Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friends! This is one of my favorite holidays-- no hype, no commercialization, just friends, family, gratitude and tons of food.

Chris and I took a few minutes to think about the things (big and small) that we are thankful for.

grace. hawaiian sunsets. bike rides. amazing family. smart phones. the jubilant look on Chris' face after he gets in from surfing. being a part of the handmade community. bacon pizza. the color yellow. use of all my senses. my blog readers. a Jesus-loving church. warm, clean laundry. geckos (they eat the bugs). our hawaii ohana. catching the perfect wave. my hunky husband who makes me laugh and loves me so well. having my own studio space to create in. coral nail polish.

Lindsay. the sunlight at dawn. my bicycle. warm ocean water in November and through the winter. my sailboat and all my family who pulled it up off the bottom of the river when it sank this fall. my new running shoes. waves. my herb garden (Chris insists on calling it his farm...). full moons to go surfing at midnight. friends who can put up with me. my Jeep passing the safety inspection. airplanes and that they allow us to go home to see family. experimental cooking with Lindsay. our awesome pots and pans. ocean breezes. my new job. coffee to wake me up. 

Enjoy your day with family and friends! Take some time away from the computer and unplug. See you on Monday! 



  1. A huge happy Thanksgiving to you Lindsay! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, have a wonderful weekend!

  3. aw, i love that Chris wanted to get in on the thankful action with you! he's such a special guy...i hope my future hubs & my relationship is like yours!
    happy turkey day, girl. i'm thankful for you & my other bloggy friends :)

  4. These are all fabulous things to be thankful for. Happy (late) Thanksgiving my dear!


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