Friday, August 12, 2011

Filled to the Brim

sparkly cardigan:: {charlotte russe}
white tee:: {target}
belt:: {forever 21}
shorts:: {forever 21}
sandals:: {old navy}
bracelets:: {gift}

Yesterday was a busy day. The good kind of busy. I had coffee with a friend, beach time with one of my best buddies and her daughter, a skype date with Moriah, and then some precious worship time on the beach under a full moon with some of our very best friends.

And my heart is full. So full.

These weeks when Chris is gone are potentially lonely, depressing weeks. I'm such a social person and I enjoy my alone time but I crave people time. God takes such good care of me. He sends me days like yesterday, filled to the absolute brim with sweet relationships.

And the day was just made even better by my sparkly cardigan. Which reflects sunlight like a disco ball while I drive and totally distracts me. The world better watch out when I've got my sparkly cardi on.



  1. Adorable pictures! So glad you have such wonderful people around you while Chris is away...keep staying busy and hopefully he will be home before you know it!

    Liesl :)

  2. So blessed being able to chat with you for a bit yesterday! And so happy to see how God is most definitely taking care of you while Chris is away. What an awesome evening being able to worship with friends. I've got to find time to do more things like that in my life!

  3. that has to be so hard with your honey gone. i can't imagine, but wow the blessing of being able to worship under the stars with the waves roaring in with others has to be amazing. that gave me goosebumps. your friend on the beach looks just like someone i know. weird. have a great day. that outfit was cute cute cute!!

  4. I do love your outfit! & it sounds like a wonderful day. :)

  5. Loving the sparkles! on the cardy. Too cute!

  6. Love that cardigan!! What I wouldn't do to be able to spend a week day at the beach like that instead of spending it stuck working in my office!

  7. You have such a great, upbeat vibe visiting your blog. It's definitely part personality, part fact you live in Hawaii! The pics alone on your blog make me happy!

    And...I am loving your sparkly cardi! I have a shirt like that, and I often catch myself being distracted by the shimmers. :P

  8. Aloha! I'm a newlywed and also in the military family! My hubby is in the Coast Guard. So I know how lonely it can be when the hubby is gone!!

    I love your blog! Loved your outfit! Sadly I'm over an hour away from my fav store Forever 21 lol

    Oh and your paintings are AWESOME! I'll find you on etsy! :-)

  9. You are SO CUTE. I enjoy your posts so much. Beautiful day yesterday - happy you enjoyed it! Our God is awesome like that...always knowing what we need and stuff. ;) XO

  10. Fill me in where those trees are!?

    I love that picture!
    Thank the Lord for those friends. Looks like you had a great time, for sure!!

    Emily w/Amazing Grapes

  11. looks like the perfect day! love the polka dot print on your suit. :)

  12. awwww yay for sparkly cardigans and polka dot bikinis!!!

  13. You shorts are sooo darling! & you live in such a beautiful place! XO

  14. I love the cardigan and shorts in the first picture! I love sparkly clothes. I see they are from forever 21. That store is because they have such cute, trendy stuff at affordable prices. That and H&M are two of my favorite stores.

    I recently found your blog from 'faith blogs'. I love to read a blog who's focus is sharing Christ first. It is always refreshing. Its nice to read something on the interwebs that is not only entertaining but challenges me to examine my OWN relationship with God. So glad I "found" your blog! :)


  15. Aw what a sweet post! I love your outfit! And beach time seems to make any day brighter (literally) ;)
    Worship time on the beach makes me so jealous! It's impossible not to feel close to God while enjoying His gorgeous creation of the ocean! Hope you've had a great (not-so-lonely) weekend!

  16. i love this post! i'm so glad God is blessing you with sweet friends to spend time with while Chris is away :)

    much love♥


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