Wednesday, August 31, 2011

aloha style:: food truck heaven.

top:: {target}
belt:: {tj maxx}
skirt:: {maxi dress from shopruche-- see it worn as a dress here}
bracelet:: {made by me}
sandals:: {target}
bag:: {navy exchange, bueno}

On Friday afternoon, Chris and I headed into town to hit up the monthly food truck festival, Eat the Street. We went in the mid afternoon-- far earlier than we should have-- so it was definitely too sunny and hot for our liking-- lesson learned. Next month, we'll be going at sunset in order to avoid melting into the pavement. 

But besides a cranky overheated Lindsay, we had a great date afternoon. There were scores of food trucks with all kinds of delicious foods to sample. Roasted corn? Check.  Shrimp tacos? Yup. Guava ribs? Mmmhm. Waffle dogs?? Um, yeah, those too. I was intrigued, but we went for the dynamite tempura shrimp (which were aaah-mazing) instead. 

By far, my favorite was the tacos al pastor (above). While I lived in Mexico, I ate these ALL the time. It's basically meat that is seasoned and grilled on a rotisserie thingie and then shaved off and served in a taco with onions, pineapple, cilantro and lime. It's to die for and I had been searching high and low since I came home for a good tacos al pastor. Well, I found it and I was so impressed with these. Don't you love how a taste and smell can bring back memories? Chris proposed to me in Mexico while I worked there {read our story here} and ate lots of tacos al pastor together there, so he appreciated the authentic taste as well. YUM.

Do you love foodtrucks as much as us? What's your favorite street food?

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Monday, August 29, 2011

{what i've learned}:: blog commenting

This is the second in my {What I've Learned} series on things that I've learned over my two years of blogging and (almost) one year as an Etsy seller. I am no expert, but I love sharing with you all and hope you can glean a little knowledge for yourself.

{See the first post in the series-- {what i've learned:: blogging} here.}

Every blogger has different reasons for blogging. Some blog to share their adventures with friends and family. Some journal for themselves and others love having a place to organize their inspiration. Though there are many varied reasons for blogging, one thing is pretty consistent.

Everyone loves comments.

And if you are an active blogger, you probably have left a few comments yourself. Wanna know how to be a better blog commenter? Today I'm sharing a few ways you can do just that.

{Connect your email address!}

Okay, this one is pretty huge. There are so many times that I want to reply to a comment left by one of you pretty people, but when I hit "reply", that sad little {"no reply" at} address pops up. I can usually hunt down your email address or blog if I have time, but that extra effort means I might not get around to it. 

I'm not sure how it's done with other accounts, but if you have a Blogger account, you can click on the "Edit Profile" link next to your photo (in Dashboard) and click the option "Show my email address".

I've had such great conversation with other bloggers through a comment left with my email address linked. It allows the blogger to respond right away and continue the discussion!

{Stand out in the crowd}

There are so many Katies, Lindsays, Sarahs, etc. out there. How is your blogger friend supposed to know which you are? She probably won't and your intelligent, witty, supportive comment will be attached to a headless blog commenter in her mind. This problem can easily be resolved. If you identify yourself with your blog, shop, last name, or some other identifying factor-- you will stick out in her mind and she'll instantly know that YOU are the one who leaves those hilarious comments.

For example, when I leave a comment, I always identify myself as "Lindsay @ Aisle to Aloha". If you use Blogger, you can change this option under your profile in the same way you added your email address just now.

{If you can't say anything nice...}

We all know that idiom from Bambi. It may go without saying, but I'll say it. If you have nothing nice to say, put your hands behind your back and walk away from the computer.

 I've been there. I know there are bloggers that irk you or seem like they need a kick in the butt. I can guarantee though, that your unkind, hastily thought out comment will cause more damage than good.

I don't mean to say you can't disagree with someone. Different opinions are often what make conversations interesting. But oftentimes in blogging, our emotions get the best of us and we feel like it's our duty to set someone straight. Healthy debate is great. Ugly comments left in the heat of the moment-- no good.

If you really must confront someone and there's a chance it might come across negatively, take a break from the computer. Ask yourself if your comment is going to be helpful or harmful. If you can write it out of love and not spite, then email that person privately.

