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[what i've learned} Twitter (and a FREE e-book for you!)

It's been a little while since my last {what i've learned} post. I'm enjoying sharing the things I've learned over the past few years as a blogger and handmade shop owner.

{You can find the previous posts on blogging and blog commenting here.}

Today we're talking about Twitter. If you've been reading Aisle to Aloha long enough, you've probably caught on that I am an out-and-out Twitter junkie. It wasn't always this way. I resisted Twitter for a very long time. I thought it was pointless and just another social media outlet that I didn't need to waste my time with.

But as is the case more often than I'd like to admit, I was wrong. Besides the inspirational people I meet every day and real friends that I have made, I have had the chance to connect with companies I admire, and have had great opportunities to promote my blog and shop through Twitter.

I'm excited to introduce something really awesome to you today. I've teamed together with five other incredibly inspiring and talented women to bring you a  FREE e-book called "How to Make Your Business Shine with Twitter." It's chock full of tips and advice on making the most of Twitter for your business or blog!

 Keep reading to hear my own list of things I've learned about Twitter and then click over to the e-book to gather even more in-depth ideas on making the most of this useful tool!

{Put a face to the name}

When choosing your Twitter avatar (picture), it may be tempting to display your logo or a picture of your cat. I say keep that logo for your business cards (and the cat for um, your cat blog?) and show your face! I'm about 95% more likely to be interested in getting to know someone when I see their cute face smiling at me from that Twitter feed.

{Build relationships first, promote second}

Even though Twitter is a fabulous promotional tool and it's one of my top referrers for both my blog and shop, it would be pretty useless for me if I only posted links and didn't build relationships first. Look for people that share the same interests as you, bloggers that you admire, people that your friends are talking to. Follow them, tweet back to them, have conversations.

I try to always introduce myself when I start following someone. I know that I love meeting new followers and it's not so creepy that way. :)

Forget the auto-DMs (direct, or private messages) and the "follow me please"'s and stick to authentic and real-time interaction with your followers and those you follow.

In the midst of creating those relationships, you can create hype for your product. Learn more about creating hype for your product in my chapter of the e-book!

{Keep it real-- to a point}

I know your life isn't always rainbows and sunshine. Mine isn't either. Most of the time, the people I connect with most are those that keep it real. I don't like seeing someone disappointed or frustrated, but when someone can share those weak points in their day, I connect with them as a person and not just as a Twitter avatar. (Plus, you never know when someone might have an answer to your problem or even offer to pray for you when you need it most!)

This needs a balance though. I tend to shy away from those tweeters that only spout negativity. The point is to be genuine. Don't feel like your life needs to be perfect to appeal to followers, readers, etc. We all know that you've got crackers under the couch and laundry piling up.

In our e-book, Danielle says, "It’s easier and more meaningful to connect with an actual human than with a milk carton, or something that acts like one." You speak the truth, sister. 

{Check yo'self before you wreck yo'self}

I'll be honest and say that is really easy to get sucked into Twitter (or, um, any social media, really.). There are days when I feel glued to my phone and computer, because my friends are on Twitter, or I need to make those connections, or whatever. It is great to really be involved and connected. But I find that when I spend too much time online, I start to compare myself to others. And I feel uninspired and unproductive. There are days when I have to peeeeel myself away from the computer. On those days, I literally have to close my computer and hide my phone. It might not take something so drastic for you, but on the days when I'm feeling least inspired, I have to check myself and make sure that I'm spending enough time unplugged.

Want even more in depth tips and advice on using Twitter for your business? Below are the chapters you'll find in the e-book along with the inspiring women who authored them. Click their names to head over to their blogs and click HEEERE to hop over to the free e-book! It'll take you directly to the book and I promise it will be a worthwhile 10 minutes of reading time!

Making Connections that Stick 

The Importance of Being Earnest (Or Whatever Your Name Is) 

Why I Don't Use Twitter to Promote My Blog 

Creating Hype About Your Product 
by Lindsay Wilkins (that's me!)

Build Your Community by Partying: How to Join and Throw a Twitter Party

The Space-Twitter Time Continuum:How to Manage Your Tweeting Time

I'd love to hear what you have learned from Twitter! Are you a tweeter? Have you beem hesitant to join like I was? Share with me in the comments and let me know your thoughts on the e-book as well!

