Monday, October 10, 2011

fresh paint:: bright, bold and beautiful customs

I've been working hard the past few weeks on custom orders for some really awesome customers! Today I get to show you just three of the pieces I've painted recently, with more to come later, for sure. 

Amy contacted me and wanted to commission an abstract with bold shapes and colors and some metallic gold paint. I always love working on abstracts because they are not my usual style and so I enjoy the challenge that comes with them. And I have to say, Amy's metallic gold suggestion led me to my obsession with it and the use of it in my fall paintings

I love how this one turned out and was sad to see it leave my studio but excited for Amy to receive it and hang it in her home! It might be kind of hard to see in these photos, but there's a lot of texture in the paint-- that's my favorite part. 

I did this painting below as a gift for my beautiful friend, Krynn on her birthday. She loves plaid, mustard yellow and is teaching herself to sew, so I threw together a custom Sew Cute Cutie for her. 

I'm kind of thinking that plaid needs to make an appearance in the shop soon- what do you think? ;)

You may have seen my Thailand-inspired Bloom paintings in the shop. Stacey wanted some in a bigger size (8x8) with some different, brighter color combos. So this is what she suggested and I think they turned out great! 

I have a few of the 6x6 Blooms in the shop now, with a few more colors coming out soon, hopefully! :) 

So, friend, are you working on anything fun this week?  



  1. Cute Blog! Love the colorful heading! I'm Olga, from Portland, OR. Nice to meet you! I am working on Plush Pumpkins this week! Its beginning to really feel like autumn here in Portland. I recently just came from Maui, and I know how it feels there for you!!


  2. OH my goodness I love the plaid. I also love the Thailand inspired blooms. They are so gorgeous! Honestly probably favorites I've ever seen you paint. Just love them so much!

  3. My sister is a major sewing fanatic she would love that sewing machine, the orange is beautiful and unique as well. :-)

  4. i loooove the custom sewing machine cutie - so fun! and those blooms - i love every singe color, girl!

    p.s. miss you!

  5. Love, love, love the blooms! I took advantage of Columbus Day and put some work into a quilt I've been meaning to get to. Felt so good to make progress!!

    Thanks for sharing all of the pretty colors!

  6. The sewing machine is tooo fabulous!
    A happy little thing to add to a studio ;)

  7. nothing tooo exciting over here. essays and all that jazz for school, you know. ha!

    i LOVE those bloom paintings! oh my i would give my left arm for that green one.

  8. Thank you for taking my vision and making it a reality-I can't wait to see the metallic gold and hang your beautiful work in my home! It was such a pleasure to work with you!!! This will definitely not be my last custom piece :)

  9. ohmygoodness linds! you are such an amazing talented woman...i can't get over it! :)

  10. this is so great. seriously. get it girrrl.

    - rach.

  11. Sigh.. that sewing machine painting is soooo cute! It would be oh so perfect in my home. :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  12. eeeeeee!! can't wait to see my customs!!!!! :D

  13. Hi,
    First, I admit to being a lurker. Second of all, your paintings are all super cute and I love the plaid background and I think you should do more cuties with plaid! I do think that a ruler would help make the lines look more crisp though :) Keep on being awesome.

  14. LOVE the sewing machine one!! And definitely love the colors!

  15. Love the plaid! SOOOOOO CUTE! Quite talented!


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