Saturday, November 19, 2011

you're invited! aisle to aloha meetup!

Hi friends! I'm so stoked to host my very first Aisle to Aloha meetup in just three weeks! I'm looking forward to meeting some of my local readers and fellow Oahu bloggers! Don't be shy-- please email me if you're interested! No need to have a blog, either-- readers and bloggers alike are welcome. (Kiddos are welcome too-- there's lots of room at the park for them to run around!) 

 And for those of you not on the island, I so wish you could join me! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures though, but I'm sure you figured that. ;) 

I've put together this little inspiration board as I'm planning for the meetup. Don't you love the dreamy photos and creative touches?? 

Hope to see you there!

Sources, left to right, from the top::




  1. *sigh*
    If only Hawaii was Australia.... I would be there in a flash! Sounds absolutely wonderful... :)

  2. I sooooo wish I lived nearby... i would bring key lime pies in a jar to a picnic in the park :)

  3. this looks so fun, have a great time planning!

  4. wish i lived in hawaii! it's sure to be beautiful!

  5. really kicking myself for not living in Hawaii right now girl!! Have so much fun!!

  6. I would so meet up if I lived in Hawaii!

  7. How fun!!! If only I was in Hawaii. I'd go for sure.

  8. Can i get more info please?


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