Friday, December 2, 2011

it's the little things: grasshopper tea & tree hugging

Happy Friday!! This week seemed to fly by to me. I've been really busy getting orders out and finishing up some custom artwork. Can't wait to show some of my latest custom pieces to you next week! :)

This season is packed full of gratitude for the little things. Thanks for joining me each week-- I'm thankful for a place to record them and love sharing them with you every Friday! So here are my little things for the week. 

... grasshopper tea in my new Anthropologie initial mug. I brew some hot peppermint tea and throw in a spoonful of Trader Joe's sipping chocolate. YUM. 

... the conquest for the perfect tree {and um, hugging it when we find it!}. Tonight we get to dress it up pretty while watching It's a Wonderful Life, my very favorite Christmas movie. Cannot wait!

... I love looking up at my inspiration board that hangs above my desk and seeing pretty prints, business cards and encouragement from some of my favorite people. I realized that most of the prints and artwork in my studio has been gifted to me by sweet, creative friends. That makes me feel so loved.

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  1. I dont drink too much coffee but for some reason i LOVE coffee cups!!

  2. Cute cups and I love your inspiration boards...especially the she believed she could, so she did! Totally need to get a print like that!

    Looking forward to linking up next week when I'm done with my blogging break!

  3. ha-i'm addicted to coffee mugs too.
    i hope we go shopping for a christmas tree this week- it will be our first!

  4. I *adore* inspiration boards!!! Jen and I have so much we want to do with our bedroom slash office slash living room. :P An inspiration board above my desk and possibly hers is definitely on there!!!

  5. Did y'all match on purpose? and love your 31 bits necklace! :)

  6. I have a major coffee mug addiction... probably because I worked at a coffee shop for 5 years ;-)

  7. hot peppermint tea and chocolate sounds perfect! im drinking a chai latte with a peppermint stick and marshmallows right now!! hahaha :) can't wait for my custom painting!!

  8. Loved watching Chris embrace the tree, your Dad was always SO happy when we found ours too.. ha! He knew there were no more tree lots to visit, just take it home and put it up. Except of course the year we took one back after putting it up....

  9. I LOVE those Anthro mugs! I ordered a bunch to give as gifts w/ some little knit mug warmers from Etsy :)

  10. apparently those anthro mugs are a hit! they made it in another 'little things' post!!

  11. I linked up an hour before closing this week but I did it! :)

    I love your mug! I may have to make the long distance trip to our nearest Anthro to check these out. They look so adorable!
    And I envy you a real tree! Ours is fake and pre-lit but holds up to our dog well. I think maybe it is the amazing smell I miss the most :)
    I hope you have a wonderful week!


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