Thursday, August 18, 2011

adventures of the wandering whippycakes :: tardy // oahu, hawaii

It's time for another edition of the Adventures of the Wandering WhippyCakes. 

If you missed the previous editions of this series, check them out here. 

The WhippyCake I'm modeling this week traveled from the shores of South Carolina, over the mountains of Colorado to my beaches here in Hawaii. Specifically, a beach on the West (ish) side of Oahu that we call Pine Trees... because of all the pine trees. Our mini church met here for a night time praise and worship session so my WhippyCake and I had a little photo opp. 

whippy cake:: {tardy}
dress:: {spool72}

This is Ilene's whippycake and the bright colors and sparkly fabrics totally fit her freakin' awesome personality. I knew I'd have fun playing with the bright colors too. This time I decided to let my WhippyCake shine and paired it with this neutral ( but oh so comfy and pretty) dress from Spool72

Chambray + crochet + a little glitz = me feelin' mighty purty. 

(See, Chris, I can do math!)

Do you have an accessory you don when you want to feel a little extra pretty? 

Make sure to check out how my bloggy sisters styled their WhippyCakes (and who has mine??)



  1. ha! you are so adorbs - and i knew you'd rock this whippycake! we def. share the mad love for colors!!

    p.s. and yes, chris, be impressed. your woman has mad math skills.

  2. What a beautiful beach and dress! I have to say your posts about WhippyCakes have gotten me very interested in buying one. I've never worn anything in my hair but rubber bands so this will be interesting :)

  3. Okay the entire outfit from head to toe is SUPER cute!

  4. your dress is adorbs!! and i love that you did it on pine tree beach, would love to visit that place someday!!

  5. Pretty dress and love the colors of Whippy! Such a fun post, Lindsay :)

  6. ooooooooh!! I love your dress + your beautiful headband!! I love reading about these traveling headbands!! :)

  7. Love that dress!!!!! and the whippy cake of course :):)

  8. Adorable dress! I just checked out that website and holy cow they have beautiful stuff!

  9. i think i'm having dress envy; it's gorgeous!!

  10. i love these photos of you... and what a beautiful backdrop!

  11. Oh, that is a beautiful hair piece! You wear it really well :)


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