Wednesday, August 10, 2011

pssst... got some fun stuff to tell you.

I've got a ton of shoppy things to share with you today. And I'm super excited about all of them. Are you ready? Okay, here we go.

{one} This isn't really shop-y, but it's paint-y. I told my mom I would do a painting for her for Mother's Day. Many months later, I finally finished her painting and it's on its way to her right now. I love it so much, mostly because it reminds me of my mom. Periwinkle is her favorite color and she's always walking in the house with a pretty bouquet of flowers from her well-tended garden. LOVE that sweet basket of flowers!

Thanks for being patient, Mama!

{dos} A new batch of paintings just went into the shop! Check them out!  I can't decide between the new Ripple painting and the Shindig bunting painting for my favorites. It's like choosing between my children. Very pretty children.

{next} One spot open in the custom queue! The first person to email me about a custom order will get the last available spot (for now) in my custom queue. Whoooooo will it be? (Shoot me a line at aisletoaloha {at}

{finally} Design Your Own Cuties! I'm pretty stoked about this new option in the shop! With the Design Your Own Cutie option, you wont have to wait for a custom spot to open up in my queue or hope for your favorite color combo to land in the shop. Choose between nine design choices and endless color options to create a Cutie just for you. Pretty awesome, huh?

Hop over to the shop to see it now!

That's about it. Hope you guys have a great Wednesday!



  1. Hi, I love your work! u inspire me soo much! and you are such a beautiful woman, all this happiness and smile on your face is soo powerfull. greatings from London. Alex

  2. That painting for your Mom is so pretty! You did it a great job! I know she's going to love it.

  3. Love the painting for your mom- so sweet! The choose your own cutie combo is a fun idea :) Love the options!

  4. Beautiful pieces!! I love the piece for your mom, it's gorgeous! And I looooove senor owl. He belongs on my wall :)

  5. you've been busy. i need to get my rear in gear. yesterday was the first time i've picked up my paintbrush in over a month. felt so good. love your style girlie.

  6. LOVE that painting you made for your mother! And the design your own cutie option is genius!

  7. Your artwork is darling. Love the little camera painting! I am really enjoying your blog and living vicariously through you. ;)

  8. OH WOW! These look great! And such a great idea to allow customization. Now with the decision-making....

  9. Your mother is a luck lady! Love the painting.
    I have my eye on a couple cuties. I love that idea.

  10. I love that painting you did for your mom! I am obsessed with it actually. You are so talented!

  11. I like the bike you made for your mom, it's so cute!

    I can see people wanting one for themselves. :)

  12. Okay I am SO excited about the choose your own cutie! When I'm in the market for one I'm totally doing it!

  13. you are such a cutie! (like your paintings)

    and i love that your mama and my mama have the same favorite color :)

    happy wednesday!

  14. Hi Lindsay! I think I commented once before on here, but I just wanted you to know that your blog is so fun to read! I love hearing about your adventures in Hawaii and all the updates on your life, even though we have never met!

    Much love, Tay


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