Wednesday, February 29, 2012

oh baby:: 17 weeks!

vest:: {cinnamon girl}
dress:: {forever 21}
belt:: {forever21}
sandals:: {payless}

I think I'm going to start smooshing outfit posts and bump updates together. At least when I have a fun outfit on. ;) Plus, I just had to show off my yellow toenail polish from my pedi yesterday. Love trying new colors and I think I've found a new fave! 

I've really been feeling great lately. I've been a bit more tired than the past few weeks and I seem to have caught a cold this week, which surely will make our flight to San Diego not-so-pleasant. My belly has been really tight and itchy lately so I've been slathering it with Palmer's Tummy Butter which smells heavenly. I've been feeling lots of little kicks this week, but it's hard for me to get too excited because I keep thinking "How silly would it be if I was all giddy about what turns out to be gas?!" But I really do think they are kicks and I smile each time I feel that little flick. 

Chris and I have had lots of conversation about what the next few months will look like leading up to the baby's arrival. I'm starting to mourn Hawaii and have teared up a few times at the thought of leaving our dear, dear friends before this baby comes. We're looking at taking some birth classes before we move and have been daydreaming about what gummy bear will look like-- whether he or she will be short like mama, or tall like daddy. I still am in awe at the fact that real life miracles are taking place inside of me every second of the day as God knits together our little one. 


PS. Due to our weekend trip, there will be no Little Things linkup this week and I'll be taking a short blog break until sometime next week. See you then! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

shop my closet blog sale!

One of my favorite things about growing up with my little sister down the hall from me was swapping clothes out of each other's closets! Today I'm excited to offer you a chance to raid my closet! I've got lots of fun and colorful tops, skirts, dresses and accessories ranging from $3 to $16. I've created a separate blog page just for the sale, so make sure you click over to check out the goodies and find out how this blog sale works! 

Click here to shop my closet! 


aloha style:: herringbone + floral

vest:: {cinnamon girl}
dress:: {target}
belt:: {target}
Sanchia flats:: {c/o Blowfish Shoes}

Some things:: 

After my shopping trip last week, I feel like a new woman. It was so fun to dress my bump-y body this weekend, whereas last week I was almost in tears I was so frustrated. Amazing what a shopping trip can do! ;) 

We are taking a weekend trip to San Diego this weekend and all I can think about is the Chick-fil-a I'm gonna inhale. Yum. Also, I'm gonna freeeze my buns off with that weather, but I'm gonna LOVE it.

These colorful flats seriously make my day better just by slipping them on. Rock a little floral, show off some pretty nail color. Happy happy. 

Chris and I just ate a huge meal of homemade spaghetti, Italian sausage and salad + apple crisp for dessert. My belly feels like it's going to burst. Oy. 

I've kind of fallen in love with pattern mixing lately. I did it (a bit hesitantly) the other day and then decided to throw in a little herringbone + floral action in this outfit. Watch out, I'm gettin' craaazy. 

My "shop my closet" blog sale *hopefully* will be live later this afternoon/evening! Check back later if you're interested in scoring some deals from my closet! 

Happy Monday, friends! Hope your week is full of little blessings and big ones too!


Friday, February 24, 2012

it's the little things:: rainbows & thin mints

I always feel so guilty when my Little Things posts consist of phone pics. But whatever-- it's been a crazy week. I haven't had time to make a much needed commissary run, let alone read through your sweet posts from last week! Sorry friends!

I hope you continue to be blessed by this series, as I do. Thinking of the small ways I've been blessed during the week makes me realize just how blessed in a BIG way that I am. 

On to my little things for the week... 

I will never ever tire of the countless rainbows we see every week on this island. This one was a particularly gorgeous one on our way up to the North Shore on Monday. I was able to catch it in its entirety as we were driving past the open fields. Rarely do I catch rainbows without any buildings or power lines in the way. I'm going to miss our Hawaii rainbows. 

I got to do some shopping yesterday for this growing body of mine. I found some really fun pieces. I can't wait to mix and match them for some sweet outfit posts in the next few weeks. I'm excited to be excited about my clothes again, instead of frustrated that nothing fits right. 

