Thursday, October 13, 2011

it's the little things:: mint & burlap

It's Fridaaaaaay! Let the weekend commence! 

But first, some little things that have made me happy this week... 

... Chris and I started (again) growing herbs on our lanai. My favorite are the basil and mint plants. It makes me a little bit giddy to use the fresh basil in my homemade spaghetti sauce (like the big delicious pot I made this week!). 

I break off the mint leaves and pop them in my mouth and instantly I am transported to my grandparents' house . They had mint plants growing on their lanai and as kids, we'd always snack on the mint leaves as we ran in and out of the house with our cousins. I love how smells and tastes bring back sweet memories like that.

... Speaking of yummy basil, Chris and I have discovered the best pesto in the woooorld. The macnut pesto that we've been buying at the Haleiwa Farmer's Market is heaven in a jar. Especially when it's slathered on a warm butter garlic baguette bought at the market. 

... I actually did some creating this week that didn't involve paint and canvases! I updated our front door wreath for fall with some mustard yellow and brown felt rosettes, burlap rosettes and some branchy things. Made me realize how much I've missed doing projects around the house lately. 

How was your week, friend? I'm excited to see your little things! 

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  1. Awesome wreath! I have tried a few times unsuccessfully to make wreathes and love seeing what those talented enough to make them create! I keep practicing with hopes of one day making a pretty one!

  2. That wreath is totally beautiful! I need to make one!

  3. Gorgeous wreath! I love it. Yay for fresh herbs. There's nothing like them.

  4. Hi! This is my first time linking up :) Im also in Hawaii & a military wife. Im a new follower, so glad I found your blog.

  5. That wreath is just great, think I am going to have to figure out how to make one of those, and soon. Thanks for the link-up!

  6. That wreath is to die for!! SO cute! I can see that on pinterest being a number one pin in no time!

  7. Beautiful wreath!
    and I love foods/smells that transport you back to a specific time or place. Lovely.

  8. that macpesto or whatever it's called looked amazing. those are definitely the little things to appreciate. not like i can find that here anywhere i bet. your wreath is beautiful. happy weekend girlie.

  9. LOVE the wreath!!! Maybe you should put some in your shop! :)

  10. judging from the comments above me, i think you've heard this before...but, just had to say LOVE the wreath!! have a great weekend, thanks for the linky partay! :)

  11. First of all.... I WANT that pesto. It's pretty much my favorite thing in the world.

    SECOND....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make MORE of that wreath and sell them in your shop. I WANT one in the exact same colors. PLEASE. Wow, I'm ridiculous.


  12. Love that wreath! And I am hoping to start participating in this again next week once everything dies down a bit.

    YUM for pesto!

  13. Dang, I missed out linking up again this week :(
    But I love your wreath! Such pretty colors :)
    Pesto is the best. I love making it from scratch but pine nuts are crazy expensive here! What type of mint are you growing? We have a lavender mint plant and the thing has taken over our yard, lol


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