Wednesday, January 4, 2012

aloha style:: can I get a shovel for this popcorn??

earrings (which, sadly you can't see in any pics):: {allorahandmade}
blazer:: {quiksilver}
floral blouse:: {old navy}
jeans:: {forever 21}
flats:: {rocket dog/macy's}

First of all, I don't really know what to write for my outfit posts lately, besides, "Look! I put on clothes the other day!" Yes, aren't you so proud of me, Mom? I'll tell you this-- I wore this outfit to the movies (Sherlock Holmes, to be specific. 'Twas entertaining.) the other day, which was kind of a dumb move on my part, considering that I usually spend a good portion of the movies ferociously shoveling buttery popcorn into my mouth. (The popcorn is honestly the #1 reason I get excited when Chris asks me to the movies. Numero dos is the Coke slushie.)  And for the record, a good amount of that popcorn ends up leaving greasy evidence on my shirt. Thank goodness that busy pattern hides those stains, right?? Ha. 

So, style advice for you today-- make sure that if you wear your new favorite shirt to the movies and it's a possibility (er, probability) that you'll spill popcorn all over yourself-- that it's a busy pattern. Or just be smart and wear your old college tee that already has rips and stains on it. 

PS. Got a haircut. Oh goodness, it was badly needed. Bonus points to Chris for noticing right away. 



  1. I almost bought that shirt at Old Navy the other day. Now I'm regretting the decision to not get it. It looks adorable on you. I am seriously in love with pairing it with the blazer.

  2. Popcorn and a Coke slushie... my heaven!

  3. Mmmm popcorn and Coke slushie... you are speaking my language!

  4. Love this look! The blazer is both classy & casual. May have to hunt one down.

  5. Super cute outfit! LOL to the movie popcorn! :P

  6. Love this outfit!! now i wanna go buy a cute blazer! your hair looks great, too!

  7. Cute shoes, and I love going to the movies for the popcorn too. :-) Loved Robert Downey Jr. in that movie, he did such a good job.

  8. you are so adorable. I am in love with your blazer and new hair-do. very cute on you!

    it looks SO warm where you are I'm completely jealous.


  9. fab outfit! the top its adorable xo

    C |

  10. Your cut is adorable, so fresh! And great outfit too! Happy new year!

  11. Aw, loving the haircut and post! It's casually beautiful!

    That popcorn.
    Really gets you in trouble.
    Do you get the bucket? I definitely do.. .hahaha The free refills and just too hard to pass up!

  12. I love your outfit posts! This was a hysterical one as far as the story as well! I always leave feeling like I'm wearing butter pants!

    Your hair is gorgeous, by the way! Absolutely gorgeous!

  13. What a cute look! I love all the colors of your top :) And am I the last person on the planet to still not have a blazer?! Lol :)


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