Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Day In the Life

Hey there amigas (and the occasional amigo- mainly, my dad). Happy Wednesday! Today I thought I would take you along with me during a typical day-in-the-life. Wanna hang out with me for the day?

5-6am:: Good morning!  Chris wakes up. Sometimes I wake up and drive him into work or I kiss him goodbye and roll over to sleep a bit longer.

6:45am:: I'm awake. Grab my computer and check my email. Say good morning to my twitter friends. I like to think of them as my co-workers. They can be distracting at times, but they help inspire, motivate and entertain me during the day. 

7:32am:: Up and at 'em! Wander into the bathroom and put my contacts in, wash my face. 

7:38am:: Breakfast time! Scrambled eggs and an english muffin. 

7:56am Mosey into my studio and turn on the lights, open the shades. Breathe in deep and get ready to tackle the day. 

7:57am:: Get the tunes going. Pandora app on my iphone in my "speakers". Yep, I use a soup bowl for speakers. The acoustics are perfect for my dance parties. 

Pandora stations of choice are usually Adele, Pamplamoose or The Format. 

7:58am:: Grab some canvases and my sketchbook and start figuring out what paintings I want to work on today. 

8:01am:: Painting, painting, painting. I usually work on a few paintings at a time. I'll work on one while the other is drying and then go back to the first one and add more elements in. 

10:32am:: I'm reminded why I rarely paint my nails. I get acrylic paint everywhere. 

10:58am:: Open a brand new tube of titanium white paint. I love a new, full tube of paint. And I use a LOT of white paint.

11:26am:: Pull up some of my inspiration images on Pinterest and decide on the next Ripple painting inspiration. Get distracted by Pinterest. Gotta peel myself away from the computer so I don't get sucked in!

1:32pm:: Tweet a picture of some paintings I worked on today. I like to share updates on Twitter and get my friends and customers excited about paintings coming to the shop.

1:40pm:: Whoops, my belly is loudly reminding me that I forgot to stop for lunch. Take a few minutes to scarf down a pastrami and pepperjack sammie, pickle, some tangy carolina bbq chips and an IBC root beer. And read a chapter or two out of James. Lunchtime is usually my Bible reading time, though lately I've been a bit remiss in that.

2:13pm:: Take a break from painting to answer some emails, play on twitter, put some laundry in, check in with Chris. I'll usually work on my blog post for the next day at this time too. I try really hard to get my posts finished before Chris gets home so I'm not on the computer all night.

3:30pm:: Painting some more. My neck and back usually start to ache at this point in the day from hunching over and painting. I do some stretches on the floor that look really silly but feel really good.

4:06pm Ok, time to stop painting for the day. The light is just starting to get perfect in my studio, so I take listing photos of the paintings I've finished.

5:00pm:: Chris is home! Gotta clean my palette, say goodnight to my twitter friends (aka, coworkers who keep me company all day!) and go kiss my man.

6:15pm:: Dinner time and time to catch up with Chris. My favorite part of the day, for sure.

7-10pm:: Hang out with Chris, maybe watch a Netflix movie or some tv.

10:15pm:: Sweet dreams!

Obviously not every day looks the same. Some days I spend more time packaging orders, running errands, or like yesterday, on the computer catching up on emails. Painting days are definitely my favorite though.

What does your day look like? Anything like mine? Did I fulfill your voyeuristic tendencies for the day? Is that a weird question??

PS. Several new paintings in the shop this week. Find that yellow lace painting and more here. 



  1. Haha! voyeuristic tendencies! I love, love that yellow painting above! :)

  2. I love that yellow painting! And this post is lovely! :)

  3. that sounds like a lovely post! i love the peek into a day in the life of lindsay. i'm super bummed that my life is not as exciting...

  4. i meant to say-- that sounds like a lovely day. shoot. brain is dead.

  5. You wake up at the butt crack of dawn. I'm impressed. I stay in bed until I absolutely have to get up which most days is 830 to get to work by 9...

  6. Fun post!! When I worked from home I had a hard time keeping a balance. I would have days where I was really motivated and worked hard and days where I could not get a thing done. I missed being around "real" people too. So I have to say -- good for you with your routine and getting things done!

  7. I love posts like this. I am so nosy and I want to know what you REALLY do all day long, I like to see how others spend their time. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed it!

  8. Such a fun post and I lurve the yellow lace painting.... might need one in pink... hmmmmmm

  9. I too like the days where I work on projects... it seems like the blogging, shipping or emailing can overtake the fun stuff some times, balancing is a daily task that is never easy to day.

    - Much love, Kim

  10. Fun reading about your day! And I LOVE that yellow flower and lace painting - it's beautiful!

  11. This was so fun! Thanks for sharing Lindsay! :)

  12. I am more than the "occasional amigo". I read your blog everyday. That way I don't have to call you everyday to see what you are doing. Love you!

  13. Aww your dad is so cute lol

    Awesome! I try to do everything before my hubby gets home too. Since we are in the swamps of Louisiana for right now, there isn't much we can do for fun around here. So Netflix is where it's at! Lol

  14. Such a great post! I love hearing how people spend their days. You have such a fun and wonderful routine going. Sending prayers your way for helping with that bible reading time (I certainly need them too!) Thanks for sharing. =)

  15. I loved this post! So fun getting a peak into your day to day routine. And you inspired me to make pastrami and pepper jack sandwiches for lunches next week!

  16. such a great post, looks like your days are super busy and fun.

  17. i'm so stalkerish, but I loved seeing a little glimpse into your day. :) i wish i could make Algebra 2 sound as glamorous as painting all day...

  18. great "day in the life of" post :) I'll have to try my hand at one of these soon... but it probably wouldn't be too much fun!

  19. Hi Lindsay! I just stumbled across your blog and love it. That is pretty awesome that you get to live in Hawaii! I love your outfit posts as well. Keep up the good work :)


  20. Oh Lindsay,
    You and your soup bowl just rocked my world. I read this post just this morning (broken laptop) and since I have the same phone I decided to try your trick. A.W.E.S.O.M.E.
    So. Thanks!


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