Thursday, September 8, 2011

handmade love:: new shops!

Aloooha friends! Happy Thursday! Are you ready for the end of the week to get here already?? It's been a weird week because Chris was home on Monday (woo!), then we had mini-church yesterday (when it's normally on Thursdays). So my days are all discombobulated. 

Anyway, below you'll find four gorgeous Etsy shops that are fairly new to the scene (or have low sales!). Click their banners to hop over to their shops and check them out! 

Just to liven it up a little (aka I'm a major nerd), I wrote a haiku for each shop. Ha.

 chevron pillow love. 
makes me want to travel far. 
blue and taupe are friends. 

fayruz paints magnets. 
They're street sellers from turkey. 
Fishies are my fave. 

meet studio miiip. 
wish I could read their listings. 
organic beauty. 

oana befort.
colorful watercolors.
inspiring me.

PS. Are you ready to link up for my very first Little Things link up party tomorrow? I've been taking pictures all week and I'm excited to show you the little things that made me smile this week, but even more excited to see your posts! I am planning on publishing at 6pm my time (midnight EST), so have your posts ready if you'd like to link up early. 



  1. NEEEEEERDD!! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH, IT'S RIDICULOUS. and no, i didn't accidently hit the CAP LOCK. i'm just a nerd. like you.

  2. aww love. thanks for sharing!!

  3. love the 2nd shop with magnets!

  4. and i googled the meaning for 'discombobulated', learned a new word today, haha :)

  5. just found your blog and love it!!!! new follower :)

  6. i'm with ya on the first two shops; beautiful stuff!

  7. Those pillows are gorgeous, especially the New York, London and Paris design! I love anything that involves London and Paris. Thanks for sharing!


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