Wednesday, August 17, 2011

aloha style: hello, awkward.

braided headband:: {made by me}
tee:: {pacific sunwear}
cutoffs:: {american eagle}
friendship bracelets:: {made by me}
beaded bracelet:: {market in spain}
sandals:: {old navy}

Whenever I leave the house, I like to come up with interesting new outfits and it usually takes at least 10 minutes playing around in my closet to piece together a fun ensemble. But when I'm hanging out at home, painting or just chilling, I don't put much effort into my outfit. Why waste a good outfit when no one will see it?? 

I thought I would show you my uniform of choice today. Cutoffs, tee, some sort of headband. Basic. And since Chris has been gone for about two weeks, I've been spending a lot of time in the house and wearing my uniform quite often. Especially this tee. Oh, it's so soft and comfy. I just wanna marry it.

Also because he's gone, I have to take my own outfit pictures. Which means traipsing around the neighborhood with the tripod and camera. And today it means really awkward pictures for you. Apparently I forgot to smile between walking out of my door and setting my camera timer. Also, my hair is all over the place in these pictures. Which is pretty true to life when I'm hanging out at home. Just keeping it real, guys. 


PS. Big thanks for all the sweet responses to my post yesterday. I'm working on getting back to you guys. I so appreciate all of the supportive "me too!" comments. 

PPS. It's an outfit post without a single article from Forever21. Write it down in the history books, people. 

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  1. somehow I could totally picture you traipsing around your neighborhood with a tripod/camera! :) Good job dear friend... if you haven't, you should totally invest in a "remote control" for your camera!

  2. At least you have a tripod!:) I'm usually out there dragging a stack of boxes around, or whatever else I can find to balance the camera on (unless I get my kids to take the pics!!). I love your uniform!

  3. love your colorful shirt and bracelets!!

  4. i love this outfit - and this cracked me up too 'cause i know, that can be so awkward. hehe. love the headband too!

  5. Love the REAL pictures, love the comfy tee (:

  6. I just read your post from yeterday and feel compelled to tell you that I'm always jealous of the great pictures you have every Wednesday! We only live a couple miles apart and your pictures always feature you in a super-cute outfit with a gorgeous background while mine usually have the storage shed in our carport for a backdrop! I also wanted to tell you that my husband and I ate at Storto's when we went up to the North Shore this weekend. It was just as yummy as it looked in your pictures!

    Lindsay from Lindsay's Library

  7. I love thinking about you setting up the tripod, setting the timer, running around in front of the camera and waiting for the click! hehe!
    Now I want to do it! There should be an awkward self photo contest!

  8. Re: Why waste a good outfit when no one will see it?

    You will see it! It isn't a waste if YOU enjoy it. Wear what you want when you want, do it for yourself. :)

  9. I love your relaxed style. I'm actually wearing cutoffs right now. I'm so happy to have found your blog it!

  10. Totally the best summertime outfit - casual and cute.
    And I agree...self portrait shots are so awkward. You always look great.

  11. You look so cute and breezy! I'm a little jealous! I just started back to teaching this week, and I am really missing my comfy clothes!

  12. aw haha i think you did great with the tripod!
    xox dana

  13. (before I forget to mention again) that chain link fence there that you took a pic of in yesterdays post where its all awesome! I absolutely loved that picture!

    I can totally relate to having a uniform at home each and every day. Why bother going ALL out when no one can see?!

  14. Hi Lindsay! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors on your blog banner, and the one in the background of your headshot. Your paintings are so cute too!

    Audrey @ Putting Me Together

  15. haha! I truly identify with what you said: "why waste a good outfit when no one will see it?"

    love. it.

  16. Oh, I love to see someone else wearing denim cut offs :) And that is a very nice lookin' uniform compared to the ones I wear around the house! lol :) Good for you for taking the tripod out!


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