**In related news, I'm cleaning out my closet and hosting my first 'shop my closet' blog sale next week. 
Be there or be square.**

New shoes! Nothing makes me smile this week quite like this happy pair of flats. 

I got to meet up with my sweet friend Karen this week. (more on that later!) She brought me this adorable collection of tapes from Korea and totally made my week! 

Another friend blessed me this week in the form of chocolate! My former neighbor and friend, Chrissy, sent me a box filled with boxes of Thin Mints! Those babies went in the freezer right away and I'm proud to say that we've only eating 3/4 of one box so far! 

What are some little ways you've been blessed this week??

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

oh baby:: 16 weeks!

I love being pregnant. Seriously, I feel like my body was made to do this and I've never felt more beautiful. Yeah, it can be awkward, painful and um, nauseating, but I have loved it so far. I often find myself stopping by the mirror to check out my growing belly and continue to be in awe that our child is growing in there. 

Dressing the belly on the other hand, as been a bit frustrating, only because I haven't really had time to revamp my wardrobe at all yet. There has been more than one occasion this week where I've crumpled onto my bed exclaiming that I have nothing that fits! All my "old" clothes fit me so strangely now. So far, long tanks and skirts (or my favorite jeans, which still fit thanks to Bella Band) are my go-to outfit. I'm going to attempt to stay away from maternity clothes for as long as possible because honestly, I just find them to be too expensive for how boring they generally are. Though I have a feeling I'll be picking up some basic maternity tanks and tees eventually. I've worn that tank + skirt combo above more than twice this week. 

Last week at the commissary, the bagger who helped me out to my car tentatively asked if I was "in child." She excitedly told me that it's a boy and I'm going to be an amaaazing mother. She was cute. I'm stunned though at the amount of unsolicited advice and opinions that I've gotten since announcing our pregnancy.  Apparently it just gets worse, so I'm praying for patience and thicker skin to come along with this baby! 

I've also been praying for peace as our plans for this spring/summer/next few years are still up in the air. Thinking about all we have to do between now and our move is stressing me out and I feel like the time is going to zip by before I can plan for this child at all! Hopefully we'll get orders this week so that we can start making more solid plans. Prayers are oh-so-appreciated, friends! 


Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Chris and I took advantage of the long weekend to get away for a bit. We pulled out our backpacking gear and hit the trail. It was so good to escape the craziness of twitter, email, tv, etc. and just focus on each other and the gorgeous rainforest around us. We fell asleep at night to the gurgling of the stream beside us and the rain pouring on our tent. I ate a whole can of clam chowder soup and half a loaf of french bread for dinner and then we indulged in some hot chocolate for breakfast the next morning. Backpacking with Chris is one of my favorite things in the world to do. He was patient with me as I huffed and puffed (I'm amazed how quickly I tire these days!) and when I stopped every 5 minutes to snap pictures. We reminisced on our backpacking adventures as newlyweds and daydreamed about taking our little ones along with us in the years to come.

I'm in love.

With my husband.

With Hawaii.

With our life.

With our baby.


Friday, February 17, 2012

it's the little things:: stripey straws & acting like a kid

Little things for the week:: 

a happy arrangement of striped straws on the coffee table

coloring pictures for the neighborhood kids (and feeling like kids ourselves)

talking about baby names & eagerly awaiting our gender reveal! 

popping packaging from my latest shipment of canvases

not pictured:: 

listening to the pouring rain outside 

buying new bras and finally getting the right size (for now!!). Ah, relief. 

a three day weekend up ahead! 

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hello hue giveaway winner (and a special offer!)

Hey hey! Are you ready to find out the winner of the round 8" dahlia painting?! 

Ok, this has never happened to me before, but chose commenter #1! (And good thing too, because there were over 300 entries and I'm sure glad I didn't have to count 280 comments!) 

And the winner is... 

Congrats, girl! Email me! 

Didn't win but still in love with this pretty painting? 

I'm offering it for a special reduced price for this weekend only-- so snag it while you can! 

Click here to head over to the SALE section of my shop to see the Dahlia painting as well as other paintings that are now on saaaale! 

