Thursday, October 27, 2011

it's the little things:: text messages & an extra egg

It's been one of those weeks that this series was created for. It's been a rough week, guys. The little things this week have meant more than ever.

... a really awesome neighbor who has quickly become a friend. And thankfully, she was there for me the other night when I was attempting eggs benedict, had the hollandaise all ready and then got ready to make the eggs and... didn't realize that Chris had hard-boiled the rest of the eggs the night before. My sweet neighbor, Nicole sent over some eggs and even included an extra "just in case".

 ... texting with my Dad. I haven't talked about my dad much on here, partly because it's so hard to put into words what this man means to him. It's safe to say he is one of my very favorite people on earth. Can't wait to hug him SOON!

... my new camera bag! Weird how something so "big" turns into a little thing during a week like this. But it definitely was something to make me smile! I love my Kelly Moore bag and can't wait to use it in Maryland! 

(If you're confused because you thought I bought an Epiphanie bag, you are correct. I sadly am returning that bag. More on all that in another post!)

Bonus little things::

... eating cupcakes with cream cheese frosting with my friend, Krynn and talking about life. 

... lots of wonderful tweets and cyber--hugs from sweet friends. 

... Chris surprised me with a trip to get Froyo last night! :) 

... homemade iced coffee with whipped cream and cinnamon.

Can't wait to see your posts this week! If you are new to Aisle to Aloha and linking up for the first time (or hey, even if it's your fifth!), make sure you say hello! I'd love to meet you! :) 

I'm taking a bloggy break the next two weeks, so the next linkup will be on November 18th!

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  1. I am so sorry you've had a rough week, but from the sound of everything, you are in extremely caring hands!

  2. such a great round up of little things. love the bag and love dads. :) and did you know i love ya? just had to throw that in there.

  3. I do so love your blog. :) And it sounds like you have such a wonderful little list of the little things. I might try to participate in this sometime soon, I think it would be something fun to try for my first link up!

    Enjoy your two weeks away from the blog!

    <3 Jenn

  4. Praying for you, Lady! Have fun on the mainland!

  5. I love your new bag!!! Glad you found one you love! Hooray for the little things :)

  6. You have managed to inspire me to pick up my DSLR camera. Well, not mine, it's my bf and I bought it for him 3 xmas's ago and he doesn't use it so I am going to babysit it.

  7. It's been a rough week for me too. Thanks for the reminder to appreciate the little things.

  8. I love your new camera bag! And your neighbor is so sweet! Have a wonderful weekend friend!

  9. Ooooh I love your new camera bag!

    I'm about to be living far from my parents... instead of just 2 and a half hours they'll be in Florida and I'll be here in Wisconsin. They drive me crazy sometimes but I feel like I'm going to be missing them a lot =-( So I can just imagine how you must miss your family!

  10. I love your little things. What sweet neighbors.

    p.s. I have been wanting the grey hobo bag forever now. Hope you like your posey!

  11. Love love the bag, and text messages with dads. I'm pretty fond of mine also :)

  12. Girl, I'm glad you were able to find a bag you loved so I didn't have to send you over all that bubble wrap ;)

  13. I'm so happy for you to be seeing your family soon! Sometimes it gets tough living far away from friends and family.

    After you've used your new bag for a few weeks, I'd love to hear what you think about it! :)

  14. Hi Lindsay, de-lurking to say "Hi" and tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate how real you are about your life! Thanks!

  15. Fantastic list! :) Just FYI, I added the permalink, but I can't figure out how to delete the first linK!!

  16. Two week break?! But I just found you! You're leaving already? ;]

  17. Hi, catching you from Zen & Living. I do a gratitude journal every Monday, but I figure gratitude is gratitude so I linked up! Thanks and have a safe trip!

  18. What a nice neighbor!


    p.s. Be sure to enter the giveaway on my blog before midnight tonight.


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