to say that we've only eating 3/4 of one box so far! 

What are some little ways you've been blessed this week??

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  1. Lindsay, those dresses are adorable! Loving your wardrobe. Thanks again for hosting the link party :)

  2. ahhh, your baby bump looks so cute in those dresses. for reals.
    linked up this week. go me!

  3. I totally LOVE your bump pictures. keep 'em coming! :):)

  4. Aww, Lindsay!! You.Are.Adorable!!! I'm so glad your enjoying those thin mints my friend!! Can't wait to see you soon!! XOXO

  5. last year wheni was preggers i sent out a staff email innocently asking if anyone's kids were selling gs cookies because "i need some thin mints." They ALL took that as a craving (which it was, but the fact that i crave them every day of my life overrides it as a pregnancy craving) and the next day i had SIX boxes on my desk!!!!

    this year... i have NONE. NONE. it is quite a travesty! i never saw a single gs anywhere. my feelings are quite hurt.
    i'm still on a search.

  6. I love those shoes. This week I bought a bag of fabric scraps from a charity shop and found a beautiful vintage top in it.

  7. Your bump is getting so adorable. It's at the I-know-you're-pregnant-but-you-can-still-walk-not-waddle stage ;) That's a good stage :)

  8. Aww, you're looking so gorgeous! As always, of course. :) Love the chevron dress - it's awesome!
    I live in Australia - and I don't know all about the Thinmints fascination that seems to surround these bickies... but the look a bit amazing!
    Thanks for sharing and hosting the link up!


  9. Oh my gosh I cannot wait for your closet sale!!! I love your style!

  10. Love your dresses! I'm excited to use dresses for pregnancy fashion down the road!

  11. Amazing rainbow picture!!

    Love those cute pieces you found for your growing belly.

  12. i just adore you friend... love your new dresses, and SO wish I could have gone shopping with you... next time ;) ! So happy you're enjoying the tape..I'll send more to you soon, since you liked them so much. Oh, and a blog post is in the works soon about our sweet get together...such sweet time. Thank you for adult convo ;)

  13. Lindsay! I love your "little things" - it has connected me to a lot of awesome bloggers. Thanks so much. In return, I tagged you in "eleven things" on my blog. Here is the link.


  14. Hi fellow sistah in Christ! I stumbled upon your blog..and LOVE it!!! :)

    I love this sweet series you are made me look around for the little things!

    Congrats on your new comer..may the Lord strengthen you and bless your family! He is good!!!

  15. Um, so I was TOTALLY late in doing my post but did one and was going to link up!!! DARN, I missed it! I will be on top of it next week :) Thanks for the inspiration!! I'm really pushing myself to look for the blessings in the little things!

  16. "I always feel so guilty when my Little Things posts consist of phone pics." YOU SHOULD FEEL GUILTY FOR MAKING US JEALOUS BY POSTING PICTURES OF BEAUTIFUL RAINBOWS THAT MOST OF US DON'T GET TO SEE EVERY DAY!!! :) So jealous!!!!!

    I just made a post about praising God for every blessing- even the small and "negative" blessings. And then I read this and it made me smile to think of how God works like this :) (


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