Monday, October 10, 2011

aloha style:: tiny painting around my neck

dress:: {spool 72}
cardi:: {target}
belt:: {target}
necklace:: { c/o heather kent art}
flats:: {bought in spain}
nail polish:: {mint sorbet by sally hansen}

I pulled these flats out from the back of my closet recently. I bought them while I was studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain during college and just slipping them on brings up so many memories of traipsing around the city, walking to school, to the internet cafe, to tutor my little Spanish friend, Lucia, across the bridge. I love owning pieces that are full of memories and hints of the past. 

When Heather emailed me and said she wanted to send me one of her gorgeous necklaces, I pretty much did a little wiggly dance in my chair. Each of her necklaces is a tiny hand-painted piece of art, with really intricate detail and vibrant color. I'm seriously in love with her entire shop. I really adore my flower poppy necklace-- the length is perfect and I was in awe at the detail that Heather puts into her pieces. I have a feeling that over the years, this is going to be one of those pieces in my jewelry box that is filled with memories. 

Heather also makes cuff-links, earrings and rings-- go ahead and try to choose a favorite! Betcha you can't. 

{yep, I received this necklace in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.}



  1. I just browsed her shop for a while. Her work is amazing! I'm definitely gonna need to order a necklace for myself :)

  2. poppies?! i need to check out this shop! and love that cardi and those flats - the colors are perfect!

  3. A LOT of your posts are clothes lately...I love the Hawaii life, personal, painting, and "little things" posts, but I feel like this is becoming a fashion blog!

  4. This outfit does NOTHING good for you. You'll probably get some "Are you pregnant" comments, because it just makes you look WIDE. Let's hope you're not pregnant, though. You're far too shelfish and self-centered to be a mom. Grow up a little first.

  5. I adore that necklace! I'm looking at her shop now - so cute!

  6. I love your outfit!!
    That cardigan is the perfect color!!
    And that necklace is just enchanting!!
    I am in awe of people that have such talent!!!

  7. I love her stuff, so pretty.

    P.S. There's a Le Mode Accessories going on today at my blog. Come check it out!

  8. I hate mean people!!

    You look great per usual. Love the color of those flats.

  9. You look guapa, chica! I remember there being so many fashionable shoes in the windows around Sevilla. I bought a pair of flats, too, but they did not agree with my feet, with all the walking we did!

    ps- what in the world do ppl accomplish by the ridiculous insults?? I just don't get it. you look great!

  10. Ooo...I love her stuff! It is hard to choose...but, if I could get any of her stuff I think I would choose her Robin Redbreast Pendant Necklace. I wrote a poem this year about Robins and they are near and dear to my heart.
    I can't splurge the money, but it is nice to look at her lovely work and admire it.

    Thanks for sharing (even though it was a trade off) so that we could find her lovely art work too.

    P.S. You look lovely! Pay no mind to the unkind comment that was left for you.
    Plus, you look like you are happy and enjoying the outfit that you are rocking which is what matters more than what any of us think.

  11. Cute necklace! Heading over to her shop to check her stuff!

  12. Thanks for the kind comments, friends! I really appreciate each one! I'm glad to hear you are loving Heather's artwork!

    Laura-- Thanks for your comment! My blog has evolved a lot since I first started. My interests change and the things I want to share change. It's not my goal to become a fashion blog but I do enjoy putting outfits together and sharing style posts. I'm glad you like my personal, Hawaii, etc. posts, so I hope you'll keep coming back for those but feel free to skip the style posts if you don't care for them. :)

  13. boo to mean people! you look great in this! i love mustard and grey together for anything and everything but especially clothes.

    also, i was trying to figure out who the heck you looked like and i finally figured it out. you could be my hair stylist's twin. which is a good thing, so no worries.

  14. Oh my goodness. What a cute necklace! I definitely have to go shop around and oooh and ahhh at the rest of her work!

    Furthermore, as someone who has been ready your blog for about a year and a half, I must say you are one of the most selfless people I "know". I am inspired by you on a daily basis, either in the art you create, the small business owners you supprt and give shout outs to (even if compensated), and the relationship you and your husband have. I get so irritated when people leave you rude comments, as no blogger deserves them, but for sure you are last on the list of people who should get them.

    Please pay no mind to the negative nancies up there!

  15. I love that necklace! I'm so glad you reviewed it. Also - very cute outfit. Mustard is such a fall color and I love how you've incorporated this into your outfit :)

  16. Have only recently been a follower of your blog but I love it. I love reading how you put outfits together and about your new art. Thanks for your honesty and vulnerability! I know that it can be tough to put yourself out there.

  17. love this outfit! i'm a sucker for anything mustard. i've been secretly admiring your paintings since you first started selling them, and have recently started reading your blog/following you on twitter... i love your outfit posts- i'm getting some great ideas :) and i have to add: your photography is absolutely breathtaking!

    i will never understand why people leave hurtful comments, it says a lot more about the commenter than you... keep up whatever you're doing- most of us (the ones that count) really love seeing/reading all of it!

  18. oh wow. you are beautiful matter what that commenter says!

  19. I love those flats...the plum with the mustard cardigan-- love those too contrasting together. I have some in a color similar to that and I love to pair them with a completely unexpected color like you did :)

    I say, you make your blog whatever you want it to be. Why we do we have be defined by any one category? life would be boring if we all stuck to one look, one opinion, one idea.... etc etc etc. So go with whatever you enjoy, share it and keep inspiring people the way you do my friend!

    .....and people can be so ugly. jealousy is just plain ugly, isn't it? ignore it.

  20. I just blogged about that nail polish on my 'its the little things' post!
    Love it soo much

  21. Lindsay! I love all of your outfits especially with cardigans and waist belts! Some of my favorite articles of clothing for sure!

    I have a blogger question! How is it that you get your photographs side-by-side? Is there a program you use or an online application? I'm trying to figure that out for my own blog that I just started. Thanks!

    Stephanie @ There's No Place Like Here

  22. This might be my very favorite outfit on you EVER!! The dress I LOVE, the sweater, the belt - and the flats pull it all together so nicely. The necklace is ADORABLE. Perfect outfit!

    Can't wait to see you SOON!!!

  23. Darling outfit! Thank you so much for the blurb - thrilled you like your necklace :)

  24. Wow! I love Heather's work! So glad you got to do a review of her shop. =) Thanks for the introduction.

  25. Love this outfit! I love a skinny belt around a long sweater and dress...A yellow sweater really brightens up a dress!- Jessica

  26. I love it, what a beautiful necklace! I'll have to check her out!

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