{Share yourself}

I've never met a {kind} comment that I didn't like. I appreciate every comment that comes my way. But the ones that stick out to me are the ones where {you} my readers share themselves with me. The "I love your shirt!" comments are fabulous and oh-so-kind, but I love connecting with my readers through their comments. This might require you to actually read the words in a post (ha, caught ya!), but if you dig a little deeper and find a connection between the blogger's words and your own experiences, it will help you to be a better commenter. This could mean offering a word of advice (if appropriate), sharing a funny story that connects with the blog post, or simply sharing how the post has encouraged or inspired you. Dig a little deeper than "Great post!" and that is where relationships start to form.

Are you ready to go out there and comment the heck out of some blogs? Have any blog commenting tips  to share? I'd love to hear what you've learned through your experience of blogging and commenting.

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aloha style: dressing up

 dress:: {navy exchange, o'neill}
belt:: {target}
wedges:: {target}
purse:: {navy exchange, bueno}
ring:: {american eagle}
fedora (below):: {old navy}
band around fedora:: {headband from Forever21}

Happy Monday! We just got home from a day of surfing in the warm Hawaiian sun, and Chris and I are hanging out on the couch watching a movie, bellies full of Papa John's. So, let's just say I'm fully content. And also quite tired. But a good tired. 

Last Thursday I went out for a girls' night with our Mini Church girls (the guys stayed in and chowed down on pizza). It was the perfect excuse to wear my new dress. I've been so addicted to dresses and skirts this summer. When I dig through my closet for something to wear, about 7 times out of 10 lately, I'll grab a dress. And pretty much every other purchase lately has been a new dress and this pretty purple one is no exception. It's pretty simple to feel pulled together when your whole outfit just slips on over your head and you can skip out the door. Thankfully, since we live in Hawaii, I know I'll get tons of use out of even my most summery dress. 

At least, as long as this obsession lasts... then I'll move on to the next one. You know this girl can't stick with one thing for too long. Colored jeans, anyone? 


Saturday, August 27, 2011

for sale:: our original ha-uge ripple painting!

 I can't stick with artwork for very long and this week, I'm itching for some new artwork for our living room! I ordered the Urban Outfitters ZigZag rug in pale aqua last week and as I eagerly await its arrival, I'm thinking I just might try my hand at some abstract artwork. Thankfully, Chris loves when I switch things up in here! He's just as much a fan of ch-ch-change as I am.

Anywhoo... all that to say, YOU benefit from my love for change! I am selling the 30x40 original Ripple painting that now resides on our wall. 

If you are interested, email me (( aisletoaloha {at} gmail. com))  for pricing information. I am offering a special price for blog readers this week and next week, it will be going into the shop at full price! 

SPECS:: 30x40 canvas // 1 3/8" sides// no need for frame// shades of turquoise, aqua and yellow // varnished for longevity

Stay safe and dry out there, all my East Coast friends and fam! 


Friday, August 26, 2011

a friday list.

Friday lists are some of my favoritest kinds of blog posts to read and to write. Enjoy these little tidbits I've loved from around the web this week and have a wonderful weekend!

{first} Lauren's blog post about blogging could have been pulled directly from my heart. Don't you love when you read a blog post and say, "Yes, THAT!"

{also} This article made me think. I liked it. 

{and} Oana creates beautiful art and her blog is so inspirational. I am so happy to hear she is starting an Etsy shop soon!

 {this} Gorgeous vintage style rock collections from CoriKindred.

{this too} Corinne's post about her brain lesions and her struggle with fear is inspirational and brave. Go read her post, offer some encouragement and tell her I sent you! 

Happy Friday, friends! Chris and I have a date with some food trucks tonight. He might just be rolling me home afterwards. ;) 


Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Stuff!

I've got some beautiful new paintings in the shop this week! Pop in and check them out if you haven't already. We've got some Ripple action, a bit of dainty lace and a new Dahlia painting! 

I also created a new version of my popular Wave paintings, using the ripple motif! And I'm loving them. More color stories and different sizes coming soon. 


