Thursday, September 29, 2011

it's the little things:: cookie dough & chevron rugs

It's Friiiiiday! That means that it's time for the weekend AND a Little Things linkup! Each week, I've been looking forward to these link ups and it makes me so happy to hear that you guys are enjoying them too! Doesn't it make your week so much better when you are looking for those little blessings instead of focusing on the yucky stuff? I know especially when I have stressful weeks like this week, that the little things can make a big difference. 

My little things this week... 

Chris and I made chocolate chip cookies the other night. The best part about making cookies as an adult is you get to eat as much batter as you want. I think I may have triple-dipped my egg-beater. No worries-- we were the only one eating the cookies. ;) Not like there were very many anyway, after all the batter we ate. 

My new mini-moo biz cards came in the mail! Obviously because they are tiny, they are so freaking adorable (Chris has figured out the girl-rule that anything small = cute.) I kind of want to hand them out to everyone on the street. I guess that's the point. :) 

I don't know about you, but I am still obsessed with chevron patterns. I recently bought this chevron rug from Urban Outfitters and it came in the mail yesterday! I'm in looove. Now to find some awesome new pillows and paint some new artwork. 

And just to demonstrate that I'm not a total phone-picture h8er, here are a few *bonus* little things from my phone. 

accidental artwork on my paint brushes
sun in my face and wind in my hair during Jeep rides
ice cream sundaes

Thank you for all your kind and encouraging words on my stressed-out post the other day. I am absolutely convinced that I have the sweetest readers with the kindest souls. Thanks for making me feel normal and loved! :) 

PS. I'm giving away a $30 shop credit on Lauren's blog! Go enter to win that and lots of other fun prizes! 

Now, go link up! Excited to see your posts this week!

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aloha & giveaway from a sponsor :: la luce designs!

Aloha, friends! It's Thursday and that means it's time to introduce you to another fabulous sponsor of mine! Ashley is the creative soul behind La Luce designs and blog. Not only does she create lovely accessories, but she also formed a beautiful project on her blog called Love365. I'm excited for her to share more about it here and also excited that YOU get to score some pretties today! Read on for more... 

Aloha Ashley! Introduce yourself to Aisle to Aloha readers! 

Aloha ladies! My name is Ashley Marie Wilson. I'm a Jesus lover, a wife, and an artist. Over on La Luce I share my creative inspirations, my adventures of living for God, and my desire for the spirit of LOVE to totally and completely saturate the world.

What is one lesson you have learned from running a creative business?

That right from the start I needed to know who I really was or this wasn't going to be a fulfilling or positive adventure I was about to begin. Any creative business is a reflection of what’s inside of you. It's easy to become something that you think you should be or be influenced instead of inspired. It's best to find out what YOUR voice is, what YOUR style is, and what YOUR creative talents express, otherwise you will constantly be trying to keep up instead of making a mark. I recently did a career fair for our teens at my church and this was what I shared with them about being a creative entrepreneur.

Can you tell us a little about your GiveLove365 project on your blog? 

Give Love is all about stepping out of our own comfort zones to BE love. Everyone can get involved no matter what. It’s simply doing something thoughtful for someone. It can be your time, your efforts, a gift, help pay for something for someone, or anything else that would encourage their life or bless their day. Simple small acts create HUGE impacts on people.
Every Friday on the La Luce blog, I provide a GiveLove Spark. A simple idea of something nice to do is posted and everyone is welcome to do that or anything else they feel led to do. My prayer is that people will fall in love with looking for new and unique ways to uplift and encourage others.

What does your favorite color say about your personality?

I adore color in general. I am so fascinated and inspired by it. Every color, shade of color, and combinations of colors can create a different mood or feeling instantly. I do gravitate towards warmer or bolder colors but I couldn’t pick just one as a favorite.
That could mean a lot of things as far as my personality…indecisive, complex, and scatterbrain tendencies maybe? ;) But I guess it does reflect that I don’t like to ever think inside the box or limit myself creatively.

Ashley is generously giving away a $30 shop credit to her shop today! Here's how to enter:: 

Go visit La Luce and leave a comment on this post telling us what your very favorite accessory is! 

Additional entries:: 

Follow Ashley's blog and leave a comment saying you do!

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Giveaway closes on Monday, October 3! 


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

my eye is twitching.

Last week, my left eyelid was twitching. This week, my bottom lip did it. According to my medical staff on twitter (aka, anyone who felt like weighing in), it means I'm stressed. I didn't think I was stressed when I got my twitter-diagnosis last week, but maybe it's a self-fulfilling prophecy because this week, it has hit me hard. 

