Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to Find Your Perfect Maxi Skirt from Ilene of Much Love, Illy

First of all, the winner for the $30 Geeky and Sassy shop credit is Cathy from Cupcakes and Scissors! Shoot me an email, Cathy -- congrats!

Now for our fabulous guest blogger...

If you haven't read Ilene's blog, you are missing out, my friends. She's one of my bloggy bffs and I love this girl to pieces. If you've ever wanted to rock a maxi skirt, today's your lucky day because my favorite little fashionista has some tips for you! 

Hey, friends!! My name is Ilene and you'll find me over at Much Love, illy the blog and the shop. When I'm not over there, you'll find me hanging out with my crazy family and incredible fiance! I also am obsessed with the neon colors, platforms, coffee, and overseas mission work (particularly in the Philippines). I also have an obsessive fear of balloons and horror films.

So if you are like me and totally into the recent summer trends, I had been coveting over the maxi dress and skirt trends. But 5 ft. 3 inch me didn't make a quick move on them. They scared me - almost as much as balloons and horror films. I was afraid they would drown me - like a wave off of the coast of Hawaii (hehe, 
had to throw that in when guest posting for a Hawaiian-based blogger, right?).

Then one day while browsing through the endless racks of goodness at 
Belk, I discovered this lovely skirt. And I thought to myself, I'm gonna do this. I will overcome my fear of drowning and make it work. I purchased the darn skirt and could not stop rocking it out the next week. I became obsessed and in love with maxi skirts - on the constant hunt for more.

(photos via 
popcultureafternoonthreadsence, and clothedmuch)

And so for those of you in the same rut as 
moi in not being able to take the leap, this is what I learned:

Don't just buy any maxi skirt. Try on different sizes and styles. Find the one that fits your body type. Some maxi skirts hugged my butt in ways that even a hoochi-mama pair of shorts could not. So I went up a size up and that seemed to work much better. Also the cuts of some maxi skirts are different then other - some are A-line or some completely straight down. Again, go with what works with your body.

Don't buy a skirt that will assist with your sweeping chore. Maxi skirts are supposed to be cool and carefree. That doesn't work if your skirt is dragging up all of your town's grass and your kitchen floors dust bunnies. There are two ways to fix this problem: 1) Wear platforms or wedges - something with a heel - to keep your dress from touching the ground. 2) Or if you want to avoid heels all together, then pull the skirt above your waist and cinch with a belt.

Do find a maxi that expresses YOU. My personal fave is any skirt made in jersey-cotton. It's so light and comfortable. But like I said in #1, there are so many different styles, the possibilities are endless. You can also find tons of inspiration online from either fashion bloggers or pintrest. Plus the fun of maxi skirts is that you can pair them with so many great colorful tops and shoes for summer.

Some great online shops to check out are 
RucheSpotted Moth and Modcloth. I have also browsed racks at TJMaxx, Macy and Forever21 and have found fantastic collections there! (I was not paid to note these shops. Written of personal opinion.)

So whatcha waiting for?! Go at 'em! Happy Maxi Skirt shopping!!!

Thanks for having me, Linds!! You rock!!!! 


  1. Great advice. I LOVE the maxi look.

  2. So, I don't own a maxi skirt, but I do love my maxi dresses! Thanks for the tips...I think I might need to add one (or two!) to my closet! ;)

  3. I'm just a teensie bit taller than you and so know the maxi-skirt syndrome :-) Great post full of energy !

  4. You may have inspired me to try - I'm a size four and every maxi dress I've tried has made me look pregnant!!! :)

  5. Hi, I just came over from the BonBon Rose Girls. What a fun blog you have!

  6. maxi look is my all time favourite.

    i love your blog! :)

    dropping by via Bon Bon Rose Girls.

    happy weekend!

  7. I am envious of the maxi dress look. At 5'8" I'm a great height for a long flowy dress but I'm not a huge fan of the spaghetti straps that most of the dresses come with. Great article and great pairing the skirt with a cute tank. Pretty!


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