Aloha From A Sponsor: Sweet Home Boutique

I love all of my sponsors and am always excited to introduce a new one to you. But Rachel of Sweet Home Boutique has an extra special place in my heart as a dear friend. She and her beautiful family lived across from us for two years and I had the privilege of knowing her as a fellow military wife, friend, sister in Christ and creative soul. She is incredibly talented and makes sweet clothing for women and children. I am in love with all of her fabric choices and I think you will fall in love with not only her creations, but her sweet soul as well. 

Hi Rachel! Tell us a little about yourself!
I am married to my husband Andrew of 8 years. We have 4 children ages 5, 4, 3 and 19 months, and are expecting our fifth child in March. My husband is an officer in US Navy, so we move around a lot, and get to see a lot of the world. I got my bachelor in Education and early childhood education and homeschool our 4 children. I am a self taught seamstress, and started sewing after my second daughter was born. I was hooked.  I felt like I found a productive medium for my artistic expression.  I started my Etsy shop at the end of last year,  and love it! I have had the privilege of selling my artistic clothing all over the world, and meet some really great people in the process. My long term goal is to be able to put all of my children through college with money that I make sewing!

You juggle so many roles--mama, wife, teacher, biz owner! What are some practical ways you stay organized?
Organization is the key. I have a place for everything, and try to keep everything in its place. I also live by a tight schedule to get everything done. The morning is spent cleaning and homeschooling, and the afternoon and evening are for all of the work for Sweet Home Boutique, and working out. I keep everything on shelves, label the shelves with its contents. 
I also teach my children to clean up after themselves as soon as they are old enough to make a mess, this saves me considerable time.

What is the most sentimental piece you've made?
My most sentimental piece is also my most popular piece- My big poppy ruffle dress. I had the privilege of pinning my husband as a Lieutenant, and wanted to make a beautiful dress for the occasion. I went with the Laura Gunn's large poppy print, and made a knee length ruffle dress with it.  My husband took some pictures of me wearing the dress in our yard in Hawaii after the ceremony. Those are the pictures used for the listing in my shop.

What is your favorite color and what does it say about your personality?
I have two favorite colors, red and yellow.

Red is the color of energy and passion. I have always had a lot of both!! This has served me well in my role as mother, teacher, and business owner

Yellow is the color of happiness, optimisim, and idealism. I try and see things as they could be, and not always as they are. I try and see the best in people, and share love and encourage when I can. I guess to sum it up I am a passionate idealist!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Day In the Life

Hey there amigas (and the occasional amigo- mainly, my dad). Happy Wednesday! Today I thought I would take you along with me during a typical day-in-the-life. Wanna hang out with me for the day?

5-6am:: Good morning!  Chris wakes up. Sometimes I wake up and drive him into work or I kiss him goodbye and roll over to sleep a bit longer.

6:45am:: I'm awake. Grab my computer and check my email. Say good morning to my twitter friends. I like to think of them as my co-workers. They can be distracting at times, but they help inspire, motivate and entertain me during the day. 

7:32am:: Up and at 'em! Wander into the bathroom and put my contacts in, wash my face. 

7:38am:: Breakfast time! Scrambled eggs and an english muffin. 

7:56am Mosey into my studio and turn on the lights, open the shades. Breathe in deep and get ready to tackle the day. 

7:57am:: Get the tunes going. Pandora app on my iphone in my "speakers". Yep, I use a soup bowl for speakers. The acoustics are perfect for my dance parties. 

Pandora stations of choice are usually Adele, Pamplamoose or The Format. 

7:58am:: Grab some canvases and my sketchbook and start figuring out what paintings I want to work on today. 

8:01am:: Painting, painting, painting. I usually work on a few paintings at a time. I'll work on one while the other is drying and then go back to the first one and add more elements in. 

10:32am:: I'm reminded why I rarely paint my nails. I get acrylic paint everywhere. 

10:58am:: Open a brand new tube of titanium white paint. I love a new, full tube of paint. And I use a LOT of white paint.

11:26am:: Pull up some of my inspiration images on Pinterest and decide on the next Ripple painting inspiration. Get distracted by Pinterest. Gotta peel myself away from the computer so I don't get sucked in!

1:32pm:: Tweet a picture of some paintings I worked on today. I like to share updates on Twitter and get my friends and customers excited about paintings coming to the shop.