My mind is constantly buzzing with paintings I need to finish, custom pieces that I need to work on, emails that need to be returned, thank you notes that I want to write, people I don't want to let down, money that's being spent that could be saved, stupid health issues, Chris' job stresses. Not to mention things like that sink of dishes that's been neglected for a few days hours, which makes me feel like a bad wife when Chris gets home and they are still there. (Not that Chris thinks I am, I just project that on myself.)

Also, I'm home-sick. This time of year is always the hardest being away from the East Coast. Fall is my very favorite season and Maryland knows how to do it right. I start thinking about all the wonderful things I'm missing::

bright fiery trees,
the smell of decaying leaves,
jeans, boots, scarves, 
pumpkin carving, 
mornings where you can see your breath

and I start to get upset and start thinking about the really important things I'm missing like::

two nephews and a niece that I have yet to meet, 
time with old friends, 
watching our other 8 nieces and nephews grow,
helping my brother and sister-in-law move into their new home.

Hawaii is beautiful and we are incredibly blessed to live here, but sometimes it's just really hard to be away from the rest of our family. 

Last night I was in such a funk, I walked around the house with a scarf over my head and asked Chris to make ramen for dinner since I had nothing planned and no plans to make anything. And then I ate pickles straight out the jar like they were popcorn. Weird.

I know so many of you may have similar stresses. Or maybe you have it even worse. One thing I've learned in this blogging world is not to assume anything. I don't assume that my problems are bigger than yours. On blogs, people can share as much or as little as they want. I know there are issues that are too personal to share on my blog just yet and so I have a feeling that many of you have hurts and stresses that you have yet to share. 

I wish we could curl up across from each other on the couch over a glass of wine (ooh, or maybe a steaming cup of apple cider for me, since I'm missing fall so much) and commiserate. Until then, I'll take typing on a computer screen. Thanks for listening, friends. I 'ppreciate you.

In other, smilier news-- I added some new autumn-inspired paintings to the shop last night! Hop over to take a gander. More pretties will be listed later this week! 


Monday, September 26, 2011

aloha style: pedalin'

top:: {forever 21}
skirt:: {charlotte russe}
sandals:: {payless}
necklace:: {created by me-- necklace chain + earring}
nail polish:: {OPI "paint my moji-toes red"}

I've written before about our bike rides. We recently (within the past few months) discovered a bike path near our house. Well, Chris has been riding to work on it every day for almost a year, but only recently did he take me on it. It curves right along the water and leads to one of our favorite parks. I love our bike rides, especially right before sunset when the suns rays fill the path with golden light and the warm breeze tossles my hair as I pedal alongside Chris. 

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I wear bike shorts under my skirt. I'm no hussy.

Linking up with Darcy for Sweet Shot Tuesday and Lindsey for What I Wore Wednesday

Sweet Shot Day



shrimp tacos. 
fall flowers from my love. 
dawn patrol. 
chickens on the beach. 
honu watching.
trying new recipes.
(homemade biscuits and country gravy and grilled ribs with homemade bbq sauce)
new herbs to grow. 
bike fixin'. 
bike ridin'. 
outfit pictures. 
sunset watching. 



Friday, September 23, 2011

it's the little things:: silly cards & skype dates

Chris has been away all week and I can't wait til he gets home later today. I hate when he goes away, but I have to admit that I look forward to that sweet feeling of being reunited again. Here are some of the little things that carried me through a somewhat lonely week. 

We spent last weekend at the Family Life Weekend to Remember marriage conference. We've made it our goal to go to a conference every year for a little re-focusing. I love the conversations we have during these weekends. This man is pretty amazing. 

...I made curried chicken and cider soup. Guys, this is so good. I'll be sharing the recipe soon and you'll probably want to smooch me because of it. 

.... skype date with my sweet blog friend, Moriah. I just wanna hug her through the screen! Technology rocks.

...goofy cards from my mom. She is so good at sending me little cards that let me know she's thinking about me during the week. This one was so ridiculous. It "baahed" at me while I was walking back from getting my mail. Really loudly. Scared me to death. 

(see her note? She misses me "baa baa baadly. Oh, Mom...)

Ok, so now it's your turn! What are the little things that got YOU through the week? 

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

aloha from a sponsor:: bonhomie jewelry

Today, I'm happy to introduce you to Kirstie, the creator behind Bonhomie Jewelry! Kirstie makes beautiful handcrafted jewelry that is colorful, textural and has a rich organic feel. I especially love her enamel rings! Read more to get to know this creative girl more and check out a super awesome discount that you won't want to miss! 

