Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Studio to Home: Jamie's Colorful Collage

I just about squealed when Jamie sent me these photos of her Aisle to Aloha Studio paintings in her craft/guest room. Most of the time, I only get to imagine my artwork in the space it was intended for, so when I really get to see it 'living' in a room, I get pretty darn excited. 

Jamie is a photographer and her husband is a writer. She first commissioned the mustard yellow 12x12 Click-Click and then later got the idea from her mother-in-law to have me paint a red 12x12 Write On to incorporate her husband's love for writing. The Tweet-Tweet and Wishin' add more color and whimsy to the space. 

Here you can see Jamie's color inspiration, drawn from the gorgeous handmade quilt and pillows on the guest bed. 

Thanks for letting me feature your space, Jamie! 

Got some Aisle to Aloha Studio artwork you want to show off? 

Send your best photos to aisletoaloha {at} gmail {dot} come and I'll be happy to feature your space too!

Want a colorful collage like Jamie's? Have fun shopping, friend! 



  1. That typewriter is just so darn cute. I might have to order one from you in the near future!

  2. Can't WAIT to have some artwork displayed for you to feature!

  3. what a great collage of aisle to aloha art!!

  4. that is such a neat feature you do for your customers, friend! i love to see how everything looks in its new home. :)

  5. i need that quilt! so cute, bright and colorful and i'm kind of obsessed with vintage quilts right now.

  6. cute!! i really love the lights in the corner of the room - great idea!


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