Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Two Years, Tree Roots & Glittery Spoons

Two years ago on Sunday, Chris and I flew into Honolulu International Airport for the very first time. It's been an amazing adventure and I can't believe that it's coming to an end soon. To celebrate our time here, we drove up to the Haleiwa Arts Festival on the North Shore. 

I was too busy taking in all the beautiful artistry to take any pictures, but I did get a photo of these awesome tree roots as we walked down to the beach. How's that for good documentation? ;)

necklace:: {c/o Elegant Girl Art}
top:: {Town & Country Surf Shop}
skirt:: {Forever21}
sandals:: {American Eagle}

Speaking of amazing artists, I received my Aloha Girl spoon necklace in the mail! Erin, of Elegant Girl Art featured me in her Girls 2 Watch series a few weeks ago and created this necklace inspired by yours truly. I am seriously in love with it and wear it all the time now. She's got lots more glittery necklaces, earrings and rings in her shop, you definitely need to check it out! 

PS. Got my hair cut on Monday. It's super cute and I'm finally happy with it for the first time in months! Pictures coming soon, of course! 

PPS. I have officially stopped taking custom orders as we wait to see when we are moving off island. But there are still lots of pretty paintings in the shop and I'll be adding more ready to ship paintings up until we have to pack out. So go shopping, lovelies! 

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  1. I just love your pictures, makes me feel like Im right there with you! :)
    I didnt realize you were moving! I'll have to check your posts and see where your off to.
    I cant imagine your hair looking any better then this.. and I love your outfit. You inspired me with your last outfit to go out and buy some different colored shorts, I love how you mix your colors!

  2. Love your use of color!

    I've been seeing that mustard color a lot recently and loving it, but never thought of wearing it on the bottom! Of course! Now I can try it myself, too! Perfect!

    Good luck with your move!

  3. A. Love your NEW hair-do can't wait to see it on your blog!

    B. Oh man, you are so gonna miss this place!

    C. You are too cute in the necklace and i LOVE this outfit!

    Thank you for being so sweet and giving me a shout out:) Have a great day sweet friend:)

  4. I feel like such a "blogger" cause I saw your pictures and thought, "Is that her favorite outfit she's wearing?" haha! I remember you did a post about that a while back... take care friend =)

  5. Just lovely!! I think this is my favorite outfit today. So summer-y and beach-y and comfortable! The skirt is adorable. And your hair is so cute!!

  6. ooOOooh Lindsay I'm definitely happy/sad for you - God always knows what He is doing right? He knows the plans He has for us. I'll be praying for happy transitions for you :)
    LOVE the necklace.

  7. How exciting as you start a fun new chapter! Can't wait to see where you will be landing next!

  8. I'm loving that skirt! F21 is my fav :)

  9. Looks like you had a great time. I'm sure the 2 years has flown by. I hope everything works out for you 2 with where you get to go next.

  10. I love the colors in your outfit! I'm trying to build up the courage to introduce more colors in my wardrobe! Stopping by for the 1st time from the WIWW link-up!

  11. CUTE outfit girl!! i think it's time i brave forever 21..

  12. Love the colors! The necklace is so cute!

  13. I love Haleiwa! I could go for some Matsumoto's shaved ice right about now! Great outfit!


  14. just found youd blog and i love it! love your outfit in this post!! :)


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