Thursday, October 20, 2011

aloha from a sponsor:: tag you're it jewelry!

Aloha lovely readers! Get ready to meet the incredibly sweet and creative mama behind Tag You're It Jewelry! Kelsey was kind enough to answer some questions for me and psst... she is even offering YOU an awesome discount on her gorgeous hand-stamped jewelry, so keep reading! 

A bit about Kelsey::
Aloha!  My name is Kelsey and I am a Jesus follower, wife, mommy, blogger, and small business owner.  I have been making handstamped jewelry with my sister for two years and love it!  Our days are usually pretty crazy while we try to hammer on pieces of silver in my living room in between errands, mealtime, playtime, and naptime (unfortunately only our kids get the naptime). 

What is the most sentimental piece of jewelry you've made to date? 
The necklace I wear around my neck everyday is the most sentimental to me.  Originally, it was just one round tag with a married monogram and the year my husband and I were married around the edge.  After my daughter was born last year, I added a rectangle tag with her name.  I decided a few months later to then add her birthdate on a square tag.  Then, I added her birthstone and a sterling heart.  I always tell people that I wear my family close to my heart.  I am sure as my family grows, my necklace will also grow until it will eventually look like Mr. T.  Then, I might design a new piece for myself.

As handmade shop owners, bloggers, women, people, we all face challenges that teach us valuable lessons. What is one challenge you've faced in your business and what has it taught you? 
I am fighting a daily battle with priorities.  I am SO grateful to be able to work from home while raising my one-year-old daughter.  However, there are days where I throw Delaney in front of Sesame Street with a handful of crackers so that I can work.  I realize that hours have passed while she spends the afternoon entertaining herself.  I will also find myself sitting on the floor to play with her, but then I pull out my phone and check emails even though it was supposed to be time with her.  I always get frustrated with myself at the end of days like that because I was so busy working on jewelry orders and I didn't spend quality time with her.  This is something that I am constantly working on and still haven't perfected.  Having your own business can be difficult because it is not like you clock out at 5:00 and don't return until the next day.  There are ALWAYS things that you could be doing, so sometimes I literally have to force myself to "unplug" and spend quality time with my family.

And lastly, what is your favorite color and what does it say about YOU?
My favorite color is royal blue and I think it has been blue since I was probably in second grade.  I think it means I am a pretty simple person, since it isn't something fabulous like jade or mustard yellow.  I would probably say that 4 out of 5 shirts in my closet are some shade of blue.  The color just makes me happy and most importantly, I think it looks great on everyone.

Hey guys, it's Lindsay again. Um, wow, do you relate with Kelsey's biggest challenge too? I can totally relate to that. Thanks for your transparency, Kelsey! 

Now, is her jewelry gorgeous or what? Want more of Kelsey??

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  1. Hi Kelsey! Nice to "meet" you!

    I can totally relate to your challenge. I find it difficult to completely disconnect from my work as well, and it wears away at me a bit.

    I think your jewelery is beautiful and I'll be checking your store!

    Also- Great interview Lindsay! :)


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