Thursday, February 2, 2012

camera strap review:: marine parents shop!

When April offered to send me one of her adorable camera straps to review, I may have squealed a little bit. You have probably (er, hopefully!!) seen her shop, Marine Parents, already. It's filled with sweetly sewn creations, from toddler backpacks, camera straps, eReader cases and adorable clutches. 

I always want to make sure that the products I review don't just benefit me, but that they would be products that I truly think you should know about! And I think you will love April, her colorful shop and this camera strap. 

April gave me a choice of the strap covers (or as she calls them, DSLR strappys!) and I immediately pounced on this bright one! I'm in love with the floral fabric and the punchy orange and lime hues. I feel like it totally fits my personality-- bright and maybe a bit loud? ;) Ha. 

I love that it has a pocket for my lens cap and that my lens cap actually fits in it. (Past camera straps I've had, the lens cap doesn't even fit.)  The cover is a bit wider, and I wish that it fit more snuggly on the actual strap. Because it's a bit wide, it slides around a little bit. But it's not something that bothers me when using it or that would deter me from buying another. It's really well made and I can tell that it's sewn with the purpose of standing up to many photo shoots. 

Okey doke, friends. I'll let you go poke around in April's shop while I work on ridding myself of this wicked pregnancy headache. What is up with these things?! 

Happy Groundhog Day! ;) 



  1. That strappy is sooo pretty! I love it. Love April too, she's the sweetest! Hope your horrible headache is gone soon!

  2. love your pictures of the strap :] so pretty!!

    the extra width {even though a little slippery along the strap sometimes} is what makes that lens cap pocket work to ACTUALLY hold a lens cap -- haha!! almost never a win-win situation, right?


  3. Love the strap, it is so you! Hope your headache gets better!

  4. What a great camera accessory!!! Love the pattern and colours, your one lucky girl :)


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