Tuesday, November 29, 2011

that time i knocked my front tooth out... and other stories about me.

I'm writing a frequently asked question page for the blog and it had me thinking about the things you guys may or may not know about me. I thought of some pretty random things and thought I'd share. Cuz you know, you guys all have time to sit and read about me all day. Pfft.

Well, I'm writing them anyway. For, you know, posterity.

 In college, I tried out for the accapela group on campus. I got called back and lost the gig after auditioning with others to the song "Hallelujah"... it still makes me think of that experience (and I shake my fist in bitterness) every time I hear that song.

At age 7, I knocked my front adult tooth out in a nasty fall down the stairs (I was trying to "rock climb" on the banister".) I still have issues with that tooth and have to go get it checked out soon. 

I was a spelling bee extraordinaire in elementary school. I made it to the regional level and still play a mean game of Scrabble thanks to those scores. 

i've read water for elephants three times and have yet to see the movie. Chris and I plan on having a dinner of popcorn and corndogs (ie. circus food) when it finally comes to redbox this week. 

i speak (or used to speak) fluent spanish.When I lived in Mexico, I used to speak it 95% of the time. It scares me everytime I tell someone that because I'm afraid they'll ask me to speak with them and I'll look like an idiot.

When I was 11, a bug stung my eyelid and it puffed up. My cruel oldest sister and my mom called me Quasimodo for days.

I'm like that little girl in the movie, Signs. I leave partly empty (partly full?) glasses of water all around the house.

My favorite letter to write is a lowercase "L". My least favorite is a "y" or a "g".

I once had really long hair. See it here. Chris misses it.

Okay, this was kind of an egocentric post... enough about me, already. I know you have some eccentricities and embarrassing stories-- care to share? Tell me something random about yourself.

Oh, and while you're on that comment form, got any questions for me that you think should be included in my faq page?



  1. Isn't it funny when people say they miss your long hair? I have friends that rave about when my hair was long. Ugh, but it is such a PAIN. I much prefer my short 'do.

    And I got stung on the eyelid once, so I absolutely feel your pain =-(

  2. Interesting stuff! :-) Oh, and I read Water for Elephants, and watched the movie a few weeks ago (on Itunes)...will be interested to see what you think. Don't want to tell you my thoughts yet as I wouldn't want to affect your expectations. {in either a good OR bad way}

  3. currently reading the hunchback of notre dame and pretty sure you couldn't have looked anything like quasimodo :)

    favorite foods?

  4. I'm so lucky I can imagine what you looked like climbing your banister when you reenacted it for me. haha Something interesting about me: I can't remember the last time I shaved my legs. Actually, it was probably before I visited you...

  5. When I was a senior in high school I cracked my skull when an ironing board fell out of the hall closet. The full description plays out like a "Tom and Jerry" cartoon.

    I still have the scar.

    {Random. For sure.}

  6. Wow! Your hair WAS really long! You can totally rock the short 'do, though :)

    My least favorite cursive letter to write is the lowercase r.

    Other random facts: 1) I'm getting my first professional massage today, 2) I'm horrible at keeping my blog updated.

  7. I love your short hair!

    I tore my acl jumping a fence in high school. I played 3 sports and was never injured during actual sporting events, just jumping that fence.

  8. I love your short hair...I use to have really long hair too. Short is so much easier!

  9. Did you watch the show the sing off? It was all acapella groups and was amazing. Too bad about your tryouts. :-( I was in an audition only ensemble in college for only a semester. I had to drop out because of a sickness. :-(

    I loved spelling bees too!! I made it to a state level. And placed 11th or 13th in it lol I cried that I didn't get top ten.

    Where would you like to move to next when it's time to transfer? :-)

  10. Looove Scrabble! My sister & my husband refuse to play with me because they don't want to lose... ;)

  11. You look completely different with long hair!!! I am so used to you in your cute little bob!! :)
    I love writing a lowercase f. Favorite!! :)

  12. that is soo crazy you still have issues with your tooth! :( hope you get it fixed soon girl!

    and i looooved spelling when i was younger!!!

  13. Thanks for sharing! Hallelujah is a wonderful song!

  14. I kinda like your short hair better :). I was an excellent speller in elementary school as well! Random thing about me: I'm picky about what water I drink - I swear I can taste the difference between brands!

  15. I totally leave water in my glasses too. Drew always says, "Does it have amoebas in it?"

  16. I love learning a little bit more about you! I can't really think of anything to add to your FAQs :(

    Something that's a little eccentric about me is that smells drive me crazy. if i feel like there is a funny smell i have to found out what it is and why. i seriously can't function until i make the smell go away. i drive the bf crazy about it. Also I vacuum everyday... but i assume most people do. haha, maybe i'm just a little OCD :)

  17. Thanks for sharing! I also leave half full glasses of water around the house. I tried to justify it when Signs came out, but Hubby is not buying it. I sprained my ankle on a field trip to the Baltimore Art museum because a marble wall fell on me, and I am currently convinced that my 8 month old, who just started with separation anxiety, will now never grow out of it. Oh, and I hate writing lowercase letter j's!

  18. gawsh! you're so cute! love your hair. really i do. and i'm a teensy bit jealous of where you live. : ) i made it to the spelling bee nat'ls, too! although i'm certain i lost any and all spelling smarts thanks to auto correct.

  19. not ego-centric at all! I love knowing about bloggers and wanted to know more-- like why did you live in mexico?

    why do you leave empty glasses of water everywhere-- just because you forget them?

    do you still sing?

    also. my most embarrassing moment: when I clogged the toilet at my husband's parents house... the second time I visited them! (we were still dating at the time...) um yeah talk about bonding while mopping up toilet water....

  20. My Rob is a lot like you and the girl from Signs - there are water glasses in various states of completion all over our house!

  21. I suck my two fingers... im 27. I guess there is no quitting now. lol

  22. I have chipped two teeth! Glad to know I'm in good company. The first was a tragic accident with an exercise bike at age 7 :) The second was when a girl threw nail polish at my face in fifth grade. Chipped one and killed the other, so now I have a grey tooth. HA. Thanks for sharing!

  23. I missed out on the acapella group on our tryout with a Kelly Clarkson song haha.

    And I need to finish Water for Elephants! I've started it twice... but then got caught up in the Hunger Games.

    And I used to really not like writing capital J's in cursive but I think I've gotten over it.

    Cute post!


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