Sunday, August 14, 2011

aloha style: list making

cardigan:: {target}
white tank:: {forever 21}
necklace:: {31bits}
jeans:: {forever 21}
belt:: {i dunno, bought it ages ago}
sandals:: {american eagle}
fingernail polish:: {eternal optimist by essie}
toenail polish:: {mint sorbet by sally hansen}

things I'm looking forward to this week:: 
making dinner and painting nails with a girl friend on tuesday. 
getting my new dress in the mail. 
starting to journal again in this gorgeous thing. 
having Chris come home {!!!!}
date night 
working on some projects around the house
 {remember when this used to be a DIY blog? I kind of miss that.}
hopefully making it to 150 sales
{I'm one away!}

things I've eaten this weekend that I probably shouldn't have::
burger king. 
a whole papa john's {bacon} pizza
lots of gummy coke bottles

goals for the week:: 
eat better
run, maybe? ab workouts, definitely
drink more water
sketch more
paint stuff
keep some goals

stuff on my coffee table:: 
a pile of embroidery thread
nail polish remover
two bottles of nail polish
two rings
burger king cup from saturday
one hair clippie
car keys

Happy Monday! 

PS. I guest posted on Oh Mishka yesterday. Click over to check out Michelle's blog and see my favorite finds in the pantone fall colors! 



  1. first, i wuuuuuv you (not a typo)! second, love that cardi and this fun list!! ((hugs))

  2. I was just making my goal list for the week right now! We have a lot of similar goals: eat better, be creative, and hang out with friends more. I'm so excited for this week. :) Oh, and I LOVE THAT CARDIGAN.

  3. I LOVE your nail polish! I might just have to get me some of that good stuff. I need to drink more water this week too. There were days this past week that I didn't drink ANY water. oops!


  4. wow, we are similar! i love lists.

  5. What fun lists! I'm drooling over the dress you ordered :)

  6. What a great idea--love your lists. Bad week for me last week, that "foods probably shouldn't have eaten"? Would have been a mile long. :-) Have a great week. Glad to hear your man will be back. I think this might be my first time commenting? Anyway--love reading your blogs. And once I settle in somewhere, look forward to picking out a few pieces of art too. :-)

  7. Cute outfit! I love your list and I think I'm going to have to copy the idea this week. ;-) Can't wait to see pics of your new dress for date night!

  8. What a great outfit..luv it!
    The color of your cardi is fabulous..that is what really caught my eye :)

  9. Cute outfit!! I need to make a list like yours and get back on track. Mmmm...Papa John's sure does sound good right now.


  10. you are too cute...but you get that a lot, right? ;)

  11. such a simple outfit, but it's one of my favorites so far!

  12. That necklace is cute as well as your dress thats coming!

    I definitely need to eat better! And drink more water...and work out....oh geeze... I should maybe make some goals as well!

  13. oh your newest follower..lols

  14. wee wee i LOVE your necklace!! and hooray for list making, i'm totally a list maker too!!

  15. Just landed on your blog from a 31bits link (fave) and I can't wIt to dig in! So far so adorable!

  16. I love making lists. Your cardigan is pretty and comfy and your sandals are so cute. I'm looking forward to fall so I can jump back into my cardigans.

  17. i love love love love that cardigan and your toe nail polish!!!

  18. Love your outfit - you look so, so pretty! I also love 31 bits - I got my mom a few bracelets and I'm dying to get myself a necklace!

  19. Such a cute the mix of mustard and turquoise!


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