Monday, August 22, 2011

aloha style: surprise, surprise.

dress:: {shopruche}
earrings:: {indefinitely borrowed from lil sis}
bag:: {navy exchange}
sandals:: {old navy}

Saturday night. 

Chris is excited to take me out to a surprise restaurant for dinner. The boy knows I am a sucker for surprises. :) 

We pull up to the restaurant and he is telling me all about how he got a great recommendation from this guy he works with who LOVES this place. 

My heart sinks. Two days before, my friend had told me never to go to this restaurant. She said it was really awful. The internal debate ensues. Do I tell Chris or just go along with it and let him be excited that he surprised me?

Oh, but he can tell I'm not happy. I can't attempt to hide it, he knows me too well. So I cringe and tell him. Sorry babe! 

We scramble to come up with a good plan B so as not to ruin our special date night. Both of us are trying really hard not to be disappointed and frustrated. 

Then *bing!* the lightbulb goes off. I remember a Eurasian tapas restaurant that another friend told me about that she and her husband loooove. So off we drive, into town, hoping that we can get in without a reservation. 

YAY! A table is available right away. The ceiling is adorned with ten giant paper lanterns and the atmosphere is just right. 

Oh, and the fooood. Bacon wrapped jumbo shrimp with chili sauce. Pork belly with brie and adobo sauce. Crispy calamari with spicy aoli sauce. Mussels, crab and shrimp in a delicious tomato sauce. And the yummiest wine. A new favorite, for sure. 

What could have turned out to be a very frustrating evening developed into a sweet, special date night together. Guess we were *both* surprised by where we ended up for dinner! Phew, bullet dodged on that one. Even if Chris claims he'll never try to surprise me again. 

Oh, and my new dress fits perfectly. Hallelujah! It's rare to find a maxi-dress that doesn't pool yards of fabric on the floor. I was not expecting it to fit me this perfectly--- so that's a sweet surprise too! A new favorite restaurant and a new favorite dress all in one night.  Perfecto. 

PS. The word "surprise" is so strange. Say it a few times to yourself. Isn't it weird?? Or is it just me?



  1. just darlin' like always! :) Sounds like some delish food you had as well!

  2. That is one adorable printed maxi.


  3. Sounds like a fun night! Glad it worked out for ya!

  4. surprise. suuuuuurpise. suprrrriiiiiiise. you're right. it is weird.

    love the dress - you look beautiful!

  5. So cute! The dress and the surprise date night! Even if it was relocated :)

  6. I love how he took you on a surprise dinner...I love surprises too! You are both such a beautiful couple and I am simply loving your dress!!!

    Liesl :)

  7. Hi Linds! Cute post. Cute dress. Cute you. Hey, so I don't know who told ya about the tapas place, but it sounds like a Gina rec to me. :) It also sounds yummy. Girls night?!

  8. Yay, I'm glad you were able to save the date night! Super cute dress (and I know what you mean about maxi dresses always being too long!)

  9. I love your hair like that...the whole ensemble is look like a woman in love! :) And how sweet of your hubby to surprise you...even if he wound up being surprised as well. ;)

  10. It makes me curious how the restaurant really is. If one LOVED it and one HATED it...what it really would be?

    That is sweet that he wanted to surprise you with where to eat. And of course, the dress looks great!

    Emily w/Amazing Grapes

  11. the dress looks beautiful! sounds like my kinda night out :-)

  12. You look beautiful! Love that dress! Love the way you did your hair!

  13. it should be illegal for someone to look SO you always do! i want that dress really badly now, ha!

  14. love the maxi dress! that food sounds awesome...good thing you went with your gut and made reservations somewhere else!


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