Meet me back here tomorrow for the Little Things linkup. ;) 


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

how we ended up eating fast food for valentine's day.

Warning. You're about to read a Valentine's Day recap. But I promise that it's kinda funny. And there's a twist. Er, actually, two twists.

Yesterday was our first Valentine's Day together as a married couple. Chris was deployed for the past two Valentine's Day. In fact, this is our first winter/spring spent together as husband and wife, and we're loving it. Valentine's Day is not normally a day I really hold in high regard. But being that it was our first together and our last as just the two of us, I was excited about it. 

But I didn't mention anything to Chris about doing anything to celebrate. I had a feeling he had something up his sleeve and just let him do his thing. My guy knows that I love surprises. 

The first surprise of the evening was a gorgeous pot of orchids. I'm probably going to kill them, but for now, they make me smile. No roses for this girl, please.

5pm. We set off in the car together, just happy to be together and excited for a dinner out on the town. I was looking pretty cute (I tweeted a picture of my outfit here) and he, as always was dashing. 

5:45pm After horrendous traffic, Chris told me where we were going because he needed help navigating the horrendous traffic. 

6:05pm We arrived at one of our favorite Eurasian tapas restaurants, Horoshi's. I was excited for the bacon wrapped shrimp and hoped they would let us open the bottle of sparkling cider we'd brought in lieu of their extensive wine list. 

I was also just about DYING because I was so hungry and almost demanded (er, requested) some bread for the pregnant lady before we even sat down.

6:10pm We sat down and were greeted with a single sheet of pale pink paper. The menu for the night. Ugh, a fixed menu. Not only that, but none of our favorites were on it and most of the stuff I was not about to eat. AND it cost almost $70 a person. I looked at Chris and said "We can't eat here. Not tonight". 

6:15pm He nodded his head and we stood up and walked out. 

6:30pm Then we drove around for another 20 minutes trying to decide where to eat. We knew every restaurant would be booked though and most had a fixed menu anyway. 

6:31pm  I'm absolutely ravenous now. But we're kind of cracking up at how silly this night is turning out to be.

6:49pm We drive back towards our favorite bbq/southern restaurant that is *not* the sort of place you dress up for. I felt completely silly walking up to the guy in Mardi Gras beads to put in our name. 

7:00pm Chris pulls the car around and tells me he can't find a parking spot. Let's go. 

7:03pm Plan C. Burger King! 

We scarfed down our Burger King at the kitchen table in pj's and then watched some tv curled up on the couch. 

And you know what? It was pretty much the best Valentine's night ever. Though I'm sure it will be a LONG time before Chris tries to plan a surprise date again...


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

downtown annapolis photo shoot:: part three!

Since today is Valentine's Day, I thought it'd be fun to show you the last photos from our photo shoot in downtown Annapolis. These are my very favorite! I love how they show our relationship-- a lot of silly with a bit of serious thrown in. Love that man. 

Oh, and these are pre-pregnancy, so no looking for a baby bump. ;)

For parts one and two of our downtown Annapolis photoshoot, click here and here. 

Thank you Stacey for all your super-fabulous work! Love you!


Monday, February 13, 2012

aloha style:: i like 'hue' i am.

cardigan:: {little sister's closet... again. ;)}
tank:: {target}
skirt:: {bought in a market in Mexico}
wedges:: {target}

When I got dressed on Sunday morning, I originally had a cream colored cardigan on. Then I took it off and slipped on this lavender one. I walked out to the living room and asked Chris, "Is this too crazy? Should I wear the other cardigan??"

His reply:: "Lindsay, your blog is called Hello Hue. Color is just "hue" you are. You look cute!" 

Yes, he actually threw in that pun there. My husband is the pun king. 

It's kinda true though. I feel most "me" when I'm wearing bright, happy color. Even if someone else might not have chosen these colors. And lately, I've felt more confident than ever. I think it probably has to do with the fact that I'm just in awe of what my body is doing to grow this baby and so thankful that it's actually working the way it's supposed to. I feel beautiful (Chris is doing a great job of making me feel this way too!) and honestly love watching my body change. 

And woah, my belly is out there this week. Things are definitely a'changing. 

When do YOU feel most confident?