Hi Kirstie! Introduce yourself to Aisle to Aloha readers!

Hey, all! I am so happy to be here! So, what can I tell you......everyday I strive to be a woman of grace and a blessing to my family. Any of y'all who already know me know that I'm going to say that I'm married to a wonderfully supportive, Godly man (it's true!!) and I'm mama to one little man who just started kindergarten this year. I'm a self-taught jewelry artist and I thank God daily for this unexpected talent.

Your jewelry is so unique and colorful! Which celebrity could you see
rocking your designs?

So funny you should ask, Lindsay! Seriously, every time I watch CSI:New York, I tell my husband that Sela Ward REALLY needs one of my charm necklaces - so totally her style! And my Couleurs collection (in my etsy shop, soon to migrate over to my charms site) was designed with the hip tween & up crowd in mind....I think Taylor Swift would wear it well. Not many people know this but there are a few celebrities who own a few of my pieces in real life - Alicia Keys, Willow Smith, Ingrid Vandebosch and Ben Affleck's daughter. Now if I could just get a picture of one of them wearing my jewelry...........!

Do you remember the first piece of jewelry you made?

I DO remember the first piece of jewelry I ever made! It was a beaded necklace, stone beads in neutral tans & browns. It was a gift for my BFF about 20 years ago and she still wears it to this day ;-)

What is your favorite color and what does it say about your personality?

My favorite color is blue and I think it says everything about my personality. There are so many shades in the blue family - as many as there are facets to my personality. Each shade has a different vibe: calming, inspiring, electric, happy.....I'm likely to experience every one of those and then some on any given day. Never a dull moment in our house!

Want more of Kirstie and her gorgeous jewelry? 

Go shopping in her etsy or her website! 

Kirstie is so generous and has offered a huuuge 25% discount using the code ALOHA25 until the end of the month! Seriously, go shopping!

Chat with her on twitter! 

Hang out with her on her blog! 

Become a fan on Facebook!

Thanks for spending some time with me on the blog today, Kirstie! 


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

behind the scenes:: autumn-inspired paintings

I'm really excited about the autumn inspired painting series coming to the shop soon. I'm in love with the color palette I'm using- cinnamon, burnt orange, blush pink, metallic gold and plum. Here's a little sneak peek of what's going on in the studio this week. I hope to get the paintings into the shop early next week!

I'm also incredibly jealous of all of you who get to enjoy the changing of the seasons and everything that comes with it-- sweaters, boots, jeans, crisp morning air, the smell of fallen leaves. Soak it up for me, okay?


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

aloha style: let's get personal.

top:: {dress, target}
{see it as a dress here!}
belt:: {forever21}
skirt:: {forever21}
slippers:: {annapolis mall}

(these pictures were taken before I got my hair cut-- hence the split ends and super long ((for me)) hair!)

That photo above is what happens when you try to take photos in a banyan tree. Well, when I try to, at least-- I attempt to pose coyly but then trip all over the place and make a fool of myself. 

Speaking of making a fool of myself. A few weeks ago, one of my readers (cloaked in anonymity) left a comment about how I thought I looked awesome, but I really looked like a fool. 

I shrugged the comment off (after laughing at the absurdity of someone spending their time writing those things), but it got me thinking about personal style. Mainly, the personal side of it. You'll never hear me proclaim any knowledge or expertise in fashion. I know little about the trends of the runway and I will be the first to tell you that. But what I do love is personal style. Creating new outfits out of forgotten items in my closet. Piecing together color combinations that feel fresh and vibrant. Discovering what works for me, and what doesn't. 

I don't expect that you guys will love (or even like) every one of my outfits. That's because I don't dress for you. I dress for me. And you should too-- you should dress in a way that makes you feel confident, that lets you step out the door and feel ready to take on anything -- even if it's chasing after toddlers or sitting in a cubicle writing up expense reports all day. 

In the last few months, as I'm sure you've noticed (you've noticed, right?)-- I've started sharing my outfits here on my blog. Not because I think I'm the bees knees and I think you should all dress like me. Not at all. I like sharing what I'm wearing because I know that I find inspiration in seeing what other bloggers are wearing and if I can inspire you to throw on some more beautiful color or see that dress in your closet as more than just a dress, then I think that's pretty awesome. 

You are beautiful. You are creative. You are you. So why not dress that way, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise? 


PS. Linking up with Lindsey for What I Wore Wednesday!