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  1. thank you for such great advice!

    I have a love-hate relationship with twitter... I'll avoid it for days, but then only to get sucked right back in.

    I completely agree about the inspirational aspect of it though! Sometimes its exactly what I need for a swift butt kick to get myself going.

    thanks again!

  2. Thanks for the insight!

    I do focus on the positives in Twitter but definitely recognize the negatives. I find Twitter as an asset honestly, especially in the field I'm trying to pursue a major in (public relations!) so media outlets like Twitter are super important and honestly it's where I get a lot of news/etc.

    I think there are more positives than negatives. Just like anything else, there are some guidelines that some people just don't follow (like being courteous on Twitter, etc.)

    But without Twitter or blogging or any social media I wouldn't be able to follow inspiring bloggers like you!

    - Melissa

  3. I'm on twitter...but I actually don't tweet very often. I tend to answer the people that I follow. I tweet off and on during the day. I try to be uplifting with my tweets. Great insight!

  4. Thanks for the tips, I'll have to download the ebook. I want to get into Twitter, I really do. I am on there, and have been for sometime. Perhaps I don't spend enough time on there? But it seems as though people already have relationships with people on Twitter, so to begin a new one seems like it would be tough. There are a few times I have replied to bloggers that I admire, etc. and don't hear anything back. So I get discouraged and decide Twitter isn't for me. Maybe the Ebook will help...

  5. Great advice! I'm slowly but surely getting into the blogger world and even though I've had a twitter account for a year, I still can't manage to love it yet! I'm a Facebook junkie. You've inspired me to work on the twittering, though!

  6. I l-o-v-e Twitter. I've made so many friends because a simple hello. And than I check out their blog, follow them, check out their store, see them talking to a friend of theirs, check out her twitter, if I like what I see I follow her, etc., etc.

    Twitter is my favorite social media outside of blogging!!!

    I also love the "recommendations" section and have found some of my best bloggy buddies 'cause of it!

  7. I've learned a lot through Twitter and agree with your suggestions. The personal connection is very important. Great post, Lindsay!

  8. These are such priceless tips!! I've been thinking of the first one especially: I only have a little blog, but I've been trying to figure out what I want to include on a little ad that I put on others' blogs. When I look over the ads already on people's blogs... I always find that I am much more likely to click on an ad with someone's face on it - even if it's a "why's she making that stupid duck face?" sorta picture, which is kinda weird, but is a testimony to the power of a face over a logo!

  9. This is exactly what I've been needing! I'm getting ready to launch my small business and I've found it hard to find a balance on twitter between making connections and spreading the word about my business.

    As a natural introvert, I struggle with twitter and reaching out to people. I try to push myself a little bit more each day though and every day I get more comfortable. I'm definitely going to get started on the ebook though, I need all the help I can get!

  10. I like what you have to say about keeping it real. And honestly, I think the best thing about that is that maybe someone who's in the same situation will see what you have to say and give you a different viewpoint. You never know!

  11. I really loved this post about Twitter, Lindsay!

    I resisted Twitter for a long time as well, because I didn't see how I would be able to benefit from it... I couldn't access Twitter from work (and didn't have a smartphone) and it seemed pointless to come home at night and scroll through hundreds of tweets that were posted throughout the day... now that I have my beloved iPhone, Twitter has earned a completely new place in my daily life, because now I can interact in real time and that makes it so much easier to keep up with friends/bloggers!
    I love interacting with people that I know online and forming a day-to-day relationship with them.

  12. I do love twitter, for the personal interactions! I definitely promote my blog and shop too, but that's a secondary priority. I'm with you on keep it real, to a point. It bums me out when certain tweeters are constantly negative. I want to un-follow them but am afraid of the backlash!

  13. Such a great post! I tweet and was reluctant to start, but within a week I was Fox Small Business biz of the day on twitter! Whaaaat?! Yeah, I was hooked from there and have 'met' some wonderful friends and love the networking opportunities it has opened for me and my small biz. ;-)

  14. These are GREAT tips! Thanks for sharing this love!

  15. Awesome ideas!!
    Following from the creatives group :)


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