Monday, November 28, 2011

aloha style:: how I use shoes to trick myself.

plumeria in my hair:: {c/o the tree across the street}
sheer top:: {nordstrom rack}
under tank:: {f21}
belt:: {f21}
shorts:: {target}
bracelets:: {aloha swap meet, gifts}
shoes:: {c/o blowfish shoes}

Girls, I'm gonna be honest with you. I never really got the shoe obsession thing. Just, ya know, didn't get it. Until now. I am in love with my Hortons. They're so comfy, I even wear them in the Hawaii heat (and around the house sometimes too!) , which is saying a lot for this girl who usually walks around without shoes most of the year. (Plus, they have the same name as Dr. Seuss's Horton the Elephant, who might just be my very favorite cartoon character.)

You know another thing I love. Hawaii rain. Or any rain, really. It's been a bit rainy and windy and chilly this week and I'm loving it! (Except on Saturday when we were expecting a hot beach day and we got a chilly, wet one. Oh well.) I'm a seasons girl, so any change in the weather makes me really happy. To wear jeans in the evenings without them sticking to your legs-- heavenly. To snuggle up on the lanai in the middle of the afternoon with a blanket and a book-- so delightful. Taking inspirational walks in a light drizzle-- mmm. 

Which I guess is another reason I love those booties so much. They make me feel like I can hold on to a small semblance of seasonal wardrobe change. I can sort of trick myself into pretending it's winter-time. Kinda? Maybe? Maybe not in shorts... Hey, sometimes you just have to take what you can get. 

And let's not even talk about the difficulties of getting into the Christmas spirit when it's 80 degrees out. That's a tough one. But I'm working on it. ;) 

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Psstt.. if you're in the market for some new shoes, Blowfish is having a 25% off sale today for Cyber Monday! Now's your chance to snag some super cute kicks! 



  1. soooo cute! i'm totally digging those hortons, too!

  2. I never really understood shoe obsessions either, but I too love those boots and the boots I got from Blowfish last year! Very versatile. Beautiful pictures as always.

  3. Cute outfit!

    I'm not the biggest fan of shoes either...I rather just be barefoot or in flip flops, but I do like boots in the winter...if I have to go out, that is! Inside its barefoot!

  4. i feel your weather pain...North Carolina CANNOT figure out that its December. i'm wearing carpri and a long flowy tee with the windows open. grrr. ;)
    you look amazing, as always!

  5. Love love love!
    Glad you can still have a little bit of Fall in the midst of a tropical paradise known as Hawaii :)

    I've been wanting a pair of blowfish shoes for awhile!

  6. Very cute :) Love these photos!


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