1:40pm:: Whoops, my belly is loudly reminding me that I forgot to stop for lunch. Take a few minutes to scarf down a pastrami and pepperjack sammie, pickle, some tangy carolina bbq chips and an IBC root beer. And read a chapter or two out of James. Lunchtime is usually my Bible reading time, though lately I've been a bit remiss in that.

2:13pm:: Take a break from painting to answer some emails, play on twitter, put some laundry in, check in with Chris. I'll usually work on my blog post for the next day at this time too. I try really hard to get my posts finished before Chris gets home so I'm not on the computer all night.

3:30pm:: Painting some more. My neck and back usually start to ache at this point in the day from hunching over and painting. I do some stretches on the floor that look really silly but feel really good.

4:06pm Ok, time to stop painting for the day. The light is just starting to get perfect in my studio, so I take listing photos of the paintings I've finished.

5:00pm:: Chris is home! Gotta clean my palette, say goodnight to my twitter friends (aka, coworkers who keep me company all day!) and go kiss my man.

6:15pm:: Dinner time and time to catch up with Chris. My favorite part of the day, for sure.

7-10pm:: Hang out with Chris, maybe watch a Netflix movie or some tv.

10:15pm:: Sweet dreams!

Obviously not every day looks the same. Some days I spend more time packaging orders, running errands, or like yesterday, on the computer catching up on emails. Painting days are definitely my favorite though.

What does your day look like? Anything like mine? Did I fulfill your voyeuristic tendencies for the day? Is that a weird question??

PS. Several new paintings in the shop this week. Find that yellow lace painting and more here. 


Monday, August 22, 2011

aloha style: surprise, surprise.

dress:: {shopruche}
earrings:: {indefinitely borrowed from lil sis}
bag:: {navy exchange}
sandals:: {old navy}

Saturday night. 

Chris is excited to take me out to a surprise restaurant for dinner. The boy knows I am a sucker for surprises. :) 

We pull up to the restaurant and he is telling me all about how he got a great recommendation from this guy he works with who LOVES this place. 

My heart sinks. Two days before, my friend had told me never to go to this restaurant. She said it was really awful. The internal debate ensues. Do I tell Chris or just go along with it and let him be excited that he surprised me?

Oh, but he can tell I'm not happy. I can't attempt to hide it, he knows me too well. So I cringe and tell him. Sorry babe! 

We scramble to come up with a good plan B so as not to ruin our special date night. Both of us are trying really hard not to be disappointed and frustrated. 

Then *bing!* the lightbulb goes off. I remember a Eurasian tapas restaurant that another friend told me about that she and her husband loooove. So off we drive, into town, hoping that we can get in without a reservation. 

YAY! A table is available right away. The ceiling is adorned with ten giant paper lanterns and the atmosphere is just right. 

Oh, and the fooood. Bacon wrapped jumbo shrimp with chili sauce. Pork belly with brie and adobo sauce. Crispy calamari with spicy aoli sauce. Mussels, crab and shrimp in a delicious tomato sauce. And the yummiest wine. A new favorite, for sure. 

What could have turned out to be a very frustrating evening developed into a sweet, special date night together. Guess we were *both* surprised by where we ended up for dinner! Phew, bullet dodged on that one. Even if Chris claims he'll never try to surprise me again. 

Oh, and my new dress fits perfectly. Hallelujah! It's rare to find a maxi-dress that doesn't pool yards of fabric on the floor. I was not expecting it to fit me this perfectly--- so that's a sweet surprise too! A new favorite restaurant and a new favorite dress all in one night.  Perfecto. 

PS. The word "surprise" is so strange. Say it a few times to yourself. Isn't it weird?? Or is it just me?


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Inspire Me Monday: Pantone Fall Colors

** Posted this as a guest post on Oh Mishka last week, but I thought I'd post it here for your viewing pleasure as well. Enjoy!**

It's no secret that I'm incredibly inspired by color and I was super excited when Pantone recently revealed the Pantone Fall Color Report! Check out all the gorgeous hues predicted to be popular this fall.

I gathered some pretty finds in case you want more of these rich colors in your life.

Find them here:: 

Which is your favorite? I think my feet are telling me they need those deep teal flats!