Thursday, August 11, 2011


Ever look through your camera memory card and iphoto files to see if you just *happen* to have a potential blog post just waiting to be written? Uh, yeah.... I've got nothing, guys. Just a lot of randomosity for you today. And photos from my phone from the week. 

... pepper jack cheese. Love that stuff. I've had a sammie for lunch every day this week and I'm rediscovering my love for that kicky cheese. It's good. 

... goals. I'm so bad at keeping them, guys. It's kind of depressing. How do you stick to your goals? 

... vampires. Why are they so fascinating to me? Not so much in movies or tv, but books. Sit me on the beach with a cold beer and a vampire book and I'm a happy girl.

... indecisiveness. I'm trying to decide on some fabrics for my vintage chairs. For my studio chair, I'm considering a fabric from this shop... just don't know which one. They're all so pretty. 

... I bought a maxi dress. This one.  Isn't it gorgeous? I'm hoping that I don't absolutely drown in all that beautiful silk fabric. Can't wait to rock it on a date with Chris when he gets home! 

Got any interesting (or not interesting, as it may be) randomosity in your life?



  1. i love your fingernail polish in that one picture. maxi dresses make me look like a cow for some reason. hate that. random hmmmm.....too early in the morning for anything interesting to come out:)

  2. Love the occasional random post :) The everyday life photos are always the best anyway :)

    Have fun on your date - the dress is fab.

  3. such a fun post - yes to vampire books and love that essie nailpolish, girl!

  4. not sure about vampire books but reading on the beach w/ a cold beer sounds a.mazing right now.

    and randomness... hmmm... i'm sitting on an exercise ball right now. it's my preferred chair at work. sometimes i distract myself by bouncing on it.

    how's that for random? ;)

    happy thursday!

  5. That maxi dress is gorgeous!

    As for the goals -

    I write them down. Everywhere.
    I'm a huge list maker and carry my planner everywhere, so if it's written down (in ink!) it is official. I just have to complete it :)

  6. That is a really cute maxi dress! I'm sure you'll pull it off great!

    I have way too much random stuff in this noggin of mine, it'll just overwhelm it is me, so I'll keep you from it.

    And w/goals...I write them down, stare at them multiple times a day. It helps me. :)

    Emily w/Amazing Grapes

  7. oh my gosh, that dress is beautiful! it's gonna look great on you! ;-)

  8. Randomness....
    Love the dress. Thanks for sharing the link. I caroused that shop for *special* day dresses.
    Beer on a beach? I'm planning that for early October.
    Cheese? I love all cheeses. Yum.


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