Monday, July 4, 2011

A Summer Fantasy Getaway from Danielle of Merriweather Council

Happy Fourth of July! 

Hope you are having lots of fun with friends and fam today! My first guest blogger for you this week is a incredibly creative and talented gal-- my friend, Danielle of Merriweather Council. 

If you can't get away for a summer vacation and are pining for a getaway, let Danielle take you on a fantasy trip today. And be sure to check out her blog and shop when you return! ;)

Take it away, Danielle!

This summer I will be staying put in Boston for the most part, but if I could, I would jet off to Paris! But alas, I cannot... but what I can do is day dream about what a summer getaway to Paris would be like!

It would be full of delicious and colorful goodies like macarons...

via sparkleskitchen

... which of course we can enjoy while at the patisserie...

via LynseyHunter

... and of course we would dress extremely Parisian and fabulous...

via islanewyork

... and we would eat dinner under strung up lights and the summer sky every night...

via irenesuchoki
... and we'd send postcards to our friends back home to let them know that while we miss them, we wish we could stay longer...

via littlebrownpen

... and when we had to leave we'd kiss our host on both cheeks and ramble off something in perfectly pronounced French about how we never want to leave and hope to return really soon!


  1. Awesome post Danielle! Love this! I've actually been to Paris in the summer and your ideas are dead on although I will admit I did not dress nearly as stylishly when I was there. I need to work on that for next time! :)


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