Thursday, September 22, 2011

aloha from a sponsor:: bonhomie jewelry

Today, I'm happy to introduce you to Kirstie, the creator behind Bonhomie Jewelry! Kirstie makes beautiful handcrafted jewelry that is colorful, textural and has a rich organic feel. I especially love her enamel rings! Read more to get to know this creative girl more and check out a super awesome discount that you won't want to miss! 

Hi Kirstie! Introduce yourself to Aisle to Aloha readers!

Hey, all! I am so happy to be here! So, what can I tell you......everyday I strive to be a woman of grace and a blessing to my family. Any of y'all who already know me know that I'm going to say that I'm married to a wonderfully supportive, Godly man (it's true!!) and I'm mama to one little man who just started kindergarten this year. I'm a self-taught jewelry artist and I thank God daily for this unexpected talent.

Your jewelry is so unique and colorful! Which celebrity could you see
rocking your designs?

So funny you should ask, Lindsay! Seriously, every time I watch CSI:New York, I tell my husband that Sela Ward REALLY needs one of my charm necklaces - so totally her style! And my Couleurs collection (in my etsy shop, soon to migrate over to my charms site) was designed with the hip tween & up crowd in mind....I think Taylor Swift would wear it well. Not many people know this but there are a few celebrities who own a few of my pieces in real life - Alicia Keys, Willow Smith, Ingrid Vandebosch and Ben Affleck's daughter. Now if I could just get a picture of one of them wearing my jewelry...........!

Do you remember the first piece of jewelry you made?

I DO remember the first piece of jewelry I ever made! It was a beaded necklace, stone beads in neutral tans & browns. It was a gift for my BFF about 20 years ago and she still wears it to this day ;-)

What is your favorite color and what does it say about your personality?

My favorite color is blue and I think it says everything about my personality. There are so many shades in the blue family - as many as there are facets to my personality. Each shade has a different vibe: calming, inspiring, electric, happy.....I'm likely to experience every one of those and then some on any given day. Never a dull moment in our house!

Want more of Kirstie and her gorgeous jewelry? 

Go shopping in her etsy or her website! 

Kirstie is so generous and has offered a huuuge 25% discount using the code ALOHA25 until the end of the month! Seriously, go shopping!

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Thanks for spending some time with me on the blog today, Kirstie! 



  1. It's lovely to know more about you Kirstie and thanks for introducing me to a great blog!

  2. she seems like the sweetest person ever, linds! you have the best sponsors :)


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