Monday, December 5, 2011

aloha style:: surf hair, the color wheel & my kelly moore bag review!

dress:: {shopruche}
cardigan:: {my sister's closet, literally, not like a store, really her closet}
necklace:: {yellow owl workshop}
shoes:: {payless}
camera bag:: {kelly moore}

I got my Kelly Moore gray Posey camera bag in the mail a few days before we left for our Maryland trip. It was perfect timing and I got to really test it out as I carried it around the streets of downtown Annapolis, and to and from our families' houses. I thought I'd give you guys a short review. When I was searching for that perfect camera bag, I browsed for hours, days, even reading reviews and trying to decide which to get. So hopefully this is helpful for you! 

You may remember that I originally decided on an Epiphanie bag. The mustard yellow Lyric bag, to be exact. The reason I returned that bag is because the quality was not what I expected for the price I paid. If you'd like to know more about that, feel free to email me and I'll tell you more in detail! 

So, onto my Kelly Moore Posey bag! I chose the gray color because I realize that I wear a lot of color (um, duh) and wanted something that wouldn't compete with my wardrobe. The gray is a really gorgeous hue and goes well with anything. 

I love the quality and am so impressed with everything from the stitching, the hardware (I like the brushed nickel look) and the faux leather has a smooth, buttery feel to it (not plastic-y at all). You can wear the bag several ways, but the way I'm wearing it above is how I most often use it. You can also put the flaps up or take the shoulder strap off for different looks/functions. 

A few things to think about-- this bag is very small. I believe it's Kelly's smallest model. I can fit my camera (and bulky strap), phone, one extra lens and a small wallet. I actually had to switch wallets because my old one wouldn't fit. Now I use a slim MadebyHank clutch (above) and that works great, but if your wallet is bulky, it probably won't work. There is a section of the Kelly Moore bag made specifically to be use as a wallet (with credit card slots, etc) but I prefer to use a separate wallet. (How many times can one write "wallet" in a paragraph??)

I also wish that it had a shorter strap as well to use under my arm. I'd really love that diversity as I don't always prefer to carry it as a messenger bag. But it's one of those things that I knew before buying it, so it's not a complaint, just something to think about.

Overall, I'd highly recommend this bag. I love the design, the quality and function and I'm so glad that I ended up with my Posey bag! 

(fyi. Looks like Kelly isn't selling this design anymore. But she has a similar design called the Posey 2!)

Do you have a camera bag that you love? Or do you still toss that camera in the bottom of your purse? (That was me until a month ago!) 

PS. That color wheel necklace is my absolute favorite accessory these days. I feel like it's so "me". 

PPS. Crazy thick surf hair is fun. Surfing is more fun. And surfing with my hubby is the funnest. ;)



  1. I love your outfit. Those colors look great together! I have been looking at the Posey 2 bag for a little while so I am glad you reviewed it (or at least a similar bag)! I think I will be moving closer to the top of my Christmas list now. :)

  2. YOUR HAIR IS SO CUTE! As is this entire outfit. I'm so, so jealous over your necklace. :D

  3. I love your outfit! The colors are so bright and pretty :) I have been looking at getting a Kelly Moore bag for awhile and your review just makes me want one all the more!

  4. My hair would never look that pretty outside by the water... it'd be a frizzy mess! I'm mucho jealous!

  5. love everything in this post, the necklace, the MBH bag, the camera bag, and YOU!!!!!!! :D

  6. love the color combo. love that bag!

    currently, im tossing the camera (gently) to the bottom of my purse (a made by hank purse-- swoon) but I'm asking for a jototes bag for xmas. (here's hoping!!)

    also, that necklace is SO you

  7. I especially love those shoes! Adorable. :)

  8. Love they bag. Adore the necklace. I'm just published my Christmas list and the teal B-Boho bag is at the top! :)

  9. the colours are beautiful together...the dress is so pretty!

  10. Here in Nashville there is a store called My Sister's Closet. They sell designer consignments.

  11. I have been wanting a camera bag for a while! This is good to know, about the other bag. I had considered them as well. Thanks!

  12. i LOVE your necklace! super cute. i swear by the color wheel :]

  13. You are the cutest. Totally dig your